I'm Kim Junior - Video
I'm Kim Junior - Video
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Tan Bin Keng Kevin
· March 17, 2018
Though not as big as the main I'm KIM Korean BBQ at SOTA, this place is different as it has the army stew which is interesting as you have the bbq and stew hot pot side by side. The staff was helpful and always served happily to ensure that my family's needs was always attended to.

The spread was quite good and not as much as the main I'm KIM BBQ but still, it still packs its own punch when it comes down to the Korean Chicken, Truffle Fries and many more excellent foodstuff that you do not find at the other venue.

Overall, an enjoyable and gluttony evening!
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Chai Maurice
· November 30, 2017
All the products were fresh and the dishes had the warmth of home-made korean food. The chefs take great care in selecting the best quality ingredients which are important when it comes to BBQ-ing. Th...e restaurant also caters for all tastes by providing a large selection of meats and dishes. Very very impressive seatings and layout. See More
Tan Chorbeng
· November 28, 2017
Honestly first impression's good,ok meat selection was average with few selections. Army stew ingredients was so little i could count it with 2 hands. Taste of the stew was totally MAGGIE MEE,the wors...t army stew i ever tasted period. First buffet i ate as few as just one plate of meat. The lettuce or cabbage was yellowish and totally not fresh,cucumbers were yellow too,it really turns me off,then the staff was trying to dispose the yellow cucumber when i was staring at it. Duration of the buffet was 90mins,i left at 40mins. I was so hungry but the taste of everything just makes me queasy. I honestly will not come ever again. Staffs were friendly tho,and price wise was reasonable. U guys needa up your game in the food. See More
Naveed Karim
· February 26, 2018
Just had dinner on my wife's birthday, it's on a Monday, the service and food was good for the price. The staff were attentive and courteous.overall a good experience dining at this restaurant.
MeiLi Eng
· September 2, 2017
Was there during August but they didn't gave the dakgalbi option at all. We were just told that they do not serve the DIY dakgalbi because ppl do not know how to cook it? But then the staff did say they do have it at the buffet counter which the look and taste is not very appetizing. So I don't get it why do they still put up that we can choose between army stew or dakgalbi. It's not very nice of them to still put it up but then when ppl decided to pay them a visit but get disappointed that they can't have the DIY dakgalbi. See More
Lincoln Kang
· August 19, 2017
Had a reservation and arrived slightly early.

Had to queue in the "reservations queue" and despite checking with the staff, they said they would attend to us in 2 minutes but did not return. Meanwhil...e, the entrance staff kept letting people in the walk-in queue have the seats.

After checking with the staff again, they said they don't have any seats and we will have to wait. Doesn't make any sense that the walk-in queue is empty now while the reservation queue is packed.

Best part of their policy? Reservations are only held for 10 minutes. Double standards?

*still queuing now*
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Hon Li Xian
· January 8, 2018
Food was average and there were only few choices of meat. The chicken wing was probably the best dish there. The staff who attended to us was rather rude too.
Ben Oh
· November 26, 2017
Not bad but my advice is The Army Stew soup very salty. This is one of the best buffets I have enjoyed and would come back. Please try to make it less salty :)
Gabriel Koh
· August 25, 2017
First time trying out this place.... The staff are very friendly, come to your table enough times to let u feel welcomed and not too much times to irritate you...

Food overall is damn solid.... ...
The must try is the Chicken Wing, the "Cheesy Rice" and the "Glass Noodle".... (Don't know if the names are right)
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Agnes Wsy
· December 27, 2017
Like the fresh ingredients, good atmosphere for friends gathering and definitely the price is affordable! Their staff are friendly & attentive as well!
Alicia Yeo
· July 11, 2017
2nd time here and I am amazed by what the hot pot can do other than cooking Chicken Galbi. DIY your own Kimchi Fried Rice or Kimchi Ramen / Army Stew that we tried for the very first time yesterday. A...ll the crew members were really friendly and helpful. One of the best service received as they look out for customers who might have trouble cooking the Chicken Galbi and even initiated to cook for us. (It also happened to me on the first visit as well.) A wide variety of food and still loving the Truffle Fries because it is just so good � Thank You I'm Kim Junior � See More
Shirley Ng
· January 24, 2018
Great and friendly staff. Good value for money. Highly recommend for awesome meal. ��
· October 19, 2017
Fresh food, good service, chicken is highly recommended,but need to pay extra charges for the second piece of cheese!�
Swee Yen
· August 9, 2017
Definitely made it to my list of guilty pleasures! The meats are fresh— not too lean, nor too fatty. The wide array of vegetables and sides AND the customer service is daebak!
Marsha Ho Jia-Yi
· June 21, 2017
Great selection of food, really cool concept, there's something for everyone here! At a super affordable price, everyone can get what they like be it fried chicken and truffle fries to seafood stirfry... and of course, korean bbq! Such a good time, would definitely go back :) See More
Jasmine Li
· March 16, 2018
Having 1st lunch at I'm Kim Junior on a Fri sch holiday w my son using Fave. They provide excellent service & food r freshly served. Will be back again!
ZhiKang Puah
· May 26, 2017
Customer service was extremely good. Being welcomed with a big smile by the staff there. When we arrived the table, we were being asked to like and share their fb page. After the staff left, we reali...sed that the wooden spatula was dirty. Its seems that the previous diner have used the spatula and the staff failed to clear it.

The ginseng chicken soup was nice but there wasnt much choices for the seafood as there was only prawns available there. It was very disappointing .
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Huiying Yeow
· September 28, 2017
Good food (the marinated pork belly is ���) and very good service too! �����
Megan Low
· September 20, 2017
Just had buffet lunch here. Service by Salim was exceptional, he kept checking on customers. Also, he's very hardworking, taking photos and wiping the dishes. Keep it up �
Patricia Phan
· December 3, 2017
Food Is fresh, variety is good and they have awesome staffs! Must try!