remembering our time in France when we tried to prepare Jellyweek in a Retreat ... well Retreats can be great .. see

30-day coworking experiences that take your work, life and adventures beyond traditional borders. Embrace the unknown. #BeUnsettled. Join the adventure at ht...

good advice

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Bertrand Arthur William Russell (18 May 1872 – 2 February 1970) was a British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, writer, social critic, political ...activist, he was a prominent anti-war activist and a Nobel laureate.

Advice from Bertrand Russell when he was interviewed in 1959 by John Freeman for BBC's Face to Face.

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Kyo Paxi Satani

Had really nice talk with the JELLYWEEK founder Anni Roolf. JEELYWEEK will develop into something special with wonderful networks and the people in the future. I will do MY Jellyweek with my coworkers to connect with Asian Coworking Spaces and to respect the JELLYWEEK.

For Coworking Enthusiasts in Italy and Beyond: Espresso Coworking, seconda nonConferenza nazionale di coworing e lavoro. 6/7/8 dicembre Roma.

Espresso coworking – Non conferenza su Coworking e lavoro - 2° edizione 6/7/8 dicembre 2013 - ROMA Si terrà a Roma nel week end dell’8 dicembre la seconda edizione della nonConferenza su Coworking e lavoro. Format collaudato l’anno scorso ad Alessandria da lab121, Espresso Coworking riprenderà e…

And the root of Jellyweek as well ...

Working as Partying: Let's start Coworking

The Root of Coworking - Jelly

The places where coworking takes place is categorically called “coworking space”. These type of places has been around for quite a... long time. According to “I’m Outta Here!” , a book published in 2009 which introduces the concept of coworking by a co-founder Tony Bacigalupo and others of a New York located coworking space New Work City, there was a coworking places such as La Ruche, an artist residence in the early 1900s in Paris, France, and Writers’ Room in New York City which was founded in 1978 as a workplace for writers. I am sure that other than these examples there has been numerous workplaces shared by people all over the world over the course of recorded human history.

The event directly relating to the birth of coworking space took place in New York, USA in 2006.

Two entrepreneurs, Amit Gupta and Luke Crawford, both loves working away from office at home, started to notice that they miss sharing the information with colleagues and sense of belongings which come naturally to the office working environment. Then they called their friends, “Come to my place, and we all work together (on different assignments) !”.

As soon as this experiment started, people realized the values. You simply asked a coworker with a unique point of view, you could get an advice which picks you out of the box. You got inspired by talking to a coworker you never met. It was easy to solve all these problems you have been cuddling by yourself thanks to the coworkers around you. Holding the similar gatherings with the same goals attracted the coworkers looking at the same direction and resulted in a new business development.

This kind of gathering was labeled as Jelly. It comes from jelly beans, as the different colours (professions) getting together makes a wonderful product (space).

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#HAIYAN CRISIS CAMPS: Let's support this great initiative next saturday all around the world. Let's show the power of network and create help for real suffering.…/active-philippines-response-dig…/

Crowdfunding Campaign to support

The Coworking Handbook is a practical guide to open, grow and manage a successful coworking space.

Have you read the book of Kyo Satani, founder of PAX Coworking in Tokyo?

COWORKING WORLD: Already participated?

The fourth of its kind, this survey will provide invaluable insight into the movement that continues to grow at an exceptional rate. It will shed light on the development and evolution of various topics within the industry, drawing comparisons from last year’s data

GENERAL BLOG UPDATE: Enjoy browsing through 3 Jellyweeks!

For a good finish the blog is generally updated now! Finally three Jellyweeks are documented here. What you’ll find on the blog? You can read, what Jellyweek was all About and who supported the...