Hello all! The Mending Mistress here with a video on how to do the basics of hand sewing! I hope this helps anyone wanting to join. Let me know if you have any questions! :)

Attention all Patch-a-teers! Do you have an upcoming convention? If you answered yes to that question send me a message with the following template.

Hello super cool Mending Mistress this is (cosplay corp name).
I am attending (name of convention) and it takes place in (name of city,state/province/territory, country).
It is on (date of convention)....
The best way for cosplayers to reach me for help is (twitter name, phone number. These options are not mandatory just helpful.)
I'd also like to tell you (anything else you'd like me to know or add).

*disclaimer* This message is for all of our already signed up patch-a-teers. If you're wanting to join us, send us a message! We'd love to have you.

I'm asking this of everyone because I needed to rework how I keep track of this stuff. In the past I was asking everyone to message me before the event and then writing it down on a piece of paper. Now I have a handy calendar on my computer. As soon as you message me the details, whenever it is, it goes right into the calendar along with a reminder for me to post it! Cool!

Also the member file is a mess because I keep forgetting to work on it. Do me a favor and read it over. If you don't see yourself on there, let me know so I can add you!

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Sergeant Swift Stitch

OFFICIAL SERVICE HOURS FOR SDCC!!! Please help us help the community by liking and sharing this information. The farther this gets shared the more people we can help!
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