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  • SecretaryFebruary 4, 2017 to presentBoulder, Colorado
    Elected into this two year role 2/4/2017.

    In this role, my primary responsibility is to take & make available minutes of meetings. With my IT and communication expertise I will be working with all of the officers and team leads to help improve internal and external communications and documentation.
  • Solutions Specialist ConsultantSeptember 24, 2014 to presentLongmont, Colorado
    Work with Commvault sales, marketing, and product management teams as a subject matter expert on Microsoft infrastructure to increase sales, shorten sales cycle, review and create marketing collateral, and to help improve the product based on market and customer needs. In this role I am primary responsible for assisting on enterprise level deals, which includes providing demos, hosting lunch & learn sessions, and all-day workshops focused on Commvault’s solution for Microsoft technologies. This includes Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Office 365, Window Server, and related technology.
  • Exchange MVPJanuary 2005 to presentDenver, Colorado
    MVPs are independent experts who are offered a close connection with people at Microsoft. To acknowledge MVPs’ leadership and provide a platform to help support their efforts, Microsoft often gives MVPs early access to Microsoft products, as well as the opportunity to pass on their highly targeted feedback and recommendations about product design, development, and support.
  • Microsoft Infrastructure ArchitectMarch 2010 to March 2011Longmont, Colorado
    Focused on helping organizations manage, expand, and optimize their Microsoft infrastructure. Primarily assisted organizations in upgrading to the current Active Directory and Exchange versions, which allows them to reduce cost and complexity in their environment while provide improved authentication and messaging services to their user and applications. Managed all aspects of projects, including project plans, scheduling, and task management from the planning and design stages to the documentation, training, and transition stages.
  • Senior Professional Services ConsultantMay 2008 to January 2010Longmont, Colorado
    Design and implement Exchange archiving solutions at enterprise level clients.
  • Senior Product ManagerMay 15, 2003 to July 2005Woodland Park, Colorado
    Responsible for the design and management of Active Directory and Exchange modules and revamp of the user interface and reporting in Configuresoft’s core product, Enterprise Configuration Manager.
  • Microsoft Infrastructure ArchitectJuly 2002 to October 2014Longmont, Colorado
    Seasoned enterprise level Microsoft infrastructure architect and technical project manager specializing in global deployment, transitions, and migrations to the latest versions of Active Directory, Exchange, and Windows. Extensive experience with Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, MIIS\ILM\FIM and scripting projects from ranging several 100 to over 100,000 users. Veteran project manager, presenter, public speaker, and writer with seventeen years of in-depth, hands on experience with some of the most complex environments in the world.

    Over the last seventeen years I have helped multiple startup companies develop software solutions and consulting practices based on Microsoft infrastructure technologies.
    • Microsoft Infrastructure Support
      Aug 2011 to present
      Providing 3rd tier Microsoft support on AD, Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint to a conglomerate of water park, amusement parks, internet marketing, real estate, and residential housing companies in UT
    • AD & Exchange 2010 Design and Migration
      Aug 2011 to present
      12,000 mailbox Exchange 2010 migration for a National Lab
    • AD & Exchange 2010 Design and Migration
      May 2011 to present
      1,600 mailbox Exchange 2010 migration with lighter manufacture in PA
    • Exchange 2010 Migration
      Apr 2011 to present
      2,800 mailbox Exchange 2010 migration with law firm in LA
    • Microsoft Infrastructure Support
      Jul 2010 to present
      Providing 3rd tier Microsoft support on AD, Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint to lighter manufacture in PA
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  • Senior Product ManagerJuly 1997 to July 2002Houston, Texas
    Lead product manager for NetIQ's AD & Exchange administrator product line.
  • Systems Engineer ( SE )July 1997 to July 2000Houston, Texas
    Responsible for demonstrating, technical sales, and deploying Windows administration and management products. Assisted Fortune 500 companies in consolidating their Windows NT domains, migrating to Windows and Exchange 2000, and in the managing of their Microsoft infrastructure. Created best practices documents, whitepapers, and training materials on administration and migration.
  • Team Leader / Network AdministratorFebruary 1994 to June 1996Alpharetta, Georgia
    Team leader for the PC software support team which provide 24x7 support for Digital’s customers and internal users. Was also responsible for ensuring my team and others had access to the resources needed to provide the answers to customers in the most efficient way.

    As the team lead for the PC software support team, I was responsible for ensuring that there was proper phone coverage for the multiple Microsoft based products we supported.
About Jason
  • I update my personal profile page (this one) very often, my Techincal page http://facebook.com/Izzy.org is updated with only upcoming events, links to recent blog posts, and few other things.

    My Bernie Sanders page is: https://www.facebook.com/JasonSherry4Bernie/. I am a National Delegate and volunteer for Bernie Sanders. My DNC Delegate fundraising page: https://www.gofundme.com/Jason4Bernie

    I’ve lived in Colorado since 2003 and never want to leave this state. Before CO I did 3 years in Houston, TX (hot, flat, & humid, but great food and people); Atlanta, GA for 7 (Love the city, hate the traffic); various places in VA for 9 (Mostly southern central mountains); Jamestown & Greensboro, NC from 5-12 years old; was born in Windham, CN and have pictures in my baby album going across the country multiple times before the age of 5. Went to college in Norfolk, VA for Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

    I try not to work much and instead spend my time enjoying life as much as possible (for now, I might slow down in 2013). I have been to Europe over a dozen times, South America once (but want to get back), and have a long list of other places I want to go. I love to travel (been to most states and have my favorite cities globally), seen over 800 live music shows (http://izzy.org/shows), ride dirt bikes (did 2,000 miles off road in 2009 & 2010), ski (40+ days and 15 mountains in 2010/2011), try to white water raft a couple of times a year, attend the theater, rock climb (well I would like to, but haven’t spent must time on it yet), read, and many other things.

    For work I’m a computer consultant, which primarily focuses on Microsoft’s messaging/e-mail software for businesses, Microsoft Exchange. I’ve been doing Microsoft consulting work and working for startup companies, focusing on Microsoft technologies, for 17 years. Computers and technology have been my passion since 1984, got my first computer in 1986. I am a computer geek, but way outside of the “norm” for a geek since I like to get outside and play hard and have fun all around the world.

    I also volunteer at my local humane society, in the early and late riding season with the forestry service and with NCTR (http://facebook.com/NCTRiders) to keep clear and maintain trails, and occasionally with Habitat for Humanity.

    Bio & Resume: http://jasonsherrry.org/
    Foursquare: http://foursquare.com/JasonSherry
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/JasonSherry

    Personality Type: http://www.personalitypage.com/html/ESTJ.html
Favorite Quotes
  • Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. -- Steve Jobs, 2005

    The beatings will continue until morale improves - Unknown

    If I'm not sore on Monday I'm disappointed - Jason Sherry

    Hangings too good for him. Killings too good for him. He needs to be cut into little, itty bitty pieces and buried alive - Heavy Metal

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning - Apocalypse Now

    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe- Albert Einstein

    A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life - Charles Darwin

    Even peace may be purchased at too high a price - Benjamin Franklin