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Blackfoot Circle
· November 6, 2017
Beautiful base! We love Virginia Beach. Our home is for sale and located within 15 minutes of this base. Check out our FB Page: 4904 Blackfoot Circle if you’re interested in something close to this great base!
Sandy Sayson-Fraser
· January 20, 2017
On travel from Florida, just passing thru a couple of days on my way north. Saw a local doctor, who wrote me a couple of prescriptions. Used to be stationed here, so dropped by Boone Clinic to them filled. The lady who filled them for me was pleasant and helpful, answering my questions about transferability of the RX's refills to my home base in Florida satisfactorily. The base policeman I approached for directions was also very pleasant and helpful. Little Creek is still the Little Creek I remembered, despite the many local changes in infrastructure and road and bridge-building. Thanks for a great clinic experience! See More
Nadjia Wilson
· January 18, 2018
I'm about to vent and idc who cares:
I've been a navy wife for 6 yrs and before that I still played the wife roll for 4 years. To be a victim of domestic abuse and the navy, particularly ACU-4, to be uncooperative as they are is not only heart breaking but disgusting!!!!! I've lived 2 doors down from my abuser for 2 months after I left his sorry ass and he still hasn't given his JR a dime !!!! After that we lived in a freakn car for a month, broken finger and all of course by him and yes he was convicted for it and he nor the command at JEB Little Creek has offered a single nicety, as if this is what we deserve. Y'all go in my pictures, look at all the potlucks I've been involved in, how many hundreds of dinners I've cooked and taken to his job no matter how late or how cold with my baby at my side, these men have even spoken up for me when Jermaine Wilson has been ungrateful, yet they aren't cooperating with enforcing what the civil courts deem? He still sits up in that big ole house that I picked out with all those rooms would his Xbox and food while my son can't even see the doctor cuz he won't aide in renewing my military i.d. HIS son who has pneumonia and currently has a cough that won't go away and although I have two insurance, I'm stuck under tricare and can't pay copayments they give. He refuses to keep my vehicle registered in which he illegally obtained the title for so the judge commands he keep all insurances and taxes and registrations up to date since I'm stick paying my loan on it. We're homeless and struggling his child is sick and in the wind and he cares ZERO. This is the kind of man that the navy wants to show leniency to? Some worthless good for nothing bum that hates to work and always does the bare minimum? He's a deadbeat that needed ME to set an alarm daily just for him to call his first son everyday or else he just wouldn't!!!!! A deadbeat who doesn't even brush his teeth everyday and still has shit stains in his draws!!!!! He's never moved with the military because his ambitions lie only in our bed. Every promotion he got is from my prayers and me begging him to pick up a book and put down the game!!! He was able to look like hot shit cuz of the strong ass woman he had as a wife!!!! Yea i did some things im not perfect, but I've never faltered in my roles, and for him to be slipping and sliding through all of his is absurd!!!!! Now that I'm not his right hand anymore, it's no longer my job to MAKE him be a dad. He knows how sick our son gets during winter, and this shit stain is living it up griping and fighting against child support?! And mad because i CHOSE to leave and not put up with his sorry ass anymore?! He even told the judge that giving me money for Jr is enabling what he feels is wrong and that Jr is only going thru this because of MY choices. Smmfh!!!! I'm pissed because as a mother it's ALWAYS my job to take care of MY CHILD but when I'm limited by some jerk with abandonment/mommy issues, grrrr i just wanna set it tf off!!!!! This dude think his tantrums and stubbornness is only revenge on me but dummy it's your son who is sick and also has no dad that gives a shit about his well being. His dad feels like i should suffer for leaving him, what an enormous idiot!!!! This is open to the public because i KNOW him and all his blind followers he calls friends will see it and i WANT all of them to see what a disgrace of a father and man he is. AND i want ppl of his command to see and hear what they are protecting thinking they're protecting an employee of the brand/government. Y'all are just festering a sore that is just using y'all for an easy ride! See More
Heather Long
· June 25, 2016
I'm making it safe to Virginia Beach I decided before checking in on the Little Creek Navy post I would go down fort story which used to be owned by the Army it was so beautiful people would go and reservations a year ahead of time to go down and they have their own private beach and they had bungalows, cotrages, and cabins there. As we all know times change. And maybe he ended up taking the report story needless to say we're making reservations they don't go into talking about how the beach area in everything is now. I drove 15 minutes down from Little Creek navy base then I'm staying on to Fort Story excited that I was going to go ahead and come back to the place that I have such fond memories there...... why did I do that the place is so horrible what they call a beach is nothing even the same as horrible the place that used to serve the drinks is all boarded up all the different wood trails that they had built out to the beach are all covered by Ivy and trees and where they used have entertainment and food all boarded up and being taken over by the trees I have to say this is one time that I started dropping tears. The worst part is they don't tell anybody when you're making reservations even when you're on my mind telling them that you're excited about going over to Fort Story...

