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  • Creator & FounderDaytona Beach, Florida
    Spreading Truth Love & Light as the Ambassador of Knowledge.

    “We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. Learning “remembering” ~Unconditional Love~ in a story we call Life. It’s an #Illusion we create from #One Mind Thinking #GOD” ~Jamie H.
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  • This message was made with Love

    Yes I'm spreading Love and Light

    I'm also grounded and understand that we must live I this reality as well. I spend a lot of time bouncing back and forth between the dimensions and sharing my experiences through short quick posts accompanied by some sweet ass images I've found online during the past few years. So if you're still reading, please go to

    for my amazing Kundalini Awakening Story I wrote about a year after my Awakening. I go into detail about everything I experienced to help others that are beginning, returning or in the middle of their Spiritual Journey as my return was "Extremely" bumpy, traumatic and completely avoidable.

    I also have over 500 videos on YouTube about Ascension, Awakening, Lucid Dreaming, Raising your Frequency, The Energies, Disclosure and much more, you can find my channel here:
    YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/AwakeningOurTruth

    I hope to see you over there in the comments section, it's one of the many things I'm extremely proud about. The messages from everyone are so loving and positive, it will leave you feeling so fresh so clean. you may even meet some amazing people that are resonating... ( Vibe ) with you ;)

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    Happy Awakening

    I'll be wishing you love and joy throughout the day. Thank you for liking and sharing, it really means a lot.
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