CA Democrats for Peace Not BDS is putting together a discussion and fundraising campaign on February 24 in San Diego.

"We invite you to help fund our work within the California Democratic Party (CDP) as we foster much-needed engagement and dialogue concerning Israel and Palestine, while cultivating a narrative of collaboration and engagement in response to the polarizing and divisive global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement."

I am no longer a Democrat, but I h...ave considerable respect for the people putting this thing together.

Michael Harris has been fighting the good fight for decades in the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere.

Susan George and Matthew Finkelstein stand up, as well, and they were both key figures in the ongoing protest against Reem's racist bakery/cafe in Oakland.

Those of us who support the well-being of the Jewish people and the State of Israel need not always be within the same political party, but we should definitely support our friends within the Democratic Party.

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Dear Democrats and Friends! We invite you to help fund our work within the California Democratic Party (CDP) as we foster much-needed engagement and dialogue concerning Israel and Palestine, while cultivating a narrative of collaboration and engagement in response to the polarizing and divisive...

The Jews are a Free People.

That is essentially what all this mishigas comes down to.

The Jews are free and much of the rest of the world, for a whole variety of reasons, doesn't like it.


The traditionalist Muslims don't like it for theological reasons.

Some Western Christians sects, like the Quakers and much of the "High Church," don't like it due to their bigotry against both Jews and "people of color" who they take to be victims of Jews.

The Western secular left hates us because they think that we are inhumane to the "indigenous Arab population" of Israel.

What I say is that the Jewish people are a free people due to the State of Israel and people like Theodor Herzl and Chaim Weizmann and David Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir.

The Jewish people, by any moral standard, should not be put on the defensive by Western-left intersectionality idiots, any more than we should be by Islamists.

Am Yisrael Chai.

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"I find it profoundly disconcerting that within living memory of the Shoah - the genocide of the Jews - the very city that I live in, Oakland, California, a city that proudly claims itself against race hate is perfectly comfortable... with race hate.

What the City of Oakland is suggesting to the rest of the United States is that urinating on Jews is just fine and that honoring the murderers of innocent Jews in a public manner is a righteous matter of 'social justice.'"

Michael Lumish {Also published at Jews Down Under and the Elder of Ziyon.} Matthew Finkelstein, in hat, and Susan George (right) fro...

Those who read my ramblings know that I have developed a fondness for some of the emerging voices from places like Youtube, while being exceedingly aware of the necessity for rational discrimination on the quality of ideas.

Dave Rubin is an intelligent and politically-savvy guy, and a former member of The Young Turks Network, who recognizes the ways in which political sands have been shifting in the US and the West for a number of years now.

Rubin says:


"I think that the left/right paradigm of politics is becoming increasingly meaningless and the new more relevant spectrum is one of personal freedom versus state power.

You're either for a society based on laws which treat individual people equally with minimal involvement from the government in their day-to-day lives or you prefer a society which treats certain groups differently based on immutable characteristics and thus the government must play a major role in whether they succeed or fail.

The simplest way to say it is you are either for your own determination or you want to hand it off to someone else."

In truth, this is the same argument that we have been having in the United States since its founding under the Constitution.

The Preamble reads:

"We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

The constant fight in American politics is between those who wish to "promote the general Welfare" versus those more concerned with securing "the Blessings of Liberty."

That is the American political tension in a nutshell.

The most significant, fundamental aspect of American political stress is embedded directly in the Preamble of the Constitution - it is right there, directly for all to see - but where we fall on that continuum should depend on the historical moment.

It is, after all, not always-and-forever 1932 as many of my socialist friends like to imagine.

Nor is it always-and-forever 1968 as much of the aging vestiges of the New Left continue to believe.

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"A few months ago, Eric Weinstein came up with the phrase 'Intellectual Dark Web' to describe this eclectic mix of people from Harris to Shapiro to Weinstein...

From my perspective the latest Reem's vigil was helpful.

Our numbers significantly increased so that we were not out-numbered by a factor of four to one, as has been the case in the past.

Matt and Susan took point in front of the opposition while our lead organizer talked to the press.


I understand that there were concerns about staying on message, as well as organizational discipline.

I think that those are reasonable and necessary concerns depending upon what we want to accomplish going forward.

But, needless to say, this should not prevent those of us with a different take from expressing our opinions.

What I found most interesting about the recent action was the fact that Susan and Matt clearly demonstrated the illiberality of the other side.

From my perspective, this is not about progressives versus conservatives.

This is about liberals versus anti-liberals and, make-no-mistake, anti-Zionism is decidedly anti-liberal.

Susan and Matt gave us a demonstration of this and the other side did not even realize it.

Not a single anti-Zionist took up the gauntlet that Matt and Susan threw down.

All we wanted was for them to justify their ideological position and they absolutely refused.

The liberal tradition, whatever else it may be about, is concerned with discourse and discussion because those are the alternatives to force.

