"Too often we combine decentralized technologies with the massive inequalities of capital markets, and the result, over and over, is power curves — a few winners and scraps for the rest. We need to design decentralized economies, too. And it turns out cooperatives have been doing that for a long time."…/platform-coops-interview-nathan-sc…/

Platform cooperativism is a 21st century spin on the familiar form of the co-op. Can they give workers the autonomy and stability our economy can't provide?

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are resilient because they are decentralized. But that resilience is compromised if users have to rely on centralized ISPs to access the network.

goTenna and Samourai Wallet teamed up to make a forthcoming new app called TxTenna that decentralizes the communication layer, letting users send and receive bitcoin payments over off-grid, goTenna Mesh networks. Read all about it:…/txtenna-decentralizing-last-mile-b…/

We are excited to announce TxTenna, our new cryptocurrency app made in collaboration with Samourai Wallet. TxTenna allows users to send bitcoin over short wave radio, decentralizing the communication layer of the bitcoin networks and making them more resilient.
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"Often with these kinds of apps, they try to 'take you there', to take you to this foreign or exotic place. The idea with this piece was we wanted it to be your bedroom. The target audience was not people who have experienced [urban warfare], but people who have never experienced it. And we wanted to give them a sense of that. By making it your bedroom, or your kid’s bedroom, we brought it to you."

From our interview with Ariel Rubin of @ICRC about the AR piece they produced: "Enter The Room."…/enter-the-room-ar-humanitarian-tool/

"Enter The Room" is an AR experience produced by the ICRC, which depicts the trauma of urban warfare by showing the impact that it has on a child's room. Ariel Rubin, Head of Digital Content at the ICRC discusses using AR, empathy, and the future of humanitarianism.

Facebook is great place for listicles, but this one is a little bit different somehow...…/11-reasons-your-personal-data-is-a…/

Lists are one of the oldest forms of poetry. Today we write lists without even knowing it, by allowing our data to be collected.

Does social media bum you out in a way you can't quite put your finger on? Have you ever tried to imagine a version of social media that would be better? The folks at Mastodon have!…/mastodon-the-federated-model-of-so…/

Twitter applies its policies from the top down, as do many of today's most widely used social networking platforms. Mastodon is different. This decentralized social network operates as a federated service, putting users in control of their own experience.

Recent events have pitted free-speech and censorship concerns against the safety of vulnerable communities. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Our friends at Blockstack explain:…/free-speech-or-safety-censorship-d…/

There is a tension building between free speech advocates and those concerned with public safety. But decentralized platforms pave the way for communities to self-regulate, protecting their members from both danger and government or corporate censorship.

A community's only as good as it's archive, and we have a pretty good archive! Our Leaderless Library is a collection of readings and resources about decentralization, chosen and curated by the community itself. Take a look at what's there, and submit some links of your own. The archive could always be better!

Leaderless Library The Leaderless Library is an open archive of texts, resources, and tools for anyone who is interested in decentralized thought, systems, campaigns, organisms and/or organizations. Read our policy to find out more about the Leaderless Library and how you can submit links. Title* En...

"It is also important to consider not only how gossip works, but who does the gossiping. Feminist scholars have pointed out that Western prohibitions against gossiping have caused its practice to be unevenly distributed across the social sphere. Labeling it as baseless, unscrupulous, and morally questionable is often a euphemistic way to level discriminatory remarks against groups that are frequently chastised as being gossips." - the latest, from In The Mesh.

Gossip has the power to bring communities together and tear them apart. Those in positions of power and authority have denigrated it for centuries, but in an era of social media, fake news and post-truth politics, the study of gossip may be more important than ever.

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage! So much so that the city of Berkeley, CA is considering making one of its own. The city hopes that its new coin will help address housing issues, stimulate the economy, and buoy the municipal budget against the caprices of the Trump administration, which has threatened to withdraw federal funding over Berkeley's status as a sanctuary city. Read all about it:…/berkeley-considers-cryptocurrency/

The city of Berkeley, CA is looking into blockchain technology as a way to safeguard its budget and address its housing crisis. City council member Ben Bartlett is pushing for a municipal cryptocurrency.

"Ideas are great, however without action nothing happens, so I just went for it."

Read about how one @goTenna user took matters into his own hands to build the "Mother of All Nodes," dramatically increasing mesh coverage in his area, and inspiring others to do the same.

"If bitcoin survives in the long-term, it could prove to be one of the most important social technologies yet invented. We can’t foresee the full significance of this shift yet, but it may herald a new era for capitalism, and for trust."

Trust is a technology that societies have invented to achieve what would otherwise be impossible. From kinship, to religion, to advanced financial instruments and decentralized trust technologies like blockchain, innovation in trust technologies have driven society for all of recorded history.

The Pando aspen grove looks like a forest, but it's actually a single tree, connected by a sprawling underground root system. It is the largest living thing in the world, and some believe it is also the oldest.

But today it is endangered. Find out why, and how the Western Aspen Alliance is working to help protect Pando for future generations.

The Pando aspen grove, the world's most massive living organism and a natural mesh network, is endangered. The clonal aspen colony is a single being, connected via a sprawling underground root system. But old trees are dying faster than new ones can grow. Join the campaign to help save it.

Sunday long read: The Great Equalizer, What Dolly Parton & a Tennessee Wildfire Can Teach About Universal Basic Income

After fires destroyed the town of Gatlinburg Tennessee, Dolly Parton and her Dollywood Foundation implemented a radical cash assistance program which gave money to victims, no strings attached. Many in academia are comparing the program to Universal Basic Income.

"The crappiness of memes is not accidental. Everything illogical, grotesque, and debased in memes is more than an artifact of amateurism; it’s an essential part of how they function. Memes offer more than temporary respite from the grim indignities of life in an expired society. They are the fruiting bodies of a decentralized culture that extends much deeper, and is working to usher in something entirely new. "

Memes are decentralized art. How do distracted boyfriend, American Chopper, Drake, Evil Patrick, expanding brain, or Arthur's clenched fist reflect the comedic sensibility of millennials and generation Z? How does the spread of a meme through a network resemble a mushroom's growth? Read to find out.

"I think there’s a lack of trust in structures now. In this context it means taking a look at existing systems and thinking about what we should do differently. I don’t think our existing social structures are mostly good and we can tweak them. I think there are huge issues and we need a complete reset from what we have today. Because the current centralized system isn’t working." - from our interview with Ellen Pao about #MeToo and other decentralized efforts to confront harassment and discrimination in tech.

goTenna CEO and co-founder Daniela Perdomo and serial entrepreneur Amanda Peyton interview Project Include founder Ellen Pao about the #MeToo movement, discrimination and diversity in tech and beyond.

We have liftoff! In The Mesh is finally here, featuring articles about Dolly Parton & UBI, Armenian meshnetworks, decentralized trees, and much more!

Introducing the digital magazine supported by goTenna, dedicated to cataloguing the political economy of the decentralization movement.