Jun 11, 2016 - Jun 12, 2016The Civil War MuseumSouth Kenosha, WI
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Events at the Civil War Museum in Kenosha, WI, next weekend!

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The Civil War Museum to A Salute to Freedom

Here is a map and list of events for Salute to Freedom - sorry if it's small!


Coming June 10th and 11th, Black Hatter Phil Spaugy brings his expertise to Kenosha! It's an Iron Brigade event that is not-to-miss!

As part of the Kenosha, Wisconsin Civil War Museums “Salute To Freedom” event to be held the weekend of June 10th through the 12th 2016, I am honored to be giving the following prese…

An Iron Brigade event you mustn't miss:

The 19th Indiana Color Guard at Gettysburg
Friday, June 10, 2016; Noon at the Civil War Museum, Kenosha, Wisconsin


Presented by Phil Spaugy.

The 19th Indiana fought alongside the other four regiments of the Iron Brigade at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 1, 1863, losing 72 percent of those engaged. Mr. Spaugy’s talk encompasses both the morning and afternoon phases of the action with an emphasis on telling the stories of the men of the 19th who carried the regimental colors on that fateful day.

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Civil War Museum offers many events all yearlong. Many events are free and great for the entire family.

"Black Iron Mercy," Eric Schlehlein's debut historical novel, follows the life of a fictional "Iron Brigader" of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry.

From the blog of Gettysburg Originals, a nice piece on the origins of the Willoughby Run.

It zigzags its way between two prominent ridges on the Gettysburg battlefield - Herr and McPherson Ridges. It is named after a very early settler - Willoughby Winchester. Troops from both sides cro...

Beautiful prose from two time-separated centuries. The elegant composition of Rufus Dawes intertwined with ethereal sentiment from Lance Herdegen. Stirring!

It is for us they signed the muster, the ledger, the roll. It is for us they served, they fought, they struggled. It is for us they suffered, they bled, they sacrificed, they died.

Today, it is for them we reflect, we ponder, we display, we honor. It is for them we congregate, we commemorate, we lionize, we appreciate.

God Bless the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that others may inherit and enjoy the freedoms of this great country.

From the blog of Lance J Herdegen, a wonderful piece on the exploits of the 6th Wisconsin and the 11th Pennsylvania in support of Battery B on the 1st day of the Battle of Gettysburg:

"Come on, Johnnie! Come on!"

From Iron Brigader and Wisconsinite Lance J Herdegen, a fine piece on the role of the midwest during our civil war.

Did the Midwest Win the Civil War? States Like Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin Fed and Armed the Union—and Sent Men to Die for Their Country, Too By Lance J. HerdegenOctober 24, 2014 Fort Sumter. Bull Run. Antietam. Vicksburg. Gettysburg. Appomattox Courthouse. These are the places you usually thin…

From Black Hatter Phil Spaugy, the curious history of Hoosier William L. Balch:

I recently received a scanned copy of the image above from my old friend and "pard," Jim Oswalt. As noted, it is the image of Private William L. Balch of Company G, 19th Regiment Indiana Volunteer ...

From blogger Phil Spaugy, a wonderful personal experience from an experienced Iron Brigader.…/16/gettysburg-july-2014/

While this trip to Gettysburg was highlighted by the donation and dedication of the Civil War ambulance to the Seminary Ridge Museum (more on that event in a later post), I did find some time to me...

From Genieroadtrip comes an amateur's viewpoint of the 24th Michigan at Gettysburg.

I'd never really been interested in the Civil War... not really. American history in general was never really my cup of tea. But researching my family has brought those parts of history alive for m...
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Don Troiani Historical Artist updated their cover photo.

Since we are in the "Gettysburg " season I'll post up some of the various paintings I have done of this favorite subject over the next weeks. Here we have the 24th Michigan Regiment making their stand near the Seminary on the first day of the battle.

Again from the blog of Phil Spaugy, a fine piece on Abram Buckles, CO E, 19th Indiana Regiment:

By the time the Army of the Potomac crossed the Rapidan on May 4, 1864, Sergeant Abram J. Buckles of Company E, 19th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry (one of regiments of the famed Iron B...

From the blog of Black Hatter Phil Spaugy, a nice birthday tribute to "Johnny the War Horse."

Today (April 20th) is the 187th birthday of the man that General Meade's aide-de-camp, Lt. Colonel Theodore Lyman, described as..."steel cold General Gibbon, the most American of Americans, with hi...

From, a photo of the 19th Indiana monument at Gettysburg.

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