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Casey Perez
· December 19, 2017
I recently went to see the Xmas lights at the zoo as part of a work party. I had brought my friend who has a seizure disorder with me. Unfortunately the zoo train sounds set off a small seizure for my... friend but the zoo staff was really amazing when taking care of us. I brought her to a kiosk and asked if they wouldn't mind her sitting inside for a minute to get away from all of the stimulus and they gladly obliged and brought her a bottle of water. The security guard came and just talked to us about the incident and was super friendly and helpful. He told us stories about his time at the zoo and it helped her take her mind off of feeling sick and kept us comfortable in a weird situation. So thank you guys for taking care of us! We appreciated it greatly! See More
Cindy Patton
· February 20, 2018
The Jacksonville Zoo from a child's perspective is wonderful. The animals appear to be well cared for and in adequate space though I am certainly not an expert. I do feel that some issues should be ...addressed. The train is an ideal component of the zoo and should be included in the already high price of a zoo admission. That said, the fact that a safety announcement is made at the beginning and end of the trip is interesting in light of the fact that the speakers on most train cars do not work at all! Until we moved forward, I was unaware of any sightseeing announcements, let alone the safety guidelines. I find it hard to believe that repairing these speakers could be so costly as to not have been done for 'over a year' according to a worker..... I also noticed many light strands throughout the park with multiple bulbs missing. Granted, these strands of lights were not in use but, if they aren't being used, take down the unsightly and potentially dangerous strands.... We spent a delightful day at the zoo and I was pleasantly surprised by a fairly priced lunch option for both adults and kids....tasty and filling without breaking the bank! Kudos for this! And thanks for helping families make great memories at the zoo. See More
Adam Belay
· February 10, 2018
After going to the zoo for years today my family and I had the worst experience. At the ticket booth the young woman had the worst attitude. It was bogo today and she asked if I was military or AAA ...and I said yes and wanted to over charge me for the tickets. The manager said they can’t give us the bogo unless we ask. However, it was all over FB and she could ask me about AAA and Military discounts? The bathrooms are filthy and the carousel had six of the animals broken. Zoo employees need to work on their customer service because after the way things went today I would not recommend them to anyone. Employees all acted less then trilled to be their and the zoo just come off as being run down. See More
Amy Hutcheson
· February 3, 2018
Great place for kids of all ages (my daughter is 2 and we both loved it)! We loved the exhibits and the staff was good also! The only thing that I will do different next time is to see if there is a p...ass that gives access to everything. This was not offered when we purchased our tickets at the entrance, but I’m thinking there has to be something. We ended up having to pay for the train and the Sting Ray exhibit and the marry go round separately. And while not expensive, it was a little annoying. :( See More
Dawn Thompson Cunningham
· February 16, 2018
I went with my daughter and grandkids, I had a blast. The elephants were not out yet, and by the time they did come out we were on the train and about to leave. They are redoing the apes zone so we di...dn’t get to see those either. All the staff were very pleasant, but when we were about done a few schools had shown up and they were just rude as were the chaperone’s. I am pushing a double strand they would walk right in front of you, no say excuse me or anything like that. That being said, I will still go back and take the grandkids back again. See More
Amanda Simpson
· February 20, 2018
Disappointed in the park employees! The train ride was uneventful with no talk about the animals. The restaurant workers were very rude! I went to ask a question and 3 of them looked at me and walked ...right past me not even acknowledging me at the counter. I was planning on changing my admission tickets for annual passes but changed my mind after one bad experience after another! It stinks because my family and I have been annual pass holders for the past couple of years. Customer service here has gone down drastically!! See More
Jackie Hendrix Linton
· 10 hours ago
My sister, my six year old twin nieces and I took our annual trip to the zoo yesterday. We had so much fun!! We enjoyed all of the animals, they all looked calm, happy and well taken care of. We rode ...the train and the kids enjoyed the carousel and the playground. We really loved seeing the Campground Critters show, it was awesome!!! One thing I wish they would repair is the train speakers. We could barely hear the woman running the train. She was talking too fast anyway, but the speaker wasn’t working well so that made it much worse. Other than that, we love the Jacksonville Zoo, and look forward to going back every year!! See More
Kristina Woodall-Mama Kris
· January 25, 2018
I originally was very upset after taking the kids to the zoo because my picture frame broke on the way home (in the back of the car with pillows and clothing) and being treated poorly when we attempte...d to purchase another frame over the phone and pay to have it shipped here. But not only did they apologize for the way we were treated and replace the frame free of charge but they also excluded a few extras for our kids for the inconvenience. The way they handled this situation showed great customer service and guaranteed we will be a repeat customer. See More
Bridgitte Cuzzolini Monger
· December 22, 2017
It’s an okay zoo.... I will still take my little one till he gets tired of it because there really isn’t that many animals so not sure really how interested he will be down the road.
Coming from the ...Columbus Zoo (Ohio) this zoo has nothing on them so I am kinda spoiled and think every zoo should be that good.
I am really disappointed in the zoo lights they stink and not with the extra money you have to spend if you have zoo pass. For the extra money people spend they need to try harder on the lights that for sure. Won’t do that again
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Brooke Casey
· January 28, 2018
We wanted to surprise our five year old with a visit to the zoo.We are huge Disney people but, I wanted a day trip to broaden our horizons.All of the animals are beautiful and look to be very well tak...en care of however, the zoo is SO SMALL!The enclosures were a lot smaller than I am comfortable with and, it really bothered me to see them so cramped.We walked the whole zoo before we even realized it.We thought the train was going to take us to parts of the park that we couldn’t get to by walking.We did have fun though and, food prices were pretty decent.I also liked that there were several viewing points throughout the park for the same enclosure because it made it easier for my 5 year old
to get a good look at the animals.I wasn’t a fan of the gift shops either..I was just expecting more.We had fun but, we probably won’t make it a must on our next trip to Florida.
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We want to introduce you to someone we think is un-BEAR-ably cute...Billy the bear! This little guy is only 8 months old, and as you can see, very energetic! He was found as an orphan in south Florida. Well-meaning, but misguided, individuals tried to care for him and now he is irrevocably imprinted on humans. He can’t be released into the wild, so now he will be an advocate for his species and Living Well with Wildlife in our Wild Florida section. Billy and Betsy will begin a series of introductions and will hopefully be sharing the exhibit within a week. Until then, Billy and Betsy will be taking turns on exhibit as he familiar in his new settings. We can’t wait to see your pictures and videos of him! He seems to love engaging with kids 🐻