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James Cullem - The idea of entrepreneurship applies as much in politics, religion, society & arts as it does in business. ~Geoff Mulgan

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James Cullem - Personalized medicine is a development that can revolutionize patient-tailored therapeutic treatment

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James Cullem - Glycomics is widely considered to be the next untapped area of potential discoveries leading to improved medicine.

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James Cullem -CEO of Sierra Glycomics, Inc., Halcyon Diagnostics, Inc. and Paradigm Oncology, Inc.

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James Cullem - The management of intellectual property (IP) assets and strategies is vital to the success of todayÕs bio entrepreneurs.

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James Cullem - Extensive experience in aspects of biotechnology field, most notably commercialization & intellectual property management

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James Cullem - Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. ~ Winston Churchill

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James Cullem - The median survival for brain cancer patients is roughly only 12 months

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