Hello NZ!

This is an invitation. An invitation to you who has loved and been loved somewhere along the line, big or small, in-your-face or via the back door.

If the love is in your heart as a smouldering fire or a wonderful ideal, whether it is quietly held and private or a presence that embraces and heals - You are invited!


Now you could come along as a pirate - all slinky and sly, or you could come as a hells angel all powerful and muscly. You could bring along your little one curious and shy, or your social persona party-wise and cheery- You could come as the devotee wanting to sit at somebody's feet, or as a rock and roll star struttin along the street.

You are all invited again and again and again! You are invited to step Inside Love, to step inside the Love you already know. You are invited to dance with others together InsideLove InsideLove InsideLove...

Sharda Centre South Auckland, New Zealand 12-14 January 2018
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Do Come! 💖

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The Inside Love Project
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What happened w. our retreat? Well, seems like kiwis go on holiday in January so we decided to holiday with them and flagged the retreat and went swimming w. 🐬 instead.

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Preparing play lists for the retreat in NZ 12-14 Jan. with the excellent help of dear friend musician @simontocclo and travelled-the-world @Ceciliabylensjo💗! Thanks u🙏🏽🕉! #InsideLove #shardacenter #jeffreyparker #yoga4us #retreatinNewZeeland
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I'd love to be somewhere beautiful right now...😌

Jippi!! Getting closer🥝❤️🕉🙋🏻

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Preparing play lists for the retreat in NZ 12-14 Jan. with the excellent help of dear friend musician @simontocclo and travelled-the-world @Ceciliabylensjo💗! Thanks u🙏🏽🕉! #InsideLove #shardacenter #jeffreyparker #yoga4us #retreatinNewZeeland

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For those of you spending some time in NZ. Exciting things going on!

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Join the Love Revolution!
Learn to heal what blocks your Love!

Come join the InsideLove Project in NZ 12-14 January 2018 with Bhagavati and Jeffrey Wise Owl. Bhagavati is an experienced Sivananda Yoga Teacher, YogaNidra instructor and student of Psychosynthesis from Sweden/Japan. Jeffrey is an expat Kiwi and Peak States Therapist practicing Psychotherapy in Germany.


When we are inside Love we find our true selves beyond our ego, we can heal our hearts and together transform the world. Let's explore how to open up, release our free spirit through self love, acceptance and tolerance bidding farewell to fears and emotional attachments.

During the retreat at there will be group sessions on InsideLove, visualization and sharing, hatha yoga, YogaNidra, dance, meditation, walks in nature, no touch massage. And you will learn wonderful self-healing techniques to help stay steady insideLove. This retreat is for you, your friends and for couples all welcome.

Individual healing sessions available for your deeper needs. Check for more details at

Registration and payment: Price 400 NZD incl. shared accommodation, all meals, and the full retreat program. Register by emailing Do Come!

Also check out:,, Instagram YOGA4US-stockholm

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Listen to Fia!

Home page of Fia
Jan 12 - Jan 14Sharda Centre 15 Percy Graham Drive, Tuakau, 2121 Franklin County, NZ

Join the InsideLove Project !

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Learn to heal what blocks your love . . .
Find out more . . DrumRoll ... and the beat goes out ... Issue 90 http:...// sent Wed 15th November. #DrumRoll #DrumRollPromotions #NewZealand #wellbeing #connection #community #advertising #promote #loveProject The Inside Love Project

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The power of positive thinking💗.

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Power of Positivity

This story brought me to tears. What a powerful lesson...

An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory. Practice Yoga, Religion and Philosophy in daily life and attain Self-realization. And high speed sun salutation...

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Loves Challenges, by Jeffrey Oct 9 2017

Sometimes the way my Love, is choked with wild weeds that assert their presence - Loves banquet provides more than flying high and wonderful glued embraces like two roses whose scent mingles to create a brand new perfume the world hasn’t experienced before.

Love also opens up old wounds and tries to heal them with it’s sweet scent. But we sit staring at a black wall full of unhelpful memories and sometimes find it difficult to shift our... gaze, difficult to accept the tune up Love is offering.

Why does the dullness of the absence of Love take up such large areas of our inner life? None of us want it, yet it seems to have us so much, we are forced to return there again and again.

