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Crystal Glenn Jackson
· January 19, 2018
Let me start off by saying you will get your whole life together with your reading. Buckle up sit back and just be ready to get yo life. Intuitive Enchantments is real and true. I came prepared with... a list of questions and ready to bombard her with them. Oh no she already knew and than some what I and my spirit needed. I came to my reading drained, feeling lost, and defeated in my marriage, my life, as a mother and my spirit. Thank you for opening my spirit,heart and mind. Trust me when I say you won't be the same after your reading with Intuitive Enchantments. I feel like I have gained a spiritual sister and a spiritual leader. Thank you! Signed Woke Warrior Queen! See More
Shacoiya Mzcoco Sanderlin
· December 5, 2017
I have experienced her gifts on many occasions. Most recently, I was told to put a bay leaf in my wallet for prosperity. I also joined the live where bay leaves were burned for many things including h...ealth, prosperity, favor etc. I meditated and believed in the spirit. After this many great things have happened in my life... I was blessed financially, spiritually and on some personal issues as well. I will say to be honest and open and ready to receive this gift. It can blow you away at times. See More
Donesha Abrahams
· February 1, 2018
Yooo she is the deal this was not all me confirmation on what I know but moving it. That's giving me life It's helping me pull through this turmoil that I'm in and I just want to tell her thank you y...ou are amazing and your gift is pure and true I love you sister and I don't even know you but you made my day my month my year thank you... See More
Tiffany Corley
· January 3, 2018
Tonight I was able to receive a blessing from a read and when I tell you from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, I feel relief I really do. This lovely lady is so truly blessed and her gift others a gift. I’ve never had someone I barely know like that pray for me and my situation like she did. Hunny you’re the real deal and I will thank you for the rest of my days, because I truly feel like I’ve gained a very good friend.. ��� See More
Jae Kyngslove Baker
· January 2, 2018
Matthew 25:14-30 speaks of The Parable of the Talents teaches that God always gives us everything we need to do what he has called us to do. What you do is a gift! I am forever grateful you bestowed y...ou gift upon/ with me today. She is spot on in her personal readings and gives guidance that is extremely helpful. I highly recommend if you’re looking for a personal reading. You will be blown away! See More
Regina Wragg
· January 10, 2018
For every being, there is a purpose and gift(s) to enact that purpose. Ms. Zayah is blessed with the knowledge of practice, wisdom of experience, and understanding of Spirit to be of help to those on... or discovering their own path of purpose. Expect the unexpected from this down-to-earth, energetic and beautiful soul. She has been a great, honest and JOYFUL help to me, and I trust she can assist you in your journey as well! See More
Chris Ekquist
· January 14, 2018
I just had a reading with Zayah and it was amazing!! She doesn't know me, never had talked to me and she nailed so many things in my life. She has given me comfort and guidance that is so on point. I ...will be taking her up on a personal private reading soon. See More
Tiffany Williams
· April 5, 2018
I love, Zay, and, bae! I came across her video in a group, that I was added too, looking to enrich my spiritual connection, and got sooooooo much more! I love their energy and got a reading that was s...o on point, that, I No longer stress! I make sure I see all their live videos as well. I love Zays energy, and the fact that your learning new things as well as getting to be apart of this wonderful group of ppl. You truly have a gift, and I thank God I came across you!! Thank you guys so much! See More
Maris Mack-Holmes
· April 5, 2018
I loved my reading she did for me, also I like that fact she took her time to not only reach back out to me to see if I was okay and satisfied with my reading, but just to check on my period...
Charmain Colter
· December 30, 2017
I love it had a great experience .she made me more confident in the moves I was making in my life . Only bad thing is the video connection but other than that great experience.
Britnee Nesmith
· December 30, 2017
Amazing..... her insight gave me the kick in the butt to put my dreams in place. I appreciate her as a person 100%. You will be very amazed by her gifts and abilities. Very down to earth!
LaTasha Richardson
· January 9, 2018
Giiiiirrrrrlllll, you were on point tonight!!! If you haven't gotten a read yet you are truly missing out!!! I can't wait to get another one, you definitely nailed it!!! You're an awesome Queen and I your spirit!!! I wish you were my best friend!!!! Can't wait to chat with you again Queen!!!! See More
Mahogany Oglesby
· April 5, 2018
I actually enjoyed myself and the mini reading I received this morning. I almost started to cry she was hitting home on some stuff. Definitely down to the earth and sweet and so is Brittany. Definitel...y recommend the couple. I am loving the vibes already. See More
Charmet Hough
· March 29, 2018
I must say i been following her for a little while, she is so gifted and talented. I have been blessed today with her readings, on relationships, finance, and health. I wish and pray her to continue t...o bless and help others. See More
Jah-lia Quarles
· January 21, 2018
Ohhh she was right on point starting from the word i.n.d.e.c.i.s.i.v.e...#beopenminded She is definitely the truth and I love her energy!!! Book your appointment now �. #returningcustomeriAM #yahhh
Leslie Mayers
· February 14, 2018
I really enjoyed my reading and also it was confirmation for me the things she said. She really made me take a closer look at myself my family and life it self. Thanks again....
Shawn Martin
· April 3, 2018
I'm not going to lie...I was skeptical but y'all I'm in shock because everything I was told made perfect sense. I'm telling you, please listen up. I was told things that I had to confirm with my mothe...r. Please sow a seed and receive the blessings this beautiful spirit has to offer. See More
Lovely Johnson Glinton
· January 17, 2018
OMG � this was the most accurate and detailed reading I have ever gotten this was so awesome. If you have not already schedule yours you need to, you will be truly amazed.
Precious Plashett
· December 12, 2017
Very positive uplifting person with a true gift of sight. Her energy can be felt through her videos, my personal session was well worth it. I will be keeping in contact
Jimena Johnson
· April 5, 2018
Just a fun time and seem to be very down to earth
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