Incredibly, this is going to become more commonplace. What would you do if you were the cops?

The woman was one of two people arrested during a Stephon Clark protest in front of the district attorney’s office on Thursday.


In a move that added tinder to already explosive conditions, South Carolina bused gang members from another state prison to Lee Correctional Institution, concentrating violent offenders in one place and

'Cocaine Babe' addicted to Instragram.

A convicted cocaine importer known for her Instagram photos at breathtaking travel destinations has been sentenced to eight years in prison for helping smuggle $21 million worth of the drug.

Everybody's getting into the crime news bz.

An Australian murder was solved using Apple Watch data, a scuffle broke out in an Apple Store over headphones, and an unfounded accusation of iPhone theft made against an Apple Store employee during a flight feature in this roundup of Apple-related crime reports.
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Humankind Stories
She was due any day and sleeping on the sidewalk
Humankind posted an episode of Humankind Stories.

She was homeless, pregnant and sleeping on the sidewalk. This officer couldn’t just pass her by.

The new Rachael Ray.

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Marinating fish with engine oil 😱😱

It must have been a really good cheeseburger.

A Fresno man identified by police as the suspect who crashed through two gates at the Fresno IRS processing center during a road rage incident Friday was taken into custody by police late Friday in central Fresno by a Special Response Team.
NEW YORK (AP) — Portraying a heroic sex crimes detective on television has provided Mariska Hargitay with a platform to help sexual assault victims in real life. Har

A good Samaritan who tried to intervene also was attacked, Miami Beach police said.

Four men surrendered to Miami Beach police on Tuesday in the case of a gay couple brutally attacked after the city’s gay pride parade on Sunday, April 8. They could be charged with a hate crime.

Corner office...

STAMFORD-A city man was charged with selling heroin out of a bus shelter on Atlantic Street next to the old Stamford Town Hall building, police said. Capt. Richard Conkin said Narcotics and Organized Crime squad officers heard someone was selling heroin out in and around the bus shelter at 175 Atlan...

Nothing says innocent like a good, stiff wind when it blows coke and weed into your purse... or is she really guilty?

Authorities say a Florida woman is blaming a windy day for the cocaine that police found in her purse.

Does it get more spine-chilling then this? Mouhib’s husband, his mother and the victim’s 10-year-old brother were all home during the killing.

SWEDEN, N.Y. – An upstate New York mother has been charged with murder after she allegedly used a kitchen knife to decapitate her young son Thursday night. After receiving multiple panicked 911 calls, deputies rushed to the Sweden home of Hanane Mouhib, where they found the 36-year-old still holdi...

In some cases, police and prosecutors don’t have much more to go on than those IDs. When Oh, the Philadelphia city councilman, picked out Yarbray from a stack of more than 300 police photos, investigators had no additional witnesses.

New Jersey is a national model for how it handles eyewitness identifications, decreasing the risk of wrongful conviction. But the methods have been slow to catch on, and Pennsylvania lags.

Social services in Washington State recently opened an investigation into the family because a neighbor said the children were being denied food, and there was possibly some abuse going on in the home.

From the outside, they seemed like a happy family. The Hart Tribe, as they were known, comprised of two married women and six adopted children in Washington State. But something sinister might have been lurking under the surface. Last week, authorities found nearly every member of the family dead af...

Can you spot it?

Give you a hint, watch the black male..
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The Happiness Heroes

This brave grandma saved a police officer's life.