THAT Reverse E/R, My Bloody Valentine

TomH asked today if the Impulse Pack had the My Bloody Valentine reverse reverb.

Of course it does, the Reverse E/R modes from both ER1 and ER2 are in there and the demo we sent Tom has been added to the demo clips!

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Demos of our Yamaha SPX90ii Impulse Pack

Got some audio work to do in time for Halloween? The Yamaha SPX900ii Impulse Pack has all the massive spooky reverb you want!


Which device would you like to see 'impulsified'? Let us know on our website questionnaire!

The Surefyre Impulse Library, providing comprehensive impulses of classic gear

The good folk of have asked for a review copy of the Yamaha SPX90ii Impulse Pack!

Holding our breath for a great review!

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We've added a survey form to see what you'd like us to impulse-ify next, you can even give us your own suggestions!

The Surefyre Impulse Library

Wonderful to get our first feedback from users of the SPX90ii Impulse Pack...

"The impulses are brilliant!", says Andy P,

"I'm rather obsessed with rack units from the 80s and 90s, hunting for the sort of sounds that you heard on My Bloody Valentine records and with early Aphex Twin/Warp Records material. Your impulses mean that I'll be selling a few units now."


Nice to know the Pack is good enough to replace dedicated hardware, high praise indeed! Thanks, Andy!

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TR808 loop with two different verb impulses and two different ER impulses

TR808 electro SPX90ii Impulse Demo

Check out the new website!

The Surefyre Impulse Library

The 99 second reverb impulse

Demo files for SPX90ii Impulse Pack

Welcome to the brand new Surefyre Impulse Library page on FB!

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