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I just want to share all of you something. Something that my family will forever be thankful for all the miracles that we received. The gift of life that is truely special.
She's our daughter, a survivor of AutoImmune Encephalitis.
Please take time to read this.

Lara Non to NMDA Antibodies Support Group

Hello! My name is Lara Non, from the Philippines, daughter of Love and Edwin Non, a survivor of AutoImmune Encephalitis. Though I am still under medication and ...positive of the disease, I consider myself as a survivor. I just had a relapse last March 2016. My diagnosis was last August and I spent my days in the hospital most of it in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of University Of Santo Tomas Hospital until the end of October 2015. I enjoyed the rest of ,lets say, blessed days of my life after my stay in the PICU. I was given the chance to thank my donors, family and friends who were there for me while I was in a state of not being myself. I even celebrated my 18th Birthday on February to give thanks also to everyone who helped me and my family because I celebrated my debut in the PICU. My family and friends were so much supportive and loving and I felt the blessing God has granted me because of them. And I cannot thank anyone but God for it. And so, to continue about how I was while I was sick, they said I was like a possessed child, not aware of her surroundings, hurting people, my mind is out of control. Its crazy so crazy I cannot remember what happened. What I can remember are daydreams. These daydreams… so many daydreams. an example is my family trying to reach out to me while they are at the side of the river while I am at the other side. It is weird, I know. It is like they are waiting for me at the other side of the river. There are other dreams that I can’t remember but I am sure that there are some. Sometimes I remember it, sometimes not. I just can’t recognize or describe it well because it is just fragments of the dreams that I can remember. Then while I was recovering, I was changing. I was different. Then it recurred to me, to my family and to everyone that I was back again to my sickness. I relapsed. But I remember most of what happened now. I hurt my mom physically and emotionally while I was taking medications. But she never left my side. She was there for me even she was hurt. Because she knew I am not myself at that time. I knew also that I was out of control. But really, I am like in prison. In my own prison, at that time. But thank you to my doctors, family and friends, I survived. My medication helped me a lot. My therapy helped me a lot. AND I SURVIVED. Now, I am under medication, but trying to be healthy and strong. I have lots of therapy to do, and it is helping me in surviving this illness. Thank you to my family, doctors, friends who are there for me through this challenge in my life. SO, to everyone who feels down about this, don’t. I am a survivor and I didn’t let this bring me down and you should too. Be brave for yourself, for your family member or friend who has the same sickness as mine. YOU WILL SURVIVE THIS. WE WILL SURVIVE THIS. SO, BE BRAVE AND STRONG AND CONQUER! LOVE, L

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