Founded in 2012
Individually, we’re tiny. Together, we are mega. Sure, it may be tough for indies to get noticed, but we’ve pooled our resources to get a huge booth, front and center at the show, to showcase all our awesomely creative games. Our booth is now bigger than a big studio booth!
While the big studio booths work to outdo each other, we indies have banded together to create the Indie Megabooth, forming the highest concentration of inventive, quirky, great games at PAX Prime and PAX East!
Company Overview
50+ independent studios
60+ Games
The Indie MEGABOOTH is a collection of independent game developers all banding together to bring you the latest and greatest indie games at PAX. With 5,400 square feet, 50 companies and over 60 games there is literally no way you will leave without finding your new favorite game. Seriously. That's what we in the industry call a 'metric crap ton' of games. And not just any games! These games are in...teresting and innovative and other buzz words as well. We have mobile, PC, console and probably some platforms you haven't even heard of before. How's that for ground level access? Brag to your friends, put on your hipster pants and come check us out!

What: A big honking booth that shows off fantastic indie games.

When: PAX Prime and PAX East

Where: At PAX on the expo floor.
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