But isn’t loves table set for us, set for dancing and powerful hearts to sing of their conquests? Where art thou Love! Sweet success in Love disappeared over the horizon like a wayward vagabond taking flight at the first (OK maybe the second) sign of grey anti-love matter.

Now where to find such medicine —well that’s the same as asking “Where can I buy self-forgetfulness”?
The stores are full of I-medicine or me-medicine, where is the other kind? Why so rare?

Really, leaving our homes everyday we always leave on this search —it’s what we occupy ourselves with the whole day —to find one little drop of magic love medicine to moisten our lips and antidote the day, the work, the greyness in those around us.

The potions of longing offered us in homeopathic doses to ease our love-deficit-anguish in the form of sweet wine, food, music and sensual and aesthetic pleasure are sold to us as the real thing, the genuine article —but what kind of cold substitute for the living life spring of Love is that? Where is the spring that knows no substitute on the planet where we live?

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This little story I wrote really describes us and our mission as founders of this very deep and joyful InsideLove project we started Aug 4th at Angsbacka in Sweden this year, (this picture) and me Jeffrey WiseOwl and Bhagavati would like to share it with you. Its called 'My Little Hut', a love story

..........As I was pottering in my hut one day, quite the unexpected thing happened to my relatively simple life.

A girl popped her head around the corner and cheekily asked “Can ...I come in”? Due to the disarming nature of the request and not to mention her charming and beautiful countenance, I beckoned her in. Well she sat there like an interior decorator eyeing up not only the decore and living arrangements, but scanning deep through my life.

My jaw slowly dropped as my heart warmed and my soul saw in a flash what was to be.

We were back together again.

Staring gently through a veil of tears that sharpened our souls sight I understood that being able to be here, in this place, was what I had been searching for all along.

Observing the settled rhythms of Nature —birds flying north, then south, mama cows suckling their calves, the clouds moving across the sky, the sun and moon doing their turns —just something was missing, something that holds everything together, something that gave all this body and substance and Life.

Whence came this wondrousness, these rhythms and this girl to me on this tide sweeping into my life from the wild unknowns out from my hut?

Pressing against her soft chest the answer was obvious. A Heart of Love had opened up and allowed a universe to come out just the same way as she allowed me into her heart in the other direction.

What on earth did I do to deserve this boon? Was it some answer to the privations I had undergone with human hearts half warm? Was it Love? —yes but what is that —how can I get something like that —an instrument of awareness in the center of my chest that can actually see reality as it is free of my perceptions of what it is? Huh?

Days passed and the awareness that love indeed wants to unlock the doors for us into the sacred mysteries protected by veils of mind and desire grew and grew. Our relationship turned into a holy task to be those doors and allow everyone through without discrimination to simply gulp, trust, and meander on through.

The fiery reality of annihilation embracing us with it’s cool glow, seeping into our core and dismantling and disposing of every single atom of our pretend individual life —a fiery clarity booming and living like the source of all living things —we were pure Soul —and each at once aware of all things joined to all other things without a trace of difference on one hand, and on the other, here we were deciding what to have with the broccoli and prospects for sailing on the bay on the morn.

And you can imagine what the sex was like that night the day the girl popped her head around the corner and said:

“Feel like a life with me”?

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This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard, and really expresses the humility and presence of walking in Love and in Harmony and in Beauty. We had the pleasure of this kind of 'tuning' at the Angsbacka Tantra Festival in Sweden where Frederik (the Realm of Peace) comes from, check the viking hair. Enjoy. Jeffrey.

Tillägnad min underbara vän och mindfullnesslärare Gunnar Michanek. Tack till Peter Elmberg (text), Magnus Eriksson (piano), David Roxendal (film). Musik: Fr...

From Jeffrey: "When the reality presented to you in the showrooms, and from the newsrooms, and the fantastical realities presented you in movies, and the neutralising niceties in novels or music, and yes the sunset lit up clouds over the lake just don't shift your mood anymore, you have entered 'The State of the Reality of the World as it actually is'. WELCOME! The reality of InsideLove is right next door! Why not dare to ring the bell? Klingelingeling......

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