Nice view from the GoPro at Wilstem Ranch this past weekend.
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Monthly Jeep Meeting

Tue 6:30 PM ESTScotty's Brewhouse 96th St.Indianapolis, IN


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Posted by NFS Auto
NFS Auto is feeling silly with

This video clip is awesome, I cannot imagine what my wife will do if did something stupid as this 😂😂😂😂 aka backyard mechanic 😜


Merry Christmas to all!!!

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Driving Line

"The Off Roader's Christmas Story"
'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the world
Every child lay asleep, every boy, every girl.
Their dreams fille...d with wonder, of presents and joy
Preparing to open every stocking and toy.
But almost was ruined, this Christmas season
And our story will tell us exactly the reason.
Old St. Nick, he was halfway through his night,
When something terrible happened in middle of flight.
Flying over the desert, it was moonless and dark
Even Rudolph's nose was barely a spark
Then all of the sudden, the sleigh crashed to a halt,
Santa had jumped up and out to look for the fault.
He landed on a mountain, laid with boulders and rocks,
The sleigh stuck beneath him, left him in shock.
The reindeer pulled and tried as they might,
It seemed Santa was stuck here for the rest of the night.
Not a soul was around in any direction,
Not even one bar of cell phone reception.
As the night grew colder, Santa feared for the worst
No gifts were delivered and the tears came in bursts.
But just as he'd started to give up all hope,
Far off in the distance, a light over the slope.
As it drew nearer he could see there was more
All in a line, there was three, no, there was four.
His spirits were high, as his help had arrived,
But who could be out here in the middle of the night?
Four monstrous rigs, battled their way up the steep,
Yota, Ford, and Samurai, and of course a well-built Jeep.
As they reached Santa's sleigh, he called out Ho, Ho, Ho!
They said, "Santa, up which line were you trying to go!?"
They pulled out the straps, hi-lifts and winch cables,
Trying just to keep Santa's sleigh stable
They unhooked the reindeer and shackled to their rigs
Yelled, "Hold on Santa! This may hurt a bit!"
And on the count of three, they began to tow,
Every rig locked at redline, in double 4-low.
The sleigh came unhooked, but here they couldn't stop,
They pulled old St. Nick all the way to the top!
As they walked up the reindeer to hook back to the sleigh,
Santa walked over and didn't know what to say.
"Thank you kind strangers, but how'd you know I was here?"
"We're just out on a trail, like we do every year".
Santa knew they saved Christmas for all the girls and the boys,
He could continue his journey to deliver their toys.
Before he took off, the strangers had one more word,
Perhaps the wisest that Santa had ever heard.
"We know what it's like to see a trail and just wonder,
But maybe next year, stay off Chocolate Thunder!"
They all had a laugh, and they waved their goodbye,
And the sleigh took off into the night sky.
With more trails ahead, and memories to make,
Laughs to share, and more parts to break,
The crawlers headed back down through the valley,
On to "Back Door" for their night run finale.
But on that Christmas morning, under their trees,
Laid their kids toys, but there was more than just these.
Jeep parts, truck parts, everything on their list!
and each found a card hand written by St. Nick.
"You helped save Christmas for all the girls and the boys,
So here's some parts to keep you busy with your toys!"
Without our off roaders, Christmas wouldn't be right,
So keep your eye out on the trails each Christmas night!

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We are going to Badland tomorrow Oct 14th. If anyone would like to join please let me know.



Yep. Stuck

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Posted by Jeep People

In case anyone is looking.

(SOLD)Ford axles
$100 Now $75
Hobart, IN

2 sets (front and rear) ford axles off a 74 f250. And 1 set off a 99 f250. Asking $75 a set obo or $200 for all 3 i need them out of my yard by sunday or they are going to the scrap yard on monday. My cell is 2197427310. Textis the best way to contact me.

Reminder of JPFrog Meet and Eat at Scotty's on 96th tomorrow night at 6:30

All are welcome

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All welcome to go out and light it up. Thanks for the invite Meryle Anne Lowe

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Aug 1 this Tuesday at Scottys in 96th.

Meet and Eat

6:30 pm


All welcome for food, drinks, Offroad enthusiast chatter

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I love my new Jeep so much !

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Posted by Buster Albright
Buster Albright

Here's the video of the dip shit from a couple weeks ago.. lol🍻😂

Thank you to the members who participated in HOEX as well as to each person from outside groups who donated their time. Good two days of mild wheeling.

Damage tally.

One headlight (mine) decided to pop out as I rolled over it


Newb Emery. Twisted drive shaft off having a little too much fun in the log hill.

Tracy (I think) rolling a new orange jK on untested 37's. Lost both rear plastic fenders and inner mud flaps (flesh wounds)

Yellow Jeep #5. Minor strap pull in the mud swamp. Unknown knocking caused an early departure (pretty sure it was mud) but Ryan Sweany did pull it out with Shaun's rig

Our very own Shaun Sellers managed to loose a chromoly passenger shaft and joint. Not exactly sure what happened there but I will say Ryan sweany drove it just before that happened.

Matt Rushton couldn't keep a charge in the Flatty and chased parts all weekend. Good effort. Thanks for the rounds at Triton.

All in all a good solid two days. Ryan has the tally but I feel like it was 600-700 rides

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All members and newbies welcome... Friends and family. Kid friendly meeting to talk shop and off road activity. We will be talking about the upcoming Hoosier Outdoor Experience June 10 - 11 at Fort Ben. Hope to see you there

Tue 6:30 PM EDTScotty's Brewhouse 96 StreetIndianapolis, IN
1 person went
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Bullington JA to Fat Boys Jeepers

JPFrog and IFWDA will be sponsoring Jeep and 4x4 rides at the Ford Hoosier Outdoor Experience this year.
Details on event here:

We need volunteer drivers and help with other activities like sign up and loading/unloading. This is for commiting to help on the second day, first shift.

Sun 9:00 AM EDTFort Harrison State ParkIndianapolis, IN
20 people interested