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The Soul-Directed Life Welcomes Dr. Michael Lennox
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This is The 9 Containers of Love. You hear me say it on The Soul-Directed Life every week, so I thought you might like to SEE it. Since this was recorded, I've received mystical confirmation that when we turn to the left, we pick up the resonance of all the prayers (or sacred spaces, or soul communities, etc) that we have every prayed and when we turn to the right....we are literally opening our hearts to receive the resonance of all prayers that have ever been prayed in all worlds.... I have much to write about this, but for now, please enter into the 9 Containers for yourself.

Janet Conner demonstrates The 9 Containers of Love mystical body prayer practice.

You can check out today's guest, Alana Fairchild here on FB and on the web:

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LiYana Silver
· September 30, 2017
Janet is just delightful! She takes what could be "woo-woo" concepts and practices and makes them clear, and lighthearted yet grounded. That this woman is directed by Soul is absolutely obvious.