Today has been quite the adventure but on Little Creek navy base we do have a little private beach front so that is where I'm relaxing now
See More
Ricky Drew R
· April 9, 2016
This is my 2nd time using the autoport on JEB and it will be the last. I tried to give them another chance but they have failed to meet other autoport expectations. From the moment I entered at 0945 t...he greeting was horrible and then I was told my oil change and tire rotation they would need my truck for 3 hours here it is going on 1600, you do the math. My truck was not touched until 1430, so not only did it take 6 hours to leave they didn't get to my truck until almost 4 hours after I dropped it off. I would not recommend going unless you don't need your truck for a day. See More
Sara Reed
· October 14, 2015
I love this base for all services and was very disappointed at the treatment we received at the travel claims desk at the PSD building. We went to the desk for information as first time pcs travelers.... We spoke to 2 different women who were extremely rude and short with my husband and I even after telling them that we were new to this and not sure what all services we should have been asking for. I feel that if you are working in an office that if providing assistance you should be happy to answer all questions and be my forth coming with the options and not just keep asking "what assistance are you looking for" when we clearly were not sure and looking to you for answers. A man named Jesse was very helpful and took the time to answer our questions and even give names of the people we should be talking to. Thank you Jesse for not being like the other 2 women who may not realize their job is helping service members and their families with travel assistance and that may come with questions. See More
Edwin Rivera
· April 27, 2017
It is ok. Kind of ghetto tho. So, you go to the base and people srill think they are back in the block or same attitude. Hands in pockets, cocked pc and others.. oh and they often use their rank t...o intimidate you.. too bad it does not work on retired army folks. I think that if thwy improve their military bearing by 30%, it would be a way better experience. See More
Nicole Jahblessedstar Jackson
· January 28, 2014
Great smaller base with an awesome variety of MWR options. NOSC Norfolk by gate 1 and marina are on this installation. Drilling Reserve friendly base!...according to my customers. CPO club operates un...der MWR but, at least there is one. Gate traffic is easier to deal with. Boone Clinic on base has an amazing staff. Chapel,NMCRS, and Fleet Family Support Center are all available on this base. USO is also available to support. Welcome Aboard! See More
Jeff Wilburn
· January 3, 2018
Need more information posted in a timely manner!......

Paul Spencer
· June 5, 2017
Camped next door at First Landing State Park and we really enjoyed the morning reveille with the follow up national anthem. We never made it back in time for taps. I guess we were AWOL.
Naomi Breshears
· July 27, 2017
I had a wonderful � there went there for the naked warrior's dedications stayed at navy lodge found it very good. Base has everything you need. Private beach, small village.
Pete Zaleski
· January 18, 2016
So far Drexler Hall Navy Getaways Inn and Suites has been outstanding. Great staff and superior accommodations. Highly recommend. One of the best I've seen.
Katrina Turner
· July 19, 2017
served there at the school of music, as Commanding officer for the naval sea cadet corps for 2 years after leaving Great Lakes Naval Training Center
Wayne Woolshleger
· April 11, 2017
Nice Base in a great location. The Navy Lodge is a nice place to stay, and the new Exchange is excellent. The hotel service and staff were all great. We plan to visit the Base beach today.
Billy Joe
· March 31, 2017
Retired CPO traveling North to Massachusetts from Florida. The Navy Lodge on base is secure, very comfortable place to get off the interstates , unwind and rest up for A few days stay before continuin...g driving North. See More
Angela Scott Huetson
· April 4, 2017
Staying at the Navy Gateway and it's 78 degrees in my room with 2 fans blowing. Cheapo's wont turn the AC on.
Justin Anderson
· June 21, 2014
Great little base. They should open there trails to military personnel who want to take there trucks and SUVs trail riding. I've been in the trails and there are miles of them and they are very fun.
Wendall Edgeman
· July 3, 2017
Awesome place had a great time visiting the kids ...
Precious Frazier
· July 5, 2017
I enjoyed my stay there, very beautiful. Loved all the attractions that was on base
Abby Sanchez
· July 12, 2016
Love the Base! But they need to remove those traffic spikes from gate 1. My tire was popped and my undercarriage is constantly being damaged by them.

The Fleet and Family Support Center at JEB Little Creek-Fort Story will be hosting a Job Network Employer Panel on 25 APR 2018 from 12-1300. This month features employers from Corporate Gray, Ford Motor Company, Sentara, and Advanced Technology Institute. If you would like to be a part of this unique networking opportunity call FFSC to register 757-462-7563.

Wed 12:00 PM EDT
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