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Doris Carroll
· July 4, 2016
I am so honored to represent nurses statewide.

Patient advocacy first. How do you achieve it? Better staffing. Simple. But no one listens. Why? Poorly organized nurses willing to fight. Volunteer to... fight. Now.

Do not 'go with the flow'. Ask questions. Challenge the status quo. Take charge and get involved in your unit councils, your huddles, your admin committees. We, as nurses ARE the change agent for not only your patients, but healthcare policy.

I am grateful to work in a RN Union hospital. I am on the executive board as Grievance Chair. And recently, VP for INA. I VOLUNTEER my time. Single mom with two14yo kids. Why? Because I'm passionate about my profession. I WANT change. And now we need to continue to be vocal and support nurses in this state. change healthcare. We CAN do it. YOU can do it.

It's time now to collectively unite, support INA. Get actively involved. Make a difference. To strive for unity and change perceptions, become active members in healthcare decisions. In Springfield and Congress. We cannot wait for change. We must ACT. For safe patient care. I will make a difference and so can YOU.
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James Goldberg
· July 3, 2014
The Illinois Nursing Association is an amazing resource for nurses. My clients all give praise for its dedication to justice and its continued dedication to proposed legislation on behalf of its memb...ers and nurses throughout the State. See More
Jeanie Wallenstein
· March 5, 2015
It's always been a struggle to make good unions of working people. INA leadership strives to do just that, rather than sit back and get paid for nothing.
Victoria J. Hickey
· April 17, 2014
The INA is an organization that facilitates nurses to make a difference by patient advocacy
Workplace safety
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Tom Ulrich
November 5, 2012
Two sites you should follow and like on facebook:
* Stand Up 4 We The People at
* Progressive Information at
UIC Informational Picketing
Mayor Emmanuel Town Hall video
INA Student Nurse Political Action Day March
A Cedars-Sinai nurse is suing a surgeon after he was caught on camera attacking her. The nurse also claims she was retaliated against after reporting the incident. Mekahlo Medina reports for the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017. 2017. There is justice!

A central Illinois jury has awarded $5.2 million to a nurse who claims she was fired from a nursing home after reporting alleged abuse