For those descended from Thomas Bright and Emily Jane Leaning not yet confirmed but some information I am finding suggests that her maternal grandmother was one of these girls. Based on what I have seen but again not quite convinced shipped to Australia and then made way to NZ. Sounds like her father was still alive back in Ireland but mother was dead and with the famine poverty abounded.

The ‘Potato Orphans’ of Australia is a little-known period in the nation's history when thousands of vulnerable, teenage women were shipped from Ireland to be wives for the Australian convicts.

Still some work on the face but I'm working and chiming again and if you click on the pic you will see my shiny feet and lions on my sides. I'm sitting next to a pic of my first owners Thomas Bright and Emily Jane Bright. Coincidently they apparently bought me from the store of Charles Ware Flexman. Charles great grand daughter Nancye married Thomas and Emily Jane's grandson Colin.

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The town of Brigg beautiful old market town very close to Wrawby. Leanings featured on the war memorial rolls in library photos but all of course well after our 1840s immigrants. Presumably the latter generations moved from here to Manchester as the industrial revolution accelerated and jobs were in the cities before then moving onto NZ

Spending the next couple of days in Manchester meeting a distant relative on mums side but also intending to visit the areas that the leanings were from (ie Emily Jane Leaning who married Thomas Bright). Don't expect to find anything much as they were early immigrants ie 1840s but will have a look at the villages tomorrow

Thomas and Emily Jane Brights old clock's renovation in progress.

Joseph Bright passed away 20 years ago today. Always remembered xx

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Wow. The ancestry DNA test has connected me with a woman descended from a James Bright / Elizabeth Gee dating back to the mid 1700s. Am working on it but I now have some places to look to see if we can push out Bright knowledge back another few generations as we have always really been stuck at benjamin with some rough guesses that might have taken us back further. If I can confirm some of the things I have seen on the we know that above Benjamin there were two generations called James plus possibly another generation in between.

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May 19, 2016
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An older James Bright

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Henrietta, Hayden and Septima Smith, children of Henry below

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Only relevant to some branches but this is Henry Smith. Henry was the father of Sarah Smith married James Gurney.

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Emily Jane Bright and the Aylward family including daughter Dorothy.

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Maud Bright in the prior post encountered some tragedy in her life. The sad story of her father's demise show in this coroners report (not for the squeamish).…

Papers Past is a collection of digitised historic New Zealand newspapers which offers browsing and full text searching.

Visited Purewa Cemetery today and while there found the grave of Peter Bright and wife Maud. Peter was the younger son of James and Elizabeth and inherited the family farm after their deaths. He and Maud were cremated with their ashes being buried with her parents. She was born Ethel Maud Tabrum and was then widowed twice before marrying Peter - first becoming Bridges then Perez before Bright.