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Eric Breunig
· March 18, 2018
Normally these are great chips and before this bag I would have rated 5 starts...never had a bad bag before especially the jalapeno variety. Bought a bag on Friday and went to open them today and the...y were incredibly stale, even some of the chips were actually burnt. I have never seen this before in all the bags I have bought, even before they were bought by Jays. You guys should check your manufacturing. 4120009893 exp date may 28 2018. There is no way these should be like that. See More
Virginia Gilbert
· January 14, 2018
I grew up in Chicago on Jays potato chips, so when I was back for a visit over Thanksgiving, I bought two bags of them, one original ridged and one sour cream and onion. I just opened the ridged chips... last night, and they did not taste like the Jays I used to like. These chips had kind of a coarse taste and were too salty. Jays used to have a much lighter quality to them. A number of people on this blog have complained about Snyder’s changing the oil which in turn has changed the taste, and that may be what’s going on here. I don’t know, except that I found the taste rather disappointing, different, and unexceptional. Since I was wondering what happened to the taste, I read several articles about the history of the Jays Company, and it seems that the problems with their products only developed when the company got sold to big corporations that didn’t care about their quality. What’s the point of buying up a company and then ruining the taste? Go back to the old formulas, please. What you are doing now, sucks. See More
Cary Burns
· December 23, 2017
I was excited to buy the Cheddar & Sour Cream Ridges chips and I don't know chemical you put in these chips. I got a salty and some sort of leftover chemical taste (assume some sort of perservative) my mouth, not the least at all appetizing. Not impressed by this flavor at all. See More
John Brown
· January 8, 2018
First of all your chips taste like shoes. Gross, smelly homeless men's shoes. Second, there is more air in the bag of chips I purchased than I'll ever breath in my life. There are fewer chips than are women I've slept with. I spent more money on this bag of chips than there were actual chips. I could have put that money towards a hot dog, but no..your deceiving label of "snack big" got my ass. In the event you read and learn from this post here are suggestions on how to be better.

1.) don't exist.
2.) try not being cheap with the amount of chip you put in the world's most air filled bag.
3.) speaking of air you could put the air blaster 7000 you purchased to work filling tires instead if bags.
4.) did I mention not exist.

Any way, long story short your chips have not only upset my wallet, but also made me rethink my life. Not on a mature scale, but rather if I should take my life to avoid making this mistake ever again. Thanks for nothing and enjoy employing disabled apes to fill your bag of chips. One more thing - I meant apes. The actual animal. The mammal. I assume you employee disable apes as I know I wouldn't want to be caught dead working for this crap company that lies to its consumers.

