And of course a video or it didn’t happen 😁 love this scape so much. Great contrast between bold manzi wood and the fissidens. #videooritdidnthappen #liveisbetter #moss ► Zoo-Flottmann
Love 💚 the intense red colors produced by the #SolarRGB not only the plants but also the fish 🐠 are looking more vivid! #redplants #solarrgb #fullada #60pSolarRGB ► more @juri_js
Here is a closeup video, showing not only the super active L catfish but also the galaxy rasbora. They are known to be shy, but are definitely not in this layout. What about your galaxy rasbora? Shy or not? ► Zoo-Flottmann #loricariidae #pleco #plecostomus #plecos #galaxyrasbora

Bucephalandra sp “Red”
Is currently one of my favorite easy plants 🌱

Did you know the information to produce flowers is made by the plant while still emersed, but it takes actually time to produce flowers, so they start flowering in the aquarium. If your bucephalandra isn’t flowering, it’s because the information to produce flowers wasn’t created before.

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Image may contain: plant, nature and outdoor
Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature

Also I got this stem plant flowering! Nothing too special, looks kinda boring, but it’s flowers. One never complains about flowers, right?

Full ADA 60p
Tropica Aquarium Plants
Livestock from Aquarium-Dietzenbach

Image may contain: plant
Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature
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Ghassan Bader
· December 29, 2017
Dear Mr Jurijs - really you have very nice and useful page - and I like your designs of your different Aquariums - Best regards
Clinton Lundberg
· December 3, 2017
What an inspiration you make me want to be a better scraper
Diego Bertot
· November 2, 2017
Lots of ideas in aquascaping...I love it
Peter Hilt
· December 11, 2017
Sehr kreativer, kompetenter Aquascaper. Und persönlich sehr sympathisch und oft auch sehr hilfreich.
Timo Kraus
· October 10, 2017
So mein Projekt hat er voll und ganz zu meiner Zufriedenheit gemacht. Er hat mich in allen Dingen sehr gut beraten und aufgeklärt. Weiter so echt mega Spitze. Danke noch mal für deine Mühe es wirklich... perfekt zu gestallten. See More
Daniela Kraus
· October 10, 2017
Das Becken von meinem Mann ist mega geil eingerichtet dank dir ....
Mega Top
Jo Pfor
· June 14, 2013
Top Aquascaper, immer schöne Bilder. Danke dafür.
Kay Schindler
· October 31, 2013
Vielen Dank für den tollen Service und das einzigartige Naturaquarium in meinem Wohnzimmer :)
Thadäus Borowitza
March 23, 2013
Wir freuen uns schon drauf von dir in der Gruppe zu lesen...
Mit Freundlichen Flossenschlag ... Die OFAGD !

It happened again... #overgrown well you guess what’s coming next, big #trimming .. isn’t there a similarity recently that all my tanks are overgrown.. haha 🤣
Kinda cool fact now, is that I have plenty of this rare stem plant as it has branched out like crazy above water and if you look closely you can see Rotala hra creeping over the ground, this stem plant is just crazy or the #SolarRGB light must be super intense..

Full ADA 60p #60pSolarRGB
Tropica Aquarium Plants...
Livestock from Aquarium-Dietzenbach

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Image may contain: plant, tree and outdoor

Sometimes people are confused when I say “I go weekly to the dentist” until they realize I do maintenance on the aquarium

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The view of the Doc while working

No automatic alt text available.

Dentist scape has been running unchanged for already 4years? Time to rescape

No automatic alt text available.

This is sort of full from view from a chair in front of it. What suits the situation best? Comment with emojis below! 🛋🧐🥃🚬

No automatic alt text available.

Still looks sort of overgrown, yes. Something came in between and I couldn't do the maintenance as scheduled. No trim back since last update and this time I only had very little time to maintain it. More next week..

Image may contain: plant

Video proof, the #corkscape is definitely overgrown! However, the wild look has something special.. would you leave it as it is or trim back really hard?

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Posted by Jurijs mit JS

Enough of the reflections, changing viewing angle, the actual layout comes more in focus and looks under this light almost as a tinted black water biotope. Should I maybe add some botanicals from Tannin Aquatics into this layout?

Image may contain: plant and indoor

Thanks to @frank.schuermans this aquarium has become the central piece in my apartment. Whether it’s the view from the kitchen island, dining table, sofa or my work desk. From all directions the layout is in the spot. Well actually from the sofa 🛋 I don’t watch very often and maybe it’s the reason I still have the dark filter pipes, have to replace them for clear ones. Do you find the dark ones disturbing?

Image may contain: indoor

Shortly after the “golden hour” of the sunrise 🌅 effect the intensity drops down and as the real sun shines in, the mood is changing again and becomes more dreamy. Who would like to enjoy sunrise all day long?

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Good morning ☀️ ☕️ mood with the sunrise theme on the #120x50x40

Image may contain: indoor

And so you take a closer look 👀 and discover a second layout mirroring in the first one. (To be continued)

Image may contain: plant

After the morning cup of coffee ☕️ you slowly realize there is more to see..

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