Hey guys we think that the jawans of india arent getting adequate compensation for showing their valour at the Loc or pok . If u agree please comment and also how much do u think it should be !

Hey guys do u think sheila dikshit will prove to be a competent CM cadidate ..instead of the water tanker scam u think a brahim faced candidate is a viable method of electing CM ..please comment below !


didi has taken a firm step against the upa what do u think ?

Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India
My india..proud to be an indian
jai hind!!

India vs India-Against Corruption updated their cover photo.
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haq di kamaai da painda nahi schooter vich tel

finally the bill becomes law...anna did it ....we ol did the question comes..will did reduce corruption....???

When aid reaches the masses, the country will shine
Don't take bribes, corruption is a crime

Mass poverty, crimes, destruction
These are the consequences of corruption


Raise a hand, raise a finger
Do anything, but don't let corruption linger..
What is lokpal bill according 2 u???
What it means 2 u???
what is its importance in ur life??
what will change in ur life if the bill becomes law??/
dnt hesitate frm answering....go on..jago re..!!!
by rishabh chawla..

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speak out..!!!raise ur voice against this crap..!!there's no one else who can stand in ur c.mon what are we waiting for..????

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lets just speak out..!!!
by rishabh chawla

to know more about the movement click below its a high resolution image ready for poster & t-shirt printing

make a difference till u can. dont wait for sumone to give u an opportunity . FIGHT. FOR. YOUR. OWN. LYF. !

We need to label the govt version of lokpal bill as TOOTHLESS TIGER BILL, so as to prevent sibbal’s confusing tactics,.
And common man can understand difference between both bills.

People must unite against corruption. I am glad people are concenrating their thoughts on this. Send get well soon cards to Congress government.