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Raymond L Megl
· December 8, 2017
Do not buy Jays Ridges BBQ flavored Potatoe Chips The bag was three quarters empty and there was maybe 3 ounces of chips total in the bag and the rest was air.
I don't know about you people out th...ere but that is ridiculous and I hope you will show them and not buy there products. See More
Tiffany Brown
· January 6, 2018
Recently bought a bag of Jays Hot Stuff chips and they are not hot at all. Typically these chips are red in color due to the hot seasoning on the chips. However, these chips looked like plain, classic... chips. Very disappointed. See More
Ronda Yeley
· November 1, 2017
Normally I love Jay's Chips. But last week I got a 10oz bag that tastes like old grease was used to fry them. What is happening to the quality of the product. The bar code on the bag is 4120003414. D...ont feel I got the quality of this bag, or batch of chips and am vety upset. Especially for paying the cost of $4.29. See More
Brooklyn Irene
· March 6, 2018
Yo what the heck happened to the jays barbecue chips. They used to be poppin with flavor and now i feel jipped. Don't get me wrong they're still fire but really? You can do better than this Jay's. I t...ried called but you guys are closed i guess so i had to resort to this. Jay if you're reading this, pack a punch bruh wyd. See More
Ronnie Jordan
· February 9, 2018
Love the potato chips But You are selling a 1/2 baked potato chips for $2 I don't think this right When you buy a bag potato chips and you open it up you expect to have iglise almost a whole or full ...bag Most of the bags Is have fool and the rest is air. See More
Bette Rae
· November 4, 2017
some thing is wrong with the chips..I got 4 bags on a big sale at my grocery store..
I can't tell what is wrong maybe the grease like Ronda said.. their are small blotches of slightly darker color.. t...hey are softer no firm bite like their should be.. I have always loved Jays as they are not so salty like the other top brand... but I can't deal with these chips.. I make a tuna casserole with these chips and it turned out totally mushy.. Maybe its the crop of potatoes you got in.. The bag says SEP092017 then KS0606 571 07:40.. I used the address on the bag to contact you and ended up on facebook.. I did not want to complain to the public just wanted to let you know something is wrong..Bette See More
Susan Moy
· February 7, 2018
I've been eating Jays chips my whole life. I just purchased a 10oz bag of original chips with an expiration date of March 31st. OMG what did you do to these chips? You have totally changed the flavor.... PLEASE change them back to the original recipe. Whatever youve done it has ruined them. They taste like old grease. See More
Jessica Klarman
· February 3, 2018
If I could rate lower I would bought a bag of chips and the bag was only a quarter filled with chips!!! I'm highly disappointed and so was my daughter as she loves the flavor we bought!!!! I even took... pictures of the bag!!!!! See More
Mark Millich
· October 15, 2017
I bought a 10 oz. bag of Jays Original Potato Chips at our local Festival Foods. It was on sale for 2/$3 with a store coupon. I would not pay the regular price of $4.29 for a bag of chips. I carefully... selected a bag out of one of the cartons in the store display. But when I opened the bag at home almost all of the chips were broken and/or smaller than the large chips shown on the bag. There's a website on the bag but when I entered it in it took me to this Facebook page instead. I called the 800# on their Facebook page and left a message. I'll wait and see if they get back to me. The chips taste good but I won't buy this brand again if that's what you get. See More
Ishaun Milfie Frais
· March 31, 2018
Can yall start filling the bag up or make the bag smaller? Im starting to think these chip companies just think we are stupid.�����
Arthur Gomez
· December 30, 2017
Bought a bag of ridged bbq for dipping and the chips are all small or broken in little pieces.
Melvin Davenport
· October 12, 2017
I enjoy most of the Jays line of products and the variety of products available, though some are not readily available in my present area. Still, I am glad to have the advantage of using the internet get the individual package quantities I require. The Ok E Doke is my favorite and since I find no local retailers, of the size I require (8oz and above), I need to find a supplier near enough for freshness sake! See More
John Bormann
· April 11, 2018
Ever since Jay's closed in Chicago, Snyder has changed the way the make them, changed the oil, less seasoning, less chips in the bag. Just plain nasty now.
Donna Setunsky
· October 15, 2017
Bought a bag of Krunchers, Sweet Hawaiian Style Onion. I found one chip that I could barely taste the seasoning on it. Otherwise they were plain chips to me. I buy the Everything Bagel Kettle Chip...s. Now those are good and tasty. See More
Marie B-Mollison
· March 10, 2018
Recently ordered a half case of Barbeque Jays for my birthday, used to buy all the time when lived in Chicago - SO disappointed. They taste like nothing but SALT. Couldn't get through a whole bag. Wa...nt to send them back but they don't take refunds. What happened???!!! See More
Glenn LaRocco
· December 13, 2017
Bought two bags of 10 oz Jays Waves over half the chips in the bag were crumbled love jay's but need better packaging. E- mail does not work either?
Jays shared a photo.

#TBT Do you remember the classic tin of #jayschips ? Thank you Sandy for sharing this memory with us!

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Sandy Mulch to Jays

I just came across this pic dating back to 1953 in my mother's photo album
. We ALWAYS had potato chips in the house!!

Jays is with Jannette Martinez and 2 others.

Cheese comes in many forms: wheel, block, even popcorn.

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Smoky flavor without the fire.

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Did you know that Al Capone helped make Jays popular in his speakeasies?

Find out more about the history of Jays:

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If it tastes like a pickle and crunches like a pickle…

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The L train runs on tracks, you run on Jays.

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O-ke-doke’s white popcorn has the flavor to last nine innings.

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How to pull off a Jays April Fools Day Prank:

1. Eat delicious bag of Jays Original Potato Chips.
2. Fill bag with air.
3. Using self adhesive tape, tape bag shut from the inside....
4. Give bag to unsuspecting friend.
5. Run away as their hopes and dreams are shattered.

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It’s all about that cheddar with O-ke-doke Cheese Popcorn.

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For a whole month of barnburners.

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Salty, greasy good flavors in every bag of Jays Crispy Ridges.

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Best for nights when you plan to get schnookered. #StPatricksDay

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Krunchers! Jalapeno Potato Chips have built in bold flavor.

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Friday night fish fry. Geez-o-pete!

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O-ke-doke’s White Cheddar Popcorn puts all other white cheddar popcorn to shame.

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Emergency? We’re prepared.

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