The United States has been pummeled by gun violence since the assault weapons ban expired in 2004. That year, the first mass shooting — four adults dead in Columbus, Ohio — didn’t occur until December. Already in 2016, 58 lives have been claimed by such massacres. One class of gun, the AR-15-style,…

This is not okay.

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to encourage all of you to get your permit," Jerry Falwell Jr. said.|By Sarah Pulliam Bailey

The people of faith who say #itisenough are praying - and acting - to stop the horrific epidemic of gun violence in the United States. Prayer and action are not mutually exclusive. Join us. Write letters to your representatives. Give to the Brady Campaign or Moms Demand Action. And yes, pray, because people are in desperate need of comfort and hope. #enough #sanbernardino

Following the murder of at least 14 people in California, the reaction against calls for prayer has been sharp.

Hello #ItIsEnough friends: Since the year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting last December, we haven't been organizing formal campaigns in favor of gun law reform. But we're maintaining this page as a place for like-minded folk to post links and get support from one another. We also hope that at some point we'll be inspired to draw on this network to support some other formal initiatives around these issues. Please feel free to continue posting articles and information that the group will find helpful and of interest. This is a blog post published today by #ItIsEnough co founder Ellen Painter Dollar.…/its-still-a-no-brainer-for-christ…/

When it comes to many controversial sociopolitical issues facing Christians (and everyone else) today, I usually take, or at least acknowledge, a middle road. For example, on the use of genetic and reproductive technologies, such as IVF, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, and prenatal screening, I w…
This really puts America's gun violence epidemic in perspective.
My wife and I got into an argument last night over a dead man. His name was Joseph Robert Wilcox. He was 31 on Sunday, the day he tried to stop cop-killer Jerad Miller in a Las Vegas Walmart and was shot by Miller's wife Amanda. Wilcox was a good guy with a gun. It cost him his life.
Our culture which has for generations been so radically pro-gun that it has opposed any sort of reasonable, middle ground approach on the issue, is now experiencing what Jesus meant when he said: "...

"God damn guns is what I want to say, and I mean this in the truest sense of the phrase. I would rejoice to witness every single firearm to ever emerge from a weapons assembly line thrown into an everlasting Lake of Fire. Truly, I cannot imagine that there is a place for guns in the new Creation. If there is no more mourning nor crying nor pain, that must mean there are no more triggers."

1. Jerome was a Counselor-in-Training after years of coming to camp as a camper. He was fifteen and always smiling, bright white teeth standing out against h
Help turn tragedies like Sandy Hook into transformation by making the Promise to do everything you can to make your community and our country safer from similar acts of violence.
There was a mass shooting last week that went uncovered by the national news. It took place in a barber shop in Detroit, where a group of men gambling in a back room were targeted by a gunman with a high-powered rifle. Three men died, all of them from a single family. As writers on the Huffington Po...

Shootings are simply a matter of course, it seems. The local mayor: "It's one of those things that happens."

The shooter reportedly opened fire early Monday at the middle school outside of Reno.

"We don't need video games to desensitize us to violence; real life is desensitizing us just fine on its own.

We're not just getting used to it, though. More than that, we've actually resigned ourselves to living like this — with some sort of violent attack every few months, accompanied by a few days of frenzied reporting that climax in the glorified profiling of our latest celebrity killer.

It seems our threshold for conversation or some call for change has shifted. As long as it's not terrorism, as long as it's not schoolchildren, well, it's sad, but it happens. What can you do?"

On the morning of Monday, Sept. 20, 2013, a man entered the Washington Navy Yard, assembled a shotgun in the bathroom, stepped out onto the fourth floor of the building and killed 12 people. The media dutifully followed protocol—they raced to report the news as it came in (with several ...

Another take on the passage from which we got the name for #ItIsEnough, when Jesus is instructing his disciples on what to bring when they preach the gospel, and after they mention having two swords, Jesus says, "That is enough!" Food for thought from blogging pal Tim Fall.…/jesus-never-taught-self-def…/

A few years ago, my wife and daughter took a self-defense class taught by the local police department. If anyone ever tries to hurt them I hope they can get away from the attacker. Same goes for my...
Sign the world’s first voice petition! Join the millions who want to end gun violence using only your voice! #myvoicematters

It's the 14th of the month again. Will you mention your support of common sense gun legislation on your social media platforms today? Here are co-founder Ellen Painter Dollar's thoughts on why she supports gun law reform. (It has less to do with facts and statistics and more to do with Jesus.)…/does-inciting-a-wave-of-fear-soun…/

A moving reflection by Bromleigh McCleneghan - a must read.

As I read the headline yesterday, my heart began to pound and my throat closed up: âSchool Clerk In Georgia Persuaded Gunman To Lay Down Weapons.â This was a good storyâultimately a hopeful oneâbut all I could see was âschoolâ and âgunman."

Why would teenagers have access to guns? One of many questions in this devastating, random, heartless crime.

OKLAHOMA CITY — An Australian man attending an Oklahoma college on a baseball scholarship was shot and killed in what police described Monday as a random act of violence by three “bored” teenagers who decided to kill someone for the fun of it.