Fee Waived, Free 6 Months of Heartworm/Flea Prevention with Adoption
Jefferson Parish East Bank Shelter, 504-736-6111
Kennel #E0-01-24-01


Ace is a 6 year old male Black Lab Mix, that weighs approximately 60 lbs. He was abandoned outside of the shelter and placed in an outdoor kennel overnight in late January. This sweetheart, and I mean Sweet Heart; is gentle, calm and will stay right by your side. Ace is good with other dogs, walks well on a leash and is very eager to please. His soft, shiny black coat is really stunning. Ace is house trained, kennel trained, takes treats softly from your hand and is eager to please. Ace loves to play with balls, knows basic obedience commands and possesses all the qualities that make Labrador Retrievers such sought after family companions. He is a staff and volunteer favorite. Please come by the shelter to meet this stunning angel so he can show you why we all love him! *** Ace would be a good choice if you are looking for a therapy dog ***

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Jefferson East Bank Shelter **Fospice Program**, 504-736-6111
Kennel #E0-04-11-06
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Summer is a sweet, female Lab Mix, that weighs 48 lbs. She was surrendered to the shelter, as her past home could no longer care for her. Her past home reported that she is 20 years old. However, after an examination by our shelter veterinarian, it was determined she is between 10-14 years old. Summer is calm, gentle, in good health, walks well o...n a leash, loves affection and wants to be near your side. This angel is house trained, good with other dogs, has shown no interest in cats and is eager for a home. Shelter life is difficult for our senior dogs, as they often become depressed. Summer would benefit from a home as soon as possible. She is part of the Jefferson Parish Fospice Program. All medical care that our shelter veterinarian is able to provide, will be given to Summer at no cost to the adopter, for the remainder of her life, including heart worm and flea prevention. Please consider making Summer a part of your family. Come by the shelter and let us show you why she is so special.

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Happy Endings
Hello! My name is Nitiri and I’ve lived at the shelter for almost twelve months - almost an entire year. I’m a good boy with a big heart and I’m ready to go home with my forever family. I love to give hugs and I’ll hug you for hours if you’ll let me! I’m a total lap cat and love to purr and make biscuits. I also really like dogs! You should know I have FIV and FeLV. This is a rare combination and makes it so I cannot live with other cats unless they are also positive. I CAN live safely with dogs and humans! My weakened immune system means I must remain an indoor cat (except for maybe the occasional supervised excursion in an enclosed area)! My health is great right now and I’m a young boy despite what you may think from my handsome salt and pepper coat. I really can’t wait to find my family, could it be with you? If you’re interested in meeting me, please stop by our Eastbank shelter at 1 Humane Way in Harahan. I’m located in the adoption room! If you’d like more information about me, including FIV and FeLV, please email I cannot wait to meet you! Love, Nitiri
Adoption Event - August 5th - Lakeside Shopping Center
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Callie Fitzgerald
· February 21, 2018
This shelter is staffed by people who treat their job more as a calling than just a paycheck. Everyone I have met that works here always goes above and beyond to find good homes for the animals in th...eir care. When I came in recently to foster short-term, Dezzie found me a 12 year old dog who needed some time out from the shelter. She was the easiest foster dog ever! I am hoping to do it again soon.

