How to win over the most difficult of customers

Never fail the quality parameter because of 3 regular but crucial points. Follow these 3 steps and become an excellent contact center agent. Customer services at it's best.

Swipe the morning habits of successful people

Sometimes the main differences between an over-stressed, anxiety-ridden person and a confident leader who stays focused and positive throughout the day, is how they choose to start their morning.

A must-read if you've ever thought, "Wow, where did the day go?"

The Mindfulness movement is related to awareness and meditation to understand consciousness. I have been exploring the concept and I find that one of the aspects that attracts me towards it, is that helps to concentrate and relax while you focus on the present. Living in the present is the mantra of...

Is flawed thinking keeping you from wealth?

Have you lived your life with the idea that wealth is fixed in quantity? Trying to start a business with the fear that you may have to struggle to get a piece of the wealth pie, which can't get any bigger? Once you begin to understand that money is not the same as wealth, I'm sure you'll be glad to…

Proof that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger

Article describes how common deadly poisons have turned into remarkable medicines to save people's lives. Medical research extract these neurotoxins to manufacture derivatives of medications to help people with common diseases with unknown potential cures.

Success stories to inspire your start-up

Starting your own business as an entrepreneur is certainly not easy, but leveraging the power of books written by successful business owners who share their own success stories coupled with effective techniques and strategies can help jumpstart your way to a smarter, more effective path to success.

You'll find it in this surprising country

If you want to visit the largest pool in the American Continent you will have to travel to San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo, Chile. This will be an experience like any you have experienced before. Chile is widely know for their lack of customer service and hostility towards visitors. Did I mention y...

An fascinating look at adaptive learning and technology

Adaptive learning is a type of artificial intelligence system where learning is personalized according to the needs of each individual student. Unfortunately, these systems are currently expensive and they require datasets tha are not easy to come by. Plus research has not yet proved its effectivene...

Golden advice for those with opinions to air

This article will talk about the fear many people can experience when trying to record their first episode of a podcast show.

This writer tells us how journaling benefits him - and how it can make you cold hard cash

An article detailing if you should journal and why it's beneficial.

Swipe this great DIY gift!

Once you have realized that coconut oil is not just for cooking you are going to really enjoy the effects it has on everything from your hair to your skin.

4 critical tips for kick-starting your blog

Tips for writing better blog content.

Sneaky party hacks that won't break the bank

We promise, you can make your child's party a memorable one...without breaking the bank.