In any case, the leadership in this effort deserves kudos.

Perhaps we are building some momentum.

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Israeli courts convicted subject of work with connection to 1969 bombing of a Jerusalem supermarket that killed two Hebrew University students

"I feel reasonably sure that if Reem's was "Ariel Sharon's Joint and Whiskey Bar" and featured a worshipful mural of Baruch Goldstein the people of Oakland would have arisen as one and shut that place down in a New York Minute with the full support of city government."

Michael Lumish {Also published at Jews Down Under and the Elder of Ziyon .} A poster in my neighborhood As many of you know, Reem's...

Can "people of color" be racist? And, if not, does that include Jews?

"The Social Psychology of Leftist Mass Hysteria"

Aydin Paladin is an interesting figure within the New Center

{And, yes, she scares the holy hell out of me.}


Nonetheless, I have been following her for maybe a year, or so, and I think that she is an exceedingly intelligent rogue academic.

She is "rogue" in the sense that unlike many professors from earlier generations she is pleased to speak with everyone in a manner that is both colloquial and academic, simultaneously, in a public manner.

She is among a small number of people building from the ground-up who have used Youtube to create a following, if not a career, out of simply speaking their minds.

Those that I follow most closely include Dave Rubin, Carl Benjamin (Sargon), Jordan Peterson, Gad Saad, Mark Steyn, Sam Harris, Douglas Murray, Candace Owens, Ami Horowitz and the old Carol Burnett Show!

And what is best about the so-called New Center, for the moment at least, is the disinterest in promoting ideological partisanship.

In any case, give a listen to "The Social Psychology of Leftist Mass Hysteria."

I have been arguing since shortly after the last presidential election that the US has been going through what sociologists technically refer to as a "moral crisis."

"So prepare yourself lads because we are about to go balls deep."

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I take a look into the riots, protests and the media narratives associated with them that have occurred over the past few months, against Trump and the right...

"...what does it mean when, in the name of inclusivity and diversity, western-feminists embrace a symbol like the hijab which Iranian women are ridding themselves of as an act of defiance against an oppressive and patriarchal system?

How is it that the western-left - which tells the world that it stands for social justice and universal human rights - embraces a symbol that represents the opposite of those ideals?"

Michael Lumish An American Hijabi as given to us by Madison Avenue (2017) The sexy hijabi is new to American popular culture. Due ...

"What I would suggest to our neighbors of European and Arab descent - who are sitting with their bowls of popcorn watching the drama play itself out - is that despite two-thousand years of getting our asses kicked even the Jewish people have limited patience."

Michael Lumish Rabbi Shevach in a recent photo with his family. On Tuesday, January 9, Rabbi Raziel Shevach (35) was shot dead nea...

It's bad enough that the EU countries, along with the Arabs, refuse to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel - which it has been for over 3,000 years - but to see American Jews complaining because it might stir up Palestinian-Arabs is pathetic.

Forest Rain Marcia is on it.

My relatives are not the only Jews I have seen commenting about how horrible Trump is and pining for the dignity and eloquence of the politicians who came before him.

"While the Bible and the Koran are filled with violence, Biblical violence tends to be descriptive, while Koranic violence tends toward the prescriptive.

The significance of this distinction is key to the nature of the different sources."

Michael Lumish {Also published at Elder of Ziyon and Jews Down Under. } As the West gradually awakens to the rise of political Is...

“I am from Iran and every day many women are arrested because of they didn’t cover their hair properly. If a woman doesn’t wear scarf at all she will be lashed.” - Tweeter @MarmarMoshfeghi

It is one of the great conundrums of Western feminism: why are we so excited to stand up for Muslim women, except when they live in the Middle East?

"It’s asinine to insist that because Iran is half a world away we should not care nor comment. If anything, it’s an insight into one of the foundations of liberal thought that’s hardly discussed because it’s so contradictory to America’s staunch stand for freedom: Most liberals believe that government knows best and freedom should have limits. Iranians disagree and we should applaud, encourage, and support their quest for freedom."

Actually, it is false that most "liberals be...lieve that government knows best..."

That is a regressive-left position, not a liberal position.

Nonetheless, our friend Nicole Russell is right on the money.

The western-left is full to overflowing with cowards and hypocrites.

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Hardly any self-proclaimed feminists have cheered on the Iranian women who are so boldly speaking out against a dictatorship that would rath...

Iranian Women Stand Up

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, people walking and outdoor

"The enemies of the Jewish people, throughout the Middle East and Europe, therefore fabricated the propagandistic illusion that the Jews are interlopers on historically Jewish land while the Arab colonists are the persecuted indigenous population.

Heritage theft is part of this process."

Michael Lumish {Also published at the Elder of Ziyon , Jews Down Under and Vlaamse Vrienden van Israël .} "We say to him [Netanyahu],...