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Becky Ebenkamp
· October 16, 2017
I agree with Jeni! The Discovery Channel or Nat Geo should fund the Connections app, too! The $75,000 needed would be pennies for a large media company to underwrite, and the app would be a great educ...ational tool for everyone. What a fantastic branding opportunity as well. See More
Paul Wady
· November 26, 2017
Love his clarity and insight. A formative teacher in my early years who showed what you can do with ideas to make sense.
Rıchard Hampşön
· February 23, 2017
I have recently gone back and binge watched The Day the Universe Changed and the other excellent JB series.. most of which were made around the early 80s.
Even found a copy of "The Real Thing" which ...was still a brilliant and relevant demonstration that nothing you experience can be trusted, and gave me childhood flashbacks to Gnossienne no. 1 and Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

I would love to see these series up on Netflix or Youtube in decent quality.

Although obviously dated, it is amazing how relevant these series are... even 37 years later.
It is a damn shame this amazing work is not available as an official streamed offering.
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Ernesto Alvarez III
· November 1, 2017
I was a faithful student of James Burke! His t.v. shows Connections and The Day the Universe Changed were weekly rituals for me and I remain a fan to this day!
Antoni Capdevila Solà
· May 16, 2016
Great to see that the mind that has inspired the curiosity of our family not only for science but for history has found so many outlets in modern communications. Our boys grew up amidst as many tapes ...of Connections as of Sesame Street. Today the Muppets are a tender memory but The Day The Universe Changed is an ongoing favourite. It turns out that even the scandalous quality of VHS tapes was not enough to discourage us from acquiring a lifetime admiration for James Burke. See More
Tricia Jumonville
· May 7, 2017
James Burke is the only person I have ever seen get a standing ovation and demands for TWO encores - for a talk on education! (And well deserved they were.) I will happily watch anything he is incli...ned to put out there. See More
Jarek Von Munchausen
· October 17, 2016
James Burke's fascinating insights are more relevant now then ever. His inspiring programs celebrate curiosity and the spontaneity of new ideas. So many have learned so much through him, and the k-web... project could exponentially broaden that scope of our collective wisdom. Thank you, and all the best with your continuing work. See More
Patricia Troyer
· May 29, 2017
There's really no way to categorize what James Burke has accomplished and shared, except to say that truly no one does it better.
Arquidioniso Al-Hakem
· October 16, 2017
Extremly important. Wonderfull. Burke inspire me...keep on learning...
Brian Champness
· May 23, 2017
By coincidence yesterday I picked down an old copy of Burke's "Connections' and re-read it. Still a great read, and you can feel the enormous energy working away there. Yes, Knowledge Web is important.
George Lewycky
· May 6, 2017
Wish you would lecture/visit the USA sometime. Your show CONNECTIONS was amazing and I saw old videos of you covering Apollo 11.
Achuthan Karnnan
· June 6, 2017
Great Innovative Idea which can grow into something great as Wikipedia (or maybe even greater).
Shaun Puzio
· December 11, 2016
This could revolutionize education like few things ever have.
K-Web orientation
Mystery Tour: Mozart to Helicopter
How to predict the future

For Mark Twain, It Was Love At First Sight:
The aspiring author knew Olivia Langdon was the one when he first laid eyes on a photograph of her.

... See More
The aspiring author knew Olivia Langdon was the one when he first laid eyes on a photograph of her…/lewis-clark-linguistics-corp…

How Lewis and Clark Helped Shape American English:
More than one thousand words appeared in print for the first time in the explorers’ journals.

... See More
More than one thousand words appeared in print for the first time in the explorers' journals.

The Ben Franklin-Inspired Super Bowl Recipes You Never Knew You Needed…/C6015FA0-82BF-F1FA-9D05-0EA9FD7F845E…



In honor of the SuperBowl: This weekend, as the nation consumes an estimated 200 million pounds of avocados while watching the Super Bowl, avocados will inadvertently enter the front lines once more, highlighting the clash between popular Mexican imports and President Donald Trump. Which makes it as ripe a time as any to consider the strangely contentious history of a very nutritious fruit.…/a-brief-history-of-av…/514748/…/a-brief-history-of-av…/514748/


Avocadoes were commercialized in my home town, involving a hidden camera in a supermarket and the same technique used to ripen bananas…/6950F840-FB80-FCB0-D505-8AB1FA685F08…

(which gave us the radio and the ski lift…/6950F840-FB80-FCB0-D505-8AB1FA685F08…)

The Knowledge Web by James Burke page 148 on radio and bananas:

as well as US overthrow of democratically elected leaders.

See More
We don't know who Ben Franklin would root for, but we do know what he'd eat on Super Bowl Sunday

Chris Imhof, a Montessori teacher did amazing work with his students using the Knowledge Web (while waiting for the online version, he built his own in the classroom)

His middle school students made this great video on DaVinci…/ChrisImhofTravelThroughTimeWithLeonar…


One is a physics doctoral candidate another is a teacher and another is rafting guide.

DaVinci in Knowledge Web:…/C6015FA0-82BF-F1FA-9D05-0EA9FD7F845E…


See More
Three intrepid students go on a journey through time and space using James Burke's Knowledge Web to unravel one of art history's biggest puzzles.
His path to fame and notoriety began by exploiting an enslaved woman, in life and in death, as entertainment for the masses…/dazzle-paint-wwi-us-navy

The Painstaking Process Behind Those Wild WWI Naval Paint Jobs
“Dazzle” paint was first tested on tiny model ships.

