Went for a skate at BMO Field today. Here's my review of the conditions.
What watching a Leafs practice is like, in a nutshell. Leafs (and me) fly to Washington on Wednesday.
We had super dramatic entrance music today. With an appearance by Terry Koshan!
It's hard to compare Nashville and Toronto given their relative strengths are so dissimilar.

Tonight's story from Tampa.

If there's something to be taken from this one game, No. 73 on the year, it might be this: The Leafs have a chance, if they play the way they did through 36 minutes.

Auston Matthews will miss his 20th game tonight. That means he'll almost certainly miss most of his bonuses - which could really help the Leafs next year and beyond.

An explanation in today's story The Athletic Toronto:

According to a source with knowledge of what's in Matthews' contract, he is likely to miss out on the majority of the bonuses in his entry-level deal this season due to all of the injuries.

The Leafs have basically clinched a playoff spot.
We know they're playing Boston or Tampa.
So what's to watch over the remaining 13 games? Here are my suggestions...

"Their speed speaks for itself. And yeah, they're impressive. Listen, you don't get to this point in the season and be at that place in the standings if you're not a good team."

The Leaf Report podcast is back!!!

Jonas and James have lots of ground to cover following the trade deadline and ensuing four-game losing streak. Did Toronto make the right move with the Plekanec addition? How will the team's cap situa

Talking about The Athletic and why we're succeeding 🚀…/episode-59-what-they-dont-…

James Mirtle, the editor-in-chief and columnist for The Athletic, joins Brian this week to talk about business models in sports journalism. James talks about The Athletic’s business model and its approach to sports journalism. He views the site as one of the feel-good stories in media these days

Are these 10 GMs on the hot seat? Breaking down what could be an unprecedented rearranging of the landscape at the top of front offices in the coming months:

I was in the midst of putting together this piece when word came down Wednesday night that the...

Story: Is Kyle Dubas the next GM of the Leafs? And what will that mean for the franchise?

The fine details are a little uncertain, as tends to be the case with this team. No one seems to...

Sad Leafs fans tonight can read about how the Sabres rebuild went wrong...

Those few days after Mike Babcock chose Toronto over Buffalo were some of the most heated I've ever...

Story: The Leafs raised their season ticket prices again for next year, by up to 15%. Is it justified?

So season ticket renewals for 2018-19 went out to many Maple Leafs (and Raptors) fans earlier this...

Tonight's column on the Leafs quiet trade deadline.

The Maple Leafs didn't want to tinker around the edges at the trade deadline. They didn't want to...

The Leafs have something incredibly unique in their three sophomore stars. They can't let it go:

First things first: You may not have heard, but Auston Matthews was injured at the end of Thursday's...
"He’s going to get whatever dollar figure he wants on his next contract. It’d be easy once he...

Today's story.

I was a little surprised to see Nikita Soshnikov go on Thursday. The Maple Leafs got a...

How the hell did the Maple Leafs give up 57 shots for the first time in 34 years? A closer look

Fifty-seven shots is a crazy number. "That's like a shot a minute," Travis Dermott said,...
Puck Talks shared a link to the event: Puck Talks Toronto.

Still a couple of tickets left!! See you all tomorrow night.

Puck Talks is back at The Rivoli in Toronto featuring some of the best insiders in the industry for a night of beers, conversation and Q&A!