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January 30

Episode 06 - Would you rather:
A whole weekend, once a month, to "binge" create
1/2 hour to create every night of the month

New episode coming soon! Episode 3 is a big one, all about organisation...well mostly, gotta have a few tangents in there somewhere 😉

Wow it's been a while since our last episode (Aug 2017) but we're sitting down tonight to record the first episode of 2018!

Any questions or suggestions? Let's start the #podcast year with a bang!

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Episode 05 - Aaron's Techy Time answered the question: what is a good basic program for editing/making videos?

On Mac you get iMovie which is probably hands down the best entry to video editing whilst still having most of the more advanced features.

On pc things are a little tougher, Windows movie maker is long dead so you could try something like Sony Vegas or if you have an Adobe CC subscription try Adobe Premiere


If you got any other suggestions of programs or other Techy Time questions, leave them in the comments below!

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Episode 05 - would you rather, be mentored by your creative icon? Or have free range in their studio/creative space?

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#Episode 05 - Finding Time to be Creative…/episode-5-finding-time-creative/

We're all busy, but finding much needed time to be creative can be especially tough. Give us your tips for carving out time to be creative below, or let us know if your going to try Aaron's challenge from the episode too!

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Currently recording a new episode of Inkie Chat!! Get ready to tune in this week sometime for a bit of chatter about finding creative time and using it efficiently.

Techy Time with Inkie Beard - hit me up with any techy, gadget or online questions to be answered in future podcast

#Episode 04 - Creative would you rather: Only post to ONE social media platforms as much as you like OR post to as many social platforms as you like but only ONCE every TEN days!

If you choose the one platform everyday, which would it be and why?

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#EPISODE 04 - Listener question:

I’m a teenager, which means that for most of my crafty supplies, I have to pay with my own money. Since I have a limit, I have very little amount of options as far as embellishments, paper, and just supplies to use, which sometimes gives me less motivation to scrap. Can you give me some tips, and some essential supplies I HAVE to have to scrap/craft. ~ Valerie C.

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#EPISODE 04 - Social Media for Creatives

Tell us your favourite social media platforms and tag yourself so we can all check out your amazing content!

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Say whaaaaat?!

Inkie Chat is coming back after a short hiatus to welcome little Archie into the world! This weekend we will be recording our next episode which will be out very, very soon.

Thanks to all those who have sent us questions, topic ideas and creative would you rathers. If you would like to submit a creative question or topic you'd like us to answer and discuss, hit us up in the comments below!

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Definitely not an April Fool's Day prank, he's finally arrived!!

Yesterday afternoon we welcomed little Archer James Toomey into the world and we are completely smitten with him! ❤️

Born via C section, he's very healthy and has big beautiful eyes that we can't stop gazing into. 😍 Mum is doing well but very sleepy from a busy day of theatre delays yesterday. Dad is super proud and has become expert at changing nappies and dodging Archie's fine aim... 😂😂😂


We look forward to having Archie meet you all in a couple of weeks once we're home, recovered and settled into our new routine.

He might be a little bit small to give much good content to the podcast but I'm sure he'll make himself known while we record the next one hehe!!

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EPISODE #03: Listener Question - What is your favourite crafty thing?

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