... See More
"Dazzle" paint was first tested on tiny model ships.

Counting Backwards

Anesthesiologist Dr. Henry Jay Przybylo explained the science behind anesthesia and detailed over 30 years of experience, highlighting individual stories throughout. BookTV has lots of great videos)


Humphrey Davy, Rockstar chemist (one-way road invented to handle the carriages at his lectures):…/C6015FA0-82BF-F1FA-9D05-0EA9FD7F845E…


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Anesthesiologist Dr. Henry Jay Przybylo explains the science behind anesthesia and details over 30 years of experience, highlighting individual stories throughout.…/the-new-golden-age-of-oral…

Radio is clearly having a renaissance in the form of podcasts, and maybe more interestingly in terms of history. Dan Carlin pioneered this and has featured Burke several times:

Jan 2008 - a fly on James Burke's wall...…/hardcore-history-18-a-fly-on-ja…/

youtube audio:

12/16 Common Sense 312 – Re-Connections with James Burke…/common-sense-312-re-connections…/

Much more audio:…/c8wiki/index.php/Big_History…

The Thread uses Burke's Knowledge Web Six Degree concept. Lennon to Lenin.…/introducing-ozys-new-podcast-th…/80849…

Tides of History: historical echoes define the boundaries of countries, how we pray and how we fight, what money we spend and and how we earn it, what language we speak and how we raise our children. Patrick Wyman, PhD (“Fall Of Rome”) helps us understand our world and how it got to be the way it is.

How It Began: Compared to our ancestors, we live like superheroes and sorcerers, endowed with powers they could never have imagined. But how did we achieve all this? Brad Harris PhD in the history of science and technology at Stanford 1/18.

Coffee: Sobering Up for The Enlightenment…/coffee-sobering-enlightenment/

Revolutions, podcast exploring the great revolutions of history, including only successful slave revot by Toussaint, in Haiti. Also by Mike Duncan, his sourcesHistory of Rome.

History on Fire by university history professor Daniele Bolelli. "Whether you like history or not, if you care about bravery, wisdom, passion, larger than life characters and some of the most emotionally intense moments in human experience... where history and epic collide." Example: Crazy Horse, 10,000 Greek mercenaries agree to serve under the Persian prince Cyrus the Younger, Spartacus slave rebellion.

See More
Dan Carlin is an prominent American podcaster. Once a professional radio host, Carlin eventually took his show to the ...…/two-hundred-years-ago-environmen…

200 Years Ago, an Environmental and Fuel Crisis Inspired One of the Greatest Inventions

Margaret Guroff visited Google's office in Cambridge, MA to discuss "The Mechanical Horse: How the Bicycle Reshaped American Life": (video)

... See More
Bicycles are still our most efficient and beneficial form of transportation. Two-hundred years ago last June, an environmental and fuel crisis inspired one of our greatest inventions—a device so simple, efficient and useful it’s turning out to be part of the solution to today’s environmental a...

Broadcasting legend James Burke returns to the airwaves to discuss the biggest change to humanity in 10,000 years. In 50 years or so he predicts nanotechnology will give us capabilities we've only imagined of in science fiction. In labs around the world the foundations are being laid for the 'nano-fabricator' a device that will allow us to assemble just about anything, atom by atom; including itself. IT COULD MEAN THE END OF SCARCITY ITSELF.

Broadcasting legend James Burke discusses the biggest change to humanity in 10,000 years.

Josh Dean in this BookTV video discusses his book The Taking of K-129, in which he recalls the CIA’s Project Azorian, an approximately $800 million covert operation to recover a sunken Soviet submarine. The Russian submarine, which disappeared on February 25, 1968, was discovered three miles under the sea by the U.S. Navy, who deemed its recovery impossible.

The CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology took over the op...eration and deliberately lied that the ship created to recover the sub was owned by Howard Hughes to mine minerals from the ocean floor.

See More
Josh Dean, correspondent for [Outside] magazine, recalls the CIA's Project Azorian, an approximately $800 million covert operation to recover a sunken Soviet submarine.…/artist-painted-light-admir…/

This Artist Painted With Light. An Admiring Astronomer Helped Make Him a Star

The works and machinations of Thomas Wilfred, a lone performer, inventor and visionary, are now on view


Sagan in Sandbox:…/6950F840-FB80-FCB0-D505-8AB1FA685F08…

PBS recently showed an excellent program on Voyager which included Golden Record: The Farthest:

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The works and machinations of Thomas Wilfred, a lone performer, inventor and visionary, are now on view

What Was the Inspiration for “The Murder on the Orient Express”?

Agatha Christie wrote her famous detective novel based on an even more famous kidnapping…/what-was-inspiration-murd…/

... See More
Agatha Christie wrote her famous detective novel based on an even more famous kidnapping


How the French Saved America Author and documentary filmmaker Tom Shachtman recalled the role that the French played in assisting the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. According to the author, close to ten percent of those who fought and died for the colonists were French.


Pulitzer Prize-winning author and professor, Mike Wallace, provides a history of New York City from 1898 to 1919.