Industry Embers Steve Lagudi PSA
Industry Embers - Isabelle Durbin
Mutiny Within - "Embers"

Can Exes For Eyes become the first metal band to go Platinum, and do so while remaining completely independent? It's a novel idea, and I guess only time will tell. What do you all think about what these guys are trying to accomplish? #BuyMusicOrItsByeMusic

BUY THE ALBUM NOW! ***PAYPAL does NOT require an account - you CAN pay with CreditCard or VisaDebit*** (This is a ZIP Folder and Z...

Another new service has launched to "try before you buy". has added Prime Music to their $99 per year Prime membership service. This allows unlimited streaming of all songs within the Prime Music library without ads. Now the world has even less of a reason to steal music. Especially since so many people ALREADY HAVE Prime memberships. Have any of you tried the service yet? What do you think?


Musician Aaron Cloutier believes one of his songs is being used by Nickelodeon without his consent and needs help hiring a lawyer. Head to this link to get more details and help his cause. Also, check out his band DAVOLA.

I am raising money for a retainer to investigate a breach of contract between myself and a NYC music licensing firm that I believe gave my song to Nickelodeon

"If you're stealing today, you've got too much time on your hands. You're stealing and everything's free on Spotify and YouTube?" - Bob Lefsetz

What new releases in 2014 are you most excited about?

Live artist DVD, or documentary? Are you a behind the music person, or do you just wanna see the rock??

How often do you "pre-order" a new release?

Executive SummaryThere is little debate that U.S. sound recordings are "pirated" in vast numbers in the U.S. and in international markets. Piracy of these works harms the intellectual property owner, who loses the revenue that would have been gained had the legitimate recording been purchased. These...
It’s commonly known as “piracy,” but that’s too benign of a term to adequately describe the toll that music theft takes on the enormous cast of industry players working behind the scenes to bring music to your ears. That cast includes songwriters, recording artists, audio engineers, computer technic...
Mutiny Within

For anyone who misses MW, touring, making videos, writing music, playing our hearts out on stage (We miss it more than anything in the world), please take the t...ime to watch this new, award winning documentary called ARTIFACT. It is controversial. It uncovers truths about the music industry and how hard it is to keep a band going. especially a new band signed to a major record label, just like us. Here is the trailer:

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Favorite music related purchase in 2013....go!

Nailed it. Exactly what we have been saying since day 1. #buymusicoritsbyemusic

Engineer explains why he feels many up-and-coming bands and touring professionals are finding it tough at the moment.

What new releases is everyone looking forward to in 2014?

1 in 5 pieces of software in the US is unlicensed. Be part of the anti-piracy solution. Report unlicensed business software today.