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January 16

Just finished posting another round of available geckos… We are very motivated to empty some rack space ASAP since our 2018 season is already starting! Don’t hesitate to ask about multiple gecko discounts, or any other questions you may have. All reasonable offers considered!

Come on with a full "tri-stripe" already!!!

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Meredith Grace Johnson
· October 23, 2017
Had the absolute pleasure of meeting Miles at Tinley Oct 2017. He is a kind guy and has very lovely animals! I did a trade with him for one of my babies and was very pleased with the trade we did. I able to get animals with genes that I didn’t already have and really added value to my leo collection. The rest of his animals for sale on his table were absolutely gorgeous! See More
Dessel VonBane
· January 2, 2018
We added two little crawlers to our family, they both ate within a few hours of being home. Both the male and female get along and are sleeping on top of eachother as i type. 5 stars all day, plus som...e. Impeccable Gecko you rock! See More
Erika Lee Nguyen
· October 30, 2017
Thank you for taking time out of you busy work schedule and beautiful family life to share "What seems to be your passion". Wonderful!
Dave Sims
· October 24, 2017
I had met Miles in person and it was a blast talking and him showing me the cool stuff he has! Great genetics in animals and a great overall person. Will buy from him in The future
Pete Smith
· September 18, 2016
Support your local small businesses. Also when I comes to buying a living creature it is always better to buy from a local breeder then from the chain stores. Mass producing a species is not good for ...anyone involved. Good Luck. See More
Such a unique girl! E. m. afghanicus *Yes, she has a slightly truncated tail.
Second E. afghanicus baby of the season from a second pairing taking "her" first breaths of air..
1.1 Mack Snow pair from ZooGuy Geckos (non-het line) 1.0 Albey's LBS from SaSobek Reptiles (non-het line) 😎

I can't guarantee it yet, but it is looking like I should be able to ship this coming Tuesday for arrival Wednesday to most places. I will keep you posted.

Well, ready or not...
First eggs of the 2018 season are in the incubator!...
E. m. fasciolatus x E. m. fasciolatus.

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Things have been awesome around here lately!!!

Big shout out to all of the people that currently have orders waiting to be shipped out. The weather where we are has not been cooperating what-so-ever. Hopefully next week will be the week we see a shipping window finally! Thank you all for your continued patience!

We still have quite a few animals that we NEED to get moved in preparation for the 2018 season that has already began. Make sure to hit us up with any questions. We ready to do some wheeling and dealing!

We have already had a number of successful pairings this season, and have many more on the way. As well as some super cool, longer term projects starting up soon, including a couple nice co-op's, a newly acquired project from someone else, and a new species or two on the way.

Construction on our new reptile room has commenced, and is progressing nicely, albeit more slowly than I would prefer. With the completion of the room, we will have much more room available! Pics & vids to come.

We have also been having a plethora of awesome conversations with many people in this hobby that I admire and respect greatly lately, and for that I am truly grateful! Feel free to message us anytime for nerdy genetic talk, etc... ANYtime! I will respond as I am able.

Anywho, I have rambled on quite enough,


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So much work left to do yet... but progress none-the-less...

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Gotta make those "test" pairings count.

Fun one from 2017.

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Couple of Bell Sunglows. Both have spotted lower jaws, but check out the one with speckled gloves/socks... LOL

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Very, VERY excited about this successful pairing this evening as well!
Halloween Mask x E. m. afghanicus
The HM sold to me as pure from the original HM line, and het-free. The afghanicus is pure as well.

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Extra, EXTRA excited about this successful pairing this evening. Finally! Takes me back to my roots for sure.
Albey's Line Bred Snow x Albey's Line Bred Snow.
Both animals (and another female) sold to me as pure Albey's LBS line and as het-free via @sasobek who took over this project directly from Albey....
In my opinion, this is the less dazzling of the females I have in this trio, but I have other, unique, plans for the other female if/when she comes into season.

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600+ organic "likes" and counting! Thank you everyone!!!

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Impeccable Gecko
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I have some fun plans for this lil weirdo!

Most "reduced pattern" Gem Snow of the season.

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Love this girl's color. So much so that I can forgive her for escaping and losing her tail while she was exploring the basement.

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What should we call this fella?

(Sold to us as a non-het, Eclipse.)

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