Starfire. A true warrior princess, but she is passionate, beautiful, and silly. Throwback Thursday!!! This was back when I first did Starfire! The gif. is from Beat Down Boogie's 2015 Nycc video!
Scooby Apocalypse Thoughts. And my 1st live video derp Serious derp. My nerves got the better of me when I talk live. I'm so sorry
Happy Halloween my hunters!! I placed with some makeup last night to do a broken doll-like look. But I'm gunna be putting on Daphne and go to work to give candy to the kids. Hope everyone has a fun, yet safe, Halloween!

Day 3. Sleepy kitty.

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Day 2 katsu.

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Day 1. Black Widow reporting in.

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My bad. I thought I posted here when I got here. Been at Katsu since 12pm Been casual.

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Classic Teen Titan Passion💙💜

An oldie but a classic goodie. Can never get enough of my favorite couple.
Oh, I should probably say Happy Valentine's day shouldn't I? >>; Well as you saw in my other post, not big into it, but I won't stop others from enjoying it. All I did today was pack for Katsu. LOL


Nightwing - Zack Attack Cosfit
Starfire - Siryn
Photographer - Wage War Productions

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Oh Scott.

Scott Summers/Cyclops - Michael Cox
Jean Grey - yours truly, Siryn
Photography by Patrick Sun

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Oh, Valentine's Day is near. I wonder what Freddie is planning.

I'm actually not a fan of the holiday. Like at all...I don't care for it. But I'm trying to post for and around it. Plus this set is cute enough for it. ALSO, TRYING TO WRITE LIKE A 16 YEAR OLD GIRL IS HARD! ._.

Photography by Insomniac's Dream Productions.

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Siryn added a new photo to the album: Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix/Phoenix.

I miss the girls.

Photography - Valderana Photography
Rogue- Ms. Rae Cosplay...
Storm- HeirOfGlee
Jean Grey- Siryn
Psylocke- Elena Blueskies Cosplay

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So my Spiderwoman managed to make it on IMDB's favorite DC & Marvel cosplay list! I'm honestly in shock. I didn't expect that nor with that cosplay. I still need to do a proper shoot with that cosplay.
Thank you everyone for supporting my creative life with your positive energy and positive words. Without any of you, hunters, this page wouldn't be here. 💚

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I wonder how Jason is doing. Roy, we should go see him. -Kori
Ya.... - Roy

Photography by my Titan Sister, Soni Aralynn.
Roy Harper/Arsenal - @RedArrowRoy (Miss you man! Can't wait to see you. 💚)...
Kori/Starfire- Yours truly, Siryn

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When you're caught taking a selfie to send to Fred. 😳😜💜

Cute teaser pic to the soon Daphne Blake Pinup shoot.
Photography by dear Insomniac's Dream Productions.
BTW!! He'll be at Katsucon this year!! He's first time going! I highly recommend shooting with him if you're going. You've seen the work we do together. You won't be disappointed. 💚

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HELLO Hunters!!
...say hello to my 4th Starfire wig. (I think I'm making a mini collection lol)
I was too lazy to put on my bodypaint for the wig test.

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Remember that time I was Rapidash.2 at Katsu?
It was fun being a Firy Unicorn

Photography by @Paul Karpey

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My katsu lineup. I'm actually there from thursday-monday
Sunday, idk what I'm doing. Could be Starfire in hood and/or wings suits, rebirth Starfire, or I could bring spiderwoman. I'm very unsure atm.

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