NEW ALBUM UNDO LAUNCHED FEBRUARY 1st, 2018! Available for FREE DOWNLOAD! The next album for be up for purchase, any and all proceeds go towards supporting the future of Intermixture music! Listen, share, leave some feedback! Any and all the support is greatly appreciated!

Intermixture is like a well prepared salsa, it takes a balanced lot of different ingredients and processes them down into a fine, delicious paste. I love feedback - feel free to message me on Soundcl

Just wanted to let everyone know that this past week I married my woman of nearly eight years. My co-pilot, graphic artist, and single biggest reason the majority of my music exists. Here's to the beautiful unknown journey that lies ahead of us.

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Welcome, Roli Seaboard to the Intermixture family. This thing is out of this world!

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Studio is nearly completely built! New pictures and music will be coming soon! I'm more excited about the sonic possibilities of this next generation of Intermixture than ever before!

Here's a few of the new toys in the new layout. Maschine Studio MK3 and, what I'm most excited about, the ROLI Seaboard Rise 49

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Total studio revamp time this weekend. Replacing everything that's old with something new (besides my favorite couple pieces) - new music coming next will no longer be hindered by underruns or crashes, and the possibilities are, well, let's just say..... endless.

I changed my mind, all tracks on the Undo LP are now available for Free Download...just for you! Like, share, download, and leave some feedback!!

Nostalgae, the one that prompted the retirement of my studio computer, is one of my favorites from the Undo LP.

Released on the latest Undo LP, this track is the final track written on the old Slow Stop Studios computer, which rendered its last computation during the creation of this song. Combining all sorts

Today... the tedious transfer process of over a decade's worth of Intermixture project files and a bunch of software has begun...after 5 years of service, my studio computer retired, and we're training up the new kid! Custom built by ibuypower optimized for music production, quadruple the processing power of its predecessor, powered by AMD new thread ripper CPU. Will upload the last music created the old studio computer as an album as soon as the transfer is complete.

Intermixture updated their cover photo.
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This is new! Lately I've been exploring producing in genres I have always found inspiring, but never delved into. New track Fractal Fog combines Trap with Psy-dub, a twist of Glitch, and a little bit of Intermixture Funk. ...I call this sub-genre Psy-kick... lol. Check it out! It's free.

Fractal Fog by Intermixture #np on #SoundCloud…/fractal-fog-upcoming-release-previ…

This is a little taste of another new track that's been cooking up for the upcoming podcast and future album. This track combines both Trap and Psydub styles to create a new type of genre we like to

PapaGlitch Mix - Volume 7 is out if you haven't had a chance to listen, check it out. make sure you give it a listen, a like, and share it on FB / Repost on so...undcloud. Artists in this go around include Resonant Frequency, Krooked Drivers, Zoogma, Diamond Cuts, Artifakts, Late Night Radio, Funkadelphia, Blue Future, Intermixture, Lando & Eminence Ensemble

Shameless Plug/Shares:
Michael Bollhoefer, Meghan Ruenger, Michael Patterson, Michael Francis, John Wallman, Adam J. Stahura, Adam Skidmore, Amanda Staggs, Justin Bazan, Noah Bagwell, Henry Brigham, Linda Cox, Cody LeBert Durango Ruckman, George Caracostis Chris Wuthnow Nathan Clough Josh Otero, Diedra Liza Perez Lizcano Michael Garfield Jay Stearns Josh Wayman, Josh Manning Joshua Wilson Chance Roberts, Robert Dickinson Will Trull, Dan Trull, Dan Scheidt, David Bayne Trull, Travis McAllister, Travis Lee Collins, Tom Singleton, Tom Fair

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Volume 7 of PapaGlitch Mix - Get the funk down.

Intermixture needs your love...Check out the newest tracks on SoundCloud, the sneak preview of what's to come from Intermixture's mix track coming this year. As always, all Intermixture music is available to listen and download for free. Let us know what you think!

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After a two year hiatus, Intermixture is back! Thank you to those faithful fans who have been reaching out. Appreciate your love and support! Share the new tunes around, take them for a test drive...Get amped for something brand new, the Cruise Control Mix coming this year! Yes, Intermixture is finally releasing a mix...We sure are amped about it!! Always free to listen and download from SoundCloud!!


This one is currently in the middle of production and is just a taste of whats to come this year with Intermixture back up and running. New album, genres, and more funky originals coming soon! Sprea
Cam Newton's Crade is one that started last year around football season, and now the first demo is available for Free Download. Love to hear your feedback, as I've got lots more work to do and lots m
New demo single for 2017 from Intermixture, available for free download. Lots more to come soon! Share and follow Intermixture and comeback for more new FREE music! Artwork By AP 2017

Intermixture's Panoramic Circus Studio...?

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The home base for intermixture, Slow Stop Studio, finally growing to life this year in 2015!

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