Also, their new facility on the westbank is beautiful. My sons love to play with the cats in the cat room.
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Carri Lee
· September 24, 2017
Mrs. Julie was soooooo helpful! Went in to foster a pup and it didn't work out the first night. Mrs. Julie helped test 4 other dogs and a few cats with my temperamental kitty, in the end I didn't end ...up finding the right foster animal. I was sad, but I love the fact that I didn't feel forced to take an animal home with me that day! Love this place, and love Mrs. Julie! Thank you! See More
Robyn Cuccia Dragon
· October 14, 2017
Brought my father to adopt a dog which we thought was going to happen today. He lost his dog from cancer a couple days ago. The staff was very friendly but the Red tape you have to go through is ridic...ulous. Because my dad did not have his dog on current heartworm Medicine he was denied the adoption. Sad part is the dog Patrick he wanted will probably be put to sleep before he is adopted and would have had an incredible home with my father. Everyone wants to complain about how many dogs they have that are up for adoption and people don't want them but yet when they come to adopt them they have to go through so much BS that they can't adopt them. It is a very very sad situation that Patrick missed out on a wonderful life. See More
Tina Fuller
· March 20, 2018
Best SPCA ever♡♡♡ They were the best to deal with and super friendly and organized... Thank you♡
Sharon Prestenbach
· December 6, 2017
Jefferson SPCA does a wonderful job !!! The staff and director are truest amazing . The kennels are clean and they do their best to make sure every pet finds a happy forever home .
Kathleen Price Fradella
· September 18, 2015
I adopted both of my babies from this shelter and just began fostering a dog that was thrown out of a car. Staff is knowledgable, helpful and passionate about what they do. I have never had a complain...t about the process and I believe they do an excellent job at reviewing people before they let an animal walk out of that door. It's a hard job and they do it well. My foster dog got sick over the weekend and I contacted Brooke, who put me in touch with Arvella, who made sure I had the correct medication. Arvella stayed on the phone with me and answered all of my questions, and then some. I give this place a thumbs up. See More
Robyn Ann
· September 25, 2015
The people at this shelter are bully breed advocates and that gives them 1 million stars in my book. They truly care about the animals and try hard to save them even if it requires extra time, where a...t a different shelter that same animal may have not been given a chance. They also try hard to educate the public on responsible pet ownership.... I've fostered, volunteered and adopted through this shelter and am grateful for their dedication. See More
Juli Pinero Jelenko
· December 24, 2013
My mother adopted Petunia a few years ago from the shelter and has been a wonderful pet and companion to her. The sad thing is that many of the pets like petunia were turned in by people who couldn't for them anymore in their homes. They are then uprooted and brought to the shelter. Petunia was 4 years old and had been in a family with 4 other dogs and they lost their house. Petunia spent over a month in a cage while her 3 siblings were adopted. Please consider getting your next pet from the shelter and don't buy animals from breeders. Many full breeds rescue these dogs from kill shelters too so if you want a full blooded dog there are many in need!! We lost our rescue German shepherd in November 21, 2013 after 13 years and are glad we chose adoption!! See More
Lauren Blumstein
· February 14, 2016
I adopted my puppy (Sarge, now Winston) from the east bank shelter about a month ago. The staff was knowledgable and the volunteers were passionate. I was looking for a large breed puppy (preferably a... mastiff) and found exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for taking such great care of him until he found his forever home with us! See More
Lynn Masterson O'Shea
· July 26, 2014
These wonderful folks are magicians, keeping all the balls in the air, and adding more every day. I adopted my Staffy Blue Rhino (nee Dupre) there in March, and he is the best dog I have ever had. Eve...ryone should go by and say hello to Brooke and her helpers, and see the "short-timers" before it's too late. They take great care of their little refugees, and see that they get the right homes. See More
Jessica Nguyen
· June 19, 2017
OMG SO TERRIBLE. I love animals and love dogs but who in the world runs the SPCA?! I adopted a puppy from the shelter and tried to schedule a neutering. Lord have mercy. I was put on hold 3 times, tra...nsferred 2xs and hung up on. I called 3 times to verify my neutering appointment and the first time I called a week ahead of schedule, I had a confirmation. I called back again, 3 days before to verify the appointment and got the run around and was told to leave a message and someone would contact me. No one did. I called back again, 2 days before scheduled appointment and the same exact scenario happened. I was put on hold, said that their was no appointment for me listed, and that I needed to call and leave a voicemail and that I will get a response. NOTHING! Still, no neutering that my adoption fee paid for. See More
Dana Rousselle
· October 25, 2013
This shelter has transformed for the better in so many amazing ways compared to years ago, my hope is one day it is 100% no kill! They try so hard to find all these babies homes. ♥ yall and everything... you do for them! See More
Tina Russell Loyd
· February 5, 2015
I adopted my German Shepherd, Abbie (was Clara) from this shelter 2 years ago! Everyone at the shelter was wonderful and I'm so thankful to them for giving Abbie a chance. She is the greatest and we a...dore her! She's now 70 lbs! (was 36 lbs when I adopted her) She has three teenagers and three adults that adore her and a doggie brother and two kitties! Thanks so much, Brooke B. and all the shelter staff See More
Nicole Kopko
· May 29, 2017
I am amazed at the dedication of the staff from top to bottom of this spectacular adoption center. They do everything they can for EVERY animal that crosses their threshold. THANK YOU!!!!
Alicia Curtis
· July 6, 2017
My daughter and I love to come and walk dogs and play with cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and whatever else they have. Great staff and dedicated volunteers.
James Ziegel
· May 3, 2014
Worse experience ever !!! Five people behind the counter all talking about nothing while I'm just standing at the counter for at least ten minutes feeling so out of place before someone even asked me... if I needed help , I said yes I am here to see about adopting a dog!!!! Ooo now everyone wants to talk to me !!! So they show me to the back where the dogs are, and while I'm looking at the dogs the women feeding and giving the dogs water can't control one of the dogs and yells to me catch that dog!!! I said that's your job now she's mad at me I guess and passes me with the water hose and wets my shoes . Now I'm mad but I still seen a dog that I want so I go to the front counter again in asked for application and while filling it out I'm so aggravated I just walk out with no dog !!! See More
Valerie Thomassie
· December 18, 2013
I used to avoid going to the shelter but under the present leadership the shelter has improved 100%. The director is hands on and doing wonderful things for the animals. Now if the people of Jeffer...son get smart and spay and neuter the shelter could be no kill all the time. See More
Heather Odle
· August 13, 2016
I spent over an hour explaining my current pets temperment /sex and taking my time choosing the right baby for our home ... Never once was i told about this shelters ridiculous policies until i comple...ted my application. While reviewing my appliction the girl at the feont desk informed me it is shelter policy that i must get my existing pet fixed to be eligable to adopt any other pets. I am outraged .. Absolutely heartbroken at these illogical policies intended to "stop backyard breaders"point A. Being what backyard breeder is adopting FIXED STRAYS ????!!! PointB WHYYY is the only exception to this policy for purebred dogs with papers ?? I am not trying MATE or fix my current rescue pet. Only trying to adopt an equally deserving animal so that my baby with ptsd and seperation anxiety can have a friend at home since all his tiny masters are offocially in school .. See More
Leslie Migliore-Marchand
· August 10, 2014
We adopted our 2 new family members from the shelter. 1 from the eastbank and 1 from the westbank. They answered all our questions and gave us advice on how to care for them. Anytime we had a question... we called and they helped. I would refer everyone who is looking to adopt to them. See More
Theresa Marshall
· July 29, 2015
The staff was wonderful, they went over and beyond to find my baby a home. They made me very happy and i am forever grateful. Thanks to Jefferson SPCA and the wonderful staff.