Ok let's face it, Polish can be a little hard! 😱 But the good news is after three years you will start seeing improvement 🤗

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1000 reasons to learn Polish

Is this how your journey with Polish looks like? Write in a comment about your ups and downs. (We will cheer you up like a "language family" ) When did you ...feel super motivated and powerful and when did you want to give up on Polish?

I wanted to give up on my Arabic, when, after 6 months of studying (on and off), I went out with my Egyptian friends and although I could have 60 min. conversations with my teacher, I couldn't understand a word in the restaurant (multiple voices, excited people, music in the restaurant, colloquial expressions). I got mad and angry and I wanted to leave it forever but the next day I went shopping to my friendly fruit vendor (it's an old "grandpa"). I had fresh mind and I was relaxed, I didn't set my brain to conversation in advance but he asked how I was and we had a pretty fluent conversation about food and weather. This is exactly what I needed that day. / Paulina

We wish you all a productive and fruitful week with Polish language! / Życzymy wszystkim produktywnego i owocnego tygodnia z językiem polskim!

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IFW Christmas Party
Merry Christmas!
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Aniaka Kreta
· September 24, 2017
serdecznie pozdrawiam .Poadrawiam serdecznie przyjaciół szczególnie tych śpiewających i artystów.odoba mi się jak śpiewa przyjaciel F......i R..... Maja szczególne zdolności do pięknego śpiewania i cz...arowania śpiewem.chetnie będę na ich koncercie.serdecznie pozdrawiam. See More

The buildings have changed but the overpass has remained pretty much the same... any ideas whereabouts it might be⁉️🤔

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Living in Wroclaw

Do you know where is it?

fot. Fotopolska

There are no difficult languages – this is what scientists claim. Do you agree?

There are no difficult languages – this is what scientists claim. Their thesis is confirmed by more than ten thousand foreigners who, since 2004, have taken the Polish foreign language exam. On the occasion of Mother Language Day we present you with some interesting facts about learning the langua...

Believe it for not, there were not only trams but even a petrol station in Rynek... what was missing in the entire city though was traffic jams😃

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Posted by Breslau

1959 rok, Taksówka nr 1 we Wrocławiu

Into the distance a ribbon of black
Stretched to the point of no turning back

Learning to Fly lyrics © Imagem Music Inc

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Living in Wroclaw

Rędziński bridge from above

fot. Dreams of flying

And if you fancy a little practise in a friendly and sound-proof environment, our Polish conversation host Piotr will happily listen to you 😃 Drop by or join us online

Not longer than one syllable, these words may look insignificant or even useless but they are at the very core of everyday Polish usage. These sounds will not only help you understand Poles speaking their language at its most idiomatic, but they can actually make you sound Polish without knowing the...

Hosted by Dr Marta Papiernik (Founder of Bright Beginners) and Karla Johnson Martines (Teaching Language Specialist)

Parents will learn:
* Why it is important to be exposed to a foreign language early on
* How to help their child speak a foreign language as good as they can speak their mother tongue...
* That everyone can have a bilingual child

Workshop is free to non-members but prior registration is required (click Find Tickets).

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Wed 11:00 AM UTC+01ulica marsz. Józefa Piłsudskiego 44A, 50-033 Wrocław, Polska
34 people interested

So you've bought flowers, bubbly and all the rest... but what do you actually say to your Polish date⁉️ Here's some examples to help you show off your linguistic prowess 💕

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Pola Lingvo - Polish Language School

[ENG] Compliments are good not only on Valentine's Day. .
[PL] Komplementy są dobre nie tylko w Walentynki!

Big hugs to the folks who dropped by and our friends who couldn't join us this morning... y'all have a great Valentine's Day! 😍

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Yikes‼️ A spaceship has landed in Wrocław! 👽

Now that you know how to make piegori (we hope...), this plummy beverage will complement it nicely... or so they say ☺️

This recipe for Polish plum nalewka is an aged cordial made with Damson plums known as sliwowka.
On Valentine’s Day at 10.30am we are organizing a special coffee morning with cake, chocolate and fun games! If you want to join us, please register at but bear in mind places are limited. All details will be sent in the confirmation email.

Feel like your English could use some improvement⁉️🤔 Taking part in our free English conversation meetings will help you solidify it! 🏋️‍♂️ Learn more about joining IFW

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Way to go Wrocław And big thanks to all IFW friends who supported our great city 😍

From Wroclaw to Athens, travellers have selected the best places to visit in Europe. Discover now the best destinations to travel this year!

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Fat Thursday [PL: Tłusty Czwartek] is a great day in Poland. He has no certain date – Poles always celebrate it on the last Thursday before the great fast, a period that finishes a carnival f…