BREAKING: Maine announces a new Wood Energy Program with initial funding of $766,000. Funding specifically targets, "businesses, municipalities, educational ins...titutions, and nonprofit entities in the State for the installation of new wood-derived thermal energy or cogeneration projects". Thanks to Tarm Biomass for passing this along.

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BREAKING: The EPA has declared using biomass from managed forests for energy production is carbon neutral. However, this is a policy determination by Scott Pru...itt's EPA, not a scientific determination and is all about using biomass for electricity and larger installations. AGH believes biomass for residential heating has a much lower carbon impact than using it for electricity and that by going around the scientific process, Pruitt sets the stage for more battles with environmental groups, who we could have had more common ground with.

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared Monday that burning trees is carbon neutral.
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Bob Crepps
· February 19, 2018
Great product, we have used 7 tons of pellets over the last two years. Only 1 of the tons had a problem. Something must have happen to the formula, the last few tons have been very light in color and ...much bigger then the new ton I bought today. See More

Report: Climate Goals Won't be Met Without Protecting Wildlife and Nature
The Paris Climate Agreement depend on the health and vitality of the natural environment.

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Jurassic New England.

Dinosaurs roaming New England? This week’s Outside Story describes the tracks left in rock of the lower Connecticut Valley, which offer some hints about the creatures that lived in the region a long, long time ago. #TheOutsideStory

Imagine taking a walk through a part of New England you’ve never seen—how it was 190 million years ago. This New England is hot, and the infrequently replenished lakes…

Sunday is Earth Day!

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Renewable Fuels Association

Don't forget that THIS Sunday is #EarthDay2018! #Ethanol is an effective, low-cost tool for fighting climate change. #CleanGreenEthanol

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Australian Home Heating Association Inc
Nonprofit Organization
Australian Home Heating Association Inc

Research conducted by the CSIRO shows that wood heating produces less greenhouse gas than all other domestic heating options.

Choose a natural, renewable heat source for your family this winter.

#WoodHeatingIsGoodHeating #InteriorStyle #SustainableLiving #AHHA

If you are in the Midwest, this is a great conference for technology, fuel and policy discussions from May 1 - 3 in Carlton, MN. AGH can't attend this year but hope to next year!

2018 Conference & Expo The Heating the Midwest Steering Committee is pleased to announce the location of the 7th annual 2018 Heating the Midwest with Renewable Biomass Conference. 7th Annual Heating the Midwest Agenda to Focus on Alliances and Market Growth Strategies Heating the Midwest, an annual....

Wood Pellet Heat Reduces Carbon Emissions by More Than Half.
Analysis shows wood pellet fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than half over fossil fuels.

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Biomass Magazine

Senators say EPA has again confirmed that oil refiners aren’t negatively impacted by compliance with the Renewable Fuel Standard. #biofuel

In 2016 the Alliance for Green Heat held the Pellet Stove Design Challenge to test, study, and assess high-efficiency, low-emission pellet stoves. The goal of ...this study was to assess the repeatability of a single certification test method for pellet stoves and the emission data used for certification purposes. Overall, the repeatability of the test method was favorable with variation in the overall burn rate (kg/h).

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Repeatability in Particulate and Gaseous Emissions from Pellet Stoves for Space Heating
These are the factors to consider when deciding between a wood or pellet stove or fireplace insert.

Solar may get the headlines, but the wood stove in this house may produce more renewable energy than the solar panels. If a stove is used as a primary heat source, it often produces more units of energy than an a 5 KW PV system, especially in Canada.

Solar-powered house in Ontario redefines sustainable living in the wilderness 0 By Brinkwire on April 7, 2018 News This remote cottage, nestled deep in a thick forest 160 miles from Toronto, Canada, allows for sustainable living deep within its wooded surroundings. It occupies a quiet lakeside site....
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Biomass Magazine

University of Illinois researchers receive $1 million to study bioenergy crops. #biofuel #biomass

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Advanced Chimney Systems

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