It is rare to meet someone like Hans Lee De En, who knows that he'd be furthering his studies in Molecular Biotechnology at University of Heidelberg (UH) in Germany. Upon recommendation by the Associate Dean at UH, he chose IMU Medical Biotechnology to kickstart his journey into biotechnology.

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The Diversity of Life (DoL) trip to Port Dickson on 12 January 2018 was undoubtedly one of the main highlights of my first semester studying the Medical Biotechnology programme at IMU. It was a short-lived journey as it was all but a one-day trip and it could

"No matter what age and what stage of life you are, as long as you’re not dead yet, you still have time," shares Goh Kee Woon, IMU Nutrition student.

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Goh Kee Woon wanted to gain weight. In order for him to do so, Kee Woon started doing exercises in the gym, particularly weight resistance training and started to search through the internet for information without knowing that it could be false information. From there, he learnt that he is more int...
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Henry Lee Sin Fook
· March 6, 2018
An appointment was fixed for 5pm on Tuesday 7 March 2018 but there was no show by dental surgeon without being informed in advance by your clinic! This simply demonstrates that your clinic have ZERO r...espect of your patient's time! Why do your prefer to adopt such an arrogant & kurang ajar attitude? I am a full paying patient at your PRIVATE facility who have already spent over Rm50,000 for various services at your Medical Centre !! Learn to respect your patients if you want your patients to respect your facility! You guys are going to build a Medical Training Hospital soon... So are you going to continue to churn out graduates with such kurang ajar attitude? Damn sickening to say the least!��� See More
Arash Fasih
· February 10, 2018
Iam from afghanistan and i live i kabul
Iam student of kabul medical university which is thr best university in afghanistan but i want admission in IMU in medicine
Can you help me plz??
Vanessa Holysianna
· October 13, 2017
I just hope i can continue my study here after finish my diploma ☺
العابث الاخير
· May 9, 2017
University is very magnificence I hope to complete my studies but I have some conditions that prevent me from completing my studies in it, although it is about ten kilometers away from me.
Zackaria Shukri
· December 29, 2013
Can u help me about the fee and the course that suitable for me?I am just pass in science subject but still can apply for medical course?please help me...
Lisa Azreen
January 7, 2013
Can you let me know the minimum requirements for dentistry? I'm currently taking A-Levels. Thanks.
Carlyn Tan
· April 17, 2014
When is IMU open day ? Do every courses that we apply need to go for an interview or test ?
SH Rino
· March 24, 2014
I love so much my university thank you for all..♥♥♥
Kathryn Tan
· September 17, 2017
Rao Faisal Pundeer
· August 20, 2015
Faisal rana Ge rao
IMU Open Day 2011
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