Do you suffer from a thyroid disorder? Our thyroid replacement therapy can address hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Contact us for more information about the process and how it works:

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Yes, men need to take care of their skin too, especially in the winter. Find out easy ways to maintain your complexion this season:

Don’t let the cold weather dry out your skin. Here are a few simple ways to maintain a good complexion.
Y-Lift results after only 1 month! Learn more about this miracle facelift:
Remarkable patient weight-loss results! Click to view more inspiring work by Dr. Passer:
Results of the Y LIFT at Passer Restorative Services

Struggling to lose weight even after adjusting your diet and exercise regime? We can help! See how an appetite suppresant program could produce the results you're looking for:

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Are you concerned about the appearance of your eyelashes? We offer Latisse to help you grow longer, thicker lashes. And for a limited time, we will take $20 off! Find out more about the process on our site:

Want longer, thicker eye lashes? Consider Latisse from Passer Restorative Therapies in Omaha! Call to learn more about our medical spa offerings!

Looking for a way to boost your energy levels naturally? Lipotropics Injections from Passer Restorative Therapies may be the answer! Find out more information on our site and contact us for an appointment:

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Do you have areas of discoloration on your face due to sun damage, freckles, or the aging process? Consider our skin rejuvenation options! We can also help you minimize acne scars.

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Have you heard of the new Y-Lift non-surgical facelift? We're the first practice in Omaha to provide this minimally invasive procedure. You won't have to worry about scars or any downtime. Contact us for more info!

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Staying fit in the winter months can be tricky. Here are a few tips to keep you healthy!

Dietary habits are vital to our body’s health. The overload of information on eating healthy for better digestion is often overwhelming to us. And a lot of it is contradictory. A day doesn’t go by without some health myths being busted daily. Because more often than not, it’s simpler than we

Weight loss is a very personal journey. Each one of our clients has a very different background, goal, and plan for success. For Dana, her plan was simple -- lose the weight and change her attitude on food. We are so very happy for Dana and love hearing personal success stories such as hers!

Please share your success story at

Or, if you are just getting started, find out how to start a plan that is right for you. Right now we are offering 20% off our program for new patients.

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Keeping your skin looking young doesn't have to be hard. Here are some easy ways to keep your skin looking healthy.

Want to know how a top dermatologist cares for aging skin? We share Dr. Debra Jaliman's must-try anti-aging secrets, here.

Skincare can be confusing to navigate. Here are common myths about how to treat your skin problems:

(BPT) - Figuring out what's best for your skin can feel like solving a difficult mystery — everyone’s condition is unique, there are countless treatment options and people will do almost anything for a clear complexion.

Thyroid problems can be scary, but they are treatable. Here's how thyroid hormone replacement therapy can help:

SINGAPORE — After undergoing surgery to remove an overactive thyroid in 2014, games designer and publisher Xeo Lye had jokingly asked his doctor how long he could survive without thyroid hormone replacement pills “in the event of a zombie apocalypse”. He was given one year. “I w

Dr. Jeffrey A. Passer is a leading authority on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for men and women, as well as natural thyroid replacement therapy, anti-aging and weight loss. Learn more and schedule your appointment with Dr. Passer!

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Spot treatment is often an effective way to treat acne. Here are some tips from the pros:

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