Been so busy preparing requested information for complaints to various agencies I have not had anytime for you but know that I love you We will get your justice by due diligence something no official with authority has done YET that is

Angel King

MY FRIENDS PLEASE.I implore to you to write Judge Mallory Cooper and the current State Attorney Melissa Nelson to request tbe removal of Dr Valerie Rao as exper...t witness in this case.

I would hate that all these cases Dr Valerie Rao testifies for/against any prosecution that would have adverse effects on those cases when the truth is revealed on even just one case such as my daughter Natasha Boykin's case. FACT this is just one of the very reasons they will not do anything about my daughters case by LACK OF AUTOPSY.

We have proven Dr Valerie Rao had not conducted an autopsy on my daughter but this sad case of Cherish's life being taken by this sick F@#% and Dr Rao claiming strangulation. My question is was she even the Medical Examiner who conducted this autopsy herself or is she simply tbe DIRECTOR acting Chief ?

Our Governor has never appointed her as Chief Medical Examiner they now title her as Director. At the time of my daughter Natasha King murder that Dr Rao instantly ruled Suicide without tests performed to support any of her OPINION.

Dr Rao's superior Chief Medical Examiner Dr Margarita Arruza had dementia at the time of Natasha's murder as admitted by Dr Rao that she had knowledge of her superiors condition.

Dr Valerie Rao did NOT EVEN PERFORM AUTOPSY & even admitted it to my investigators only later to retrack her words when she discovered we were conducting an independent investigation.

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A man accused of kidnapping, raping and strangling an 8-year-old Jacksonville girl in 2013 doesn't want autopsy photos of Cherish Perrywinkle shown to the jury in his case.