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Making the Internet Affordable

We are excited to announce the release of the Inclusive Internet Index, which we commissioned The Economist Intelligence Unit to create. In order to achieve an inclusive internet, we need to identify and address the gaps in availability, affordability, relevance, and readiness. The Index contains 46 indicators for 75 countries organized across the four categories.

A truly inclusive internet must be widely available, affordable, and allow usage that promotes positive social and economic outcomes. Facebook has commissioned The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to create a comprehensive index of Internet Inclusion for 75 countries.

We are excited to share that 100 social change organizations are joining the Incubator for Free Basics. This hands-on incubator provides technical tools and support to enable these organizations to join the Free Basics platform and offer their services to millions more people worldwide. Read more in's post here: announces 100 new organizations ready to publish content and services on the Free Basics by Facebook platform

We're excited to announce the winners of the Africa Innovation Challenge. The six winners, three in education and three in economic empowerment, are doing incredible work to make the world more connected. Read more about them: is excited to present six Innovation Challenge in Africa awards to leading examples of ideas, apps, websites and/or online services that provide real value in the categories of educati…
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Mark Zuckerberg

This is Rosemary Njoku. I just met Rosemary at the Facebook Express Wi-Fi stand she runs in Lagos.

Express Wi-Fi empowers entrepreneurs to build a business by ...providing their community with access to the internet. Facebook designed the technology, and local internet providers add the connectivity. Express Wi-Fi is part of our initiative.

Rosemary already had a business before she also started selling Express Wi-Fi as well, but she told me she now has 3,000 customers and makes much more money from Express Wi-Fi. She's a great example of how local entrepreneurs spread internet access around the world.

This week, we're launching a satellite into space to enable more entrepreneurs across Africa to sell Express Wi-Fi and more people to access reliable internet. That means more connectivity and more opportunity for entrepreneurs like Rosemary everywhere.

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Mark Zuckerberg added 8 new photos to the album: Aquila — with Kathryn Cook and 2 others.

Seeing Aquila's first flight meant waking up at 2am and flying down to the Arizona desert before sunrise. Watching Aquila lift off into the air was an emotional... moment for everyone -- especially the team that has poured two years of their lives into this project. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the first flight.

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Posted by Facebook

The internet provides information, opportunity and human connection, yet less than half the world has access. We’re proud to announce the successful first test ...flight of Aquila, the solar airplane we designed to bring internet access to people living in remote locations. This innovative plane has the wingspan of an airliner but weighs less than a small car and flies on roughly the power of three blow dryers — incredible!

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Mark Zuckerberg

Today we’re partnering with Airtel Africa to launch Free Basics in Nigeria.

There's a lot of innovation across Africa right now, and Nigeria in par...ticular is home to a lot of talented developers.

In 2009, Olalekan Elude, Ayodeji Adewunmi and Opeyemi Awoyemi started a site called Jobberman in their dorm to help connect people looking for work with companies looking to hire. Now Jobberman is one of the top 100 websites in Nigeria, and it gets 5,000 applications every day.

Free Basics offers Nigerians, including 90 million people who are currently offline, the opportunity to access news, health information and services like Jobberman that were built by Nigerians and other developers across West Africa -- all without having to pay for data.

Free Basics is now live in more than 40 countries, and half of those are in Africa. Over the next few months, we'll be doing even more to connect developers with people who can use their apps -- and partner with local companies to bring internet to people across Africa who don't have access to mobile networks.

In the meantime, I'm excited to see what Nigerians build next! 🇳🇬

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O Facebook e a Cabo Verde Music Awards (CVMA) organizam em conjunto um evento para todos o programadors de Cabo Verde no dia 7 de Maio. O objetivo deste evento será para se conectar com os programadores locais sobre nossos projetos e Free Basics. Vamos rever como os programadors podem envolver, bem como fornecer informações relacionadas com serviços e ferramentas adicionais do Facebook para ajudar a construir, crescer e monetizar os seus sites / aplicativos. O... evento é gratuito e o espaço é limitado!

== English ==
Facebook and the Cabo Verde Music Awards (CVMA) are partnering to host a Developer Event on May 7th for all developers of Cabo Verde. The goal of this event will be to connect with local developers about our projects and Free Basics. We will cover how developers can get involved as well as provide information related to additional tools and services from Facebook to help build, grow and monetize their businesses. The event is free for all and space is limited.

