Slowly but surely I am making the transition to vlogging. Check out a very impromptu Facebook live session detailing some straight-up gems from my last therapy session.
Anyone not wishing to know me most intimately, you have been warned. I came here to introduce myself and tell you my name. If you do not wish to know my truest form then from before to here you have been warned.
🍰 #TreatYoSelf
I'm on your fav's vision board💘
🌈I've missed you, too Atlanta.
As part of every job in education I have ever held, there is a requirement of staff, faculty, and selected student leaders to go through some sort of sexual harassment, sexual assault and Title IX training. So the alert that my mandatory attendance at the training for my new institution came a
I am terrified to write this piece. When I write my blogs, they come from a place of trance. Unless otherwise stated, my blogs are unedited streams of consciousness as my capital S self works around my ego in an attempt to awaken me to something. Never has that been more true than in this mome

Questions about how to book me lead me to make it easier for those looking to have me talk/write/facilitate

Dr. Jessica Jamese Williams is available for keynote speaking, workshop facilitation, diversity and intersectional identity trainings and expository writing and dialogue on the following topics:
I'm gonna write you something, okay? Its kinda public but also just between us. No one ever could read between the lines like we could.
No one prepares you for the post-PhD PTSD. I'd said it with a hint of laughter behind my voice, but remembering the months of pervasive and palpable sadness that followed the completion of my doctoral degree, it really wasn't funny at all.
It's nearly 5am, my favorite hour. Clause, my favorite hour provided it's not the last hour before I have to be productive. I am a morning thinker, I am not a morning doer.  Mama is a Capricorn and daddy is a Virgo. makes sense the two of them made another earth sign. Agreeing on me energet
When I was struggling to find my way through to my dissertation research I went and sat on Zachary's front porch. He allowed my to face the ocean, sitting on my left and despite both the presence of my mentor and my favorite place in the world, I had to close my eyes to see. I explained that
I will admit, the title Black Privilege, may be off putting to some. In Charlemagne The God's (CtheGod)  attempt to be provocative he might miss out on some audience members who judge a book by the title. Something tells me that he wouldn't give a fuck, but here's 3 reasons why you should get
I consider myself to be a pretty strong person. Despite my public struggles with mental health, I see my sharing not as a display of my "weakness" but as a testament to my unconditional self love. Still it can be easy to be a champion for yourself within the confines of a sacred litt

How much would you pay for a little bit of peace of mind?

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with commitment. It is inexplicably difficult for me to commit to someone and something and downright impossible unless my whole heart is in it. I used to think that it was because of my trust issues. I lived, basically, always waiting for the
I watched Roxane Gay talk to Trevor Noah about her memoir as told through the voice of her fat body. Was this some sort of a cruel joke? That was my first thought, chewing nervously at the inside of my cheeks in utter disbelief at the gall of the universe. Did I not just submit a book propos