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You took this job because you wanted to grow, try different things, and face new challenges. You wanted to expand your skillset—to learn by doing…
Something really upsetting happened yesterday. But you have too much to do to think about it. In fact, it always seems like you have too much to do. Naturally, you refocus on your to-do list. Maybe you even add another seemingly necessary commitment. After all, that networking event is important. So...
Imposter Syndrome | Agnes Wainman | London Psychological Services When I first started grad school, we were warned of a very serious condition that would likely affect us all at some point; the dreaded imposter syndrome.  Symptoms of imposter syndrome could include: – feeling

Passionate for learning, emotionally intense, frequently indecisive, often chronically anxious, and highly achievement striving.

Are you a secret “Magnet Mind"?

What happens when gifted kids grow up to become bright, sensitive adults?

"That awkward moment when things didn't go as you overthought they would..."

What have you overthought today?…

Sorry, I couldn't hear you over my internal monologue.|By Anna Borges

Love that this list goes beyond the usual "change your thoughts, change your anxiety" message and into some of the interpersonal and attachment oriented side of anxiety.

"I wouldn't be as joyful as I am today without the guidance and love of my therapist. As she continually accepts all parts of me, I am able to find deeper acceptance of myself..."

Can I get a 🙌🙌?…/have-you-been-called-oversensitive…

I'm a "deep feeler." At least, that's what my therapist calls it.  Emotional. Delicate. Receptive. Sensitive.  I laugh wholeheartedly. I cry somewhat often. I love others into the|By Shelly Bullard, MFT

Overthinker yoga: Perfect your "worrier pose"

"I honestly think that humour can be a saviour at times of distress or, if you just live with a constant level of anxiety and depression like I do."|By Allison Hirschlag
What is it about giftedness that makes people clam up or strike back when discussed publicly? Why does a mom fear the inescapable rolling of eyes, as if on cue, the moment she utters the word …

"They are secretly deep feelers – and deep feelers fear love as much as they long for it."

How many of these have you done?…/12-reasons-why-deep-thinkers-h…/

Deep thinkers exist because they are most in love with the worlds they can create within their minds. When a reality they choose disrupts their fantasies, it can be traumatizing.|By Brianna Wiest

Perfectionism isn't just "a distorted way of thinking"- it's an emotionally abusive relationship...with yourself.

“It’s not a way of thinking. It’s a way of being in the world.”

Anyone else need a Harry?

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