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Sat 2:00 PM UTC-01Auditório Unitel T+ - Chã de Areia (Sede)
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Developers are a critical part of our mission to connect the world. Today at F8 we announced two new tools for developers building for the next wave of people coming online.

Today at F8 we are announcing two new tools for Free Basics developers: the Free Basics Simulator and Demographic Insights.

Renald watches after his little nephew Justine because his mother works in a different country. Renald uses Free Basics to allow Justine to communicate with his mom.


Jesus is a self-taught artist who uses Free Basics to look up information and find inspiration. He also uses the free services to look up tips about caring for his unborn baby.

66K Views consists of a number of efforts, all with the same mission: connecting the unconnected and underserved. Two-thirds of the world's population remains unconnected — and that means we're missing out on amazing ideas, new inventions, and great conversations.

Jessi Hempel goes in-depth about all of our connectivity work in WIRED.

Mark Zuckerberg and his team must transform Facebook into a development shop for drones to deliver the Internet via lasers.

Here's an article from Mark Zuckerberg in the Times of India explaining why people should choose facts over fiction and support digital equality in India.

To connect a billion people, India must choose facts over fiction In every society, there are certain basic services that are so important for people’s wellbeing that we expect everyone to be able to access...

Paula lives in Colombia and manages a business. She uses Su Dinero and Yo Apredo, services available on Free Basics, to help manage her finances and get inspiration from other women entrepreneurs. #connecttheworld

Posted by Sheryl Sandberg
Sheryl Sandberg

No matter where you are in the world, you can use the internet to find support, get advice — and get inspired. Paula runs a business in the mountains of Colombi...a, but gets help with financial planning online – and gets inspiration from women entrepreneurs in China. This is why being connected matters. #freebasics

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Free Basics is now available in Mexico on the Virgin Mobile network. Learn more about how being connected helps Raúl Mejía Rivera run his business.

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Mark Zuckerberg

This has been a good year for connecting the world. Free Basics is now available in more than 30 countries, and more than 15 million people who wer...e previously unconnected are now using the internet because of these efforts.

Research shows that for every 10 people who get access to the internet, about one person gets lifted out of poverty. That means our community's work to connect the world may already lift more than 1 million people out of poverty around the world. That's a big deal, and a good start.

As we wrap up the year, I want to share one more milestone: we've launched Free Basics in Mexico. Now the half of the population who are unconnected will have free access to internet services for education, health, jobs and communication on the Virgin Mobile network.

Connecting Mexico is personally important to me. I have many friends and neighbors with family there, and many families Priscilla works with come from Mexico. I believe spreading internet access will not only create opportunities in Mexico, but also create more understanding of this great country and its people. When we build ties between people and cultures, we can tear down the walls some try to build in the face of progress.

This photo is of Raúl Mejía Rivera. He owns a restaurant in La Merced market in Mexico City and uses Facebook and WhatsApp to promote his restaurant and receive orders.

One day everyone will have access to the opportunities of the internet. Our community's work this year has brought that day closer. Thank you for all your support and I'm looking forward to continuing this journey with you.

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President Aquino of the Philippines voiced his support for connectivity and by signing the Connectivity Declaration, the pledge we launched this year to make internet access a reality worldwide.

[Adm-02] President Aquino today added his signature to the Connectivity Declaration, marking his commitment to join world leaders in making universal internet a...ccess a reality in the Philippines.

Studies show that internet access can help lift people out of poverty through access to critical health, economic and education services. As part of this effort, we are working with partners such as Facebook, the country's major telecommunications operators (Smart Communications, Inc. and Globe Telecom) and nonprofit organizations to connect more Filipinos to valuable internet services and public information such as the Online Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines through Free Basics. This has benefitted our people, like Riza Mae Tachado from Culasi Antique, who used Free Basics to complete her studies and earn a university degree when her island was hit by a typhoon.

It is stories like this that fuel our commitment to do what we can to help as many Filipinos as possible get connected to basic services to help them improve their lives.


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I believe the internet is essential to achieving humanity’s #globalgoals. If you agree please sign at