Love this article. The urge to write is indeed primal but very easy to be distracted away from...…/…/12/12/write-fiction-2017/

After conducting 150 interviews with the best writers of our times, Joe Fassler has edged closer to an answer.

It’s that time of year where a good book and slippers come into their own... do you have a favourite Christmas book?…/50-best-christmas-books/125836

Stylist's pick of the 50 best Christmas books.
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Katie Coyne Kaytee Cee
· May 10, 2017
I've already had a sneak read of the first few chapters and I can't wait until the end of the day where I can finish it. If it's as good as I've read so far it's awesome - would definitely recommend!
Rachel Extance-Virr
· May 31, 2017
Jenny Regan's writing intrigues you from the first page and makes you want to read on!
Anyone planning to read this weekend?
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Got a bit of love from the fabulous The Mighty website today. Just in case you ever wondered....…

"After all, they do say to 'write what you know...'"

Steph on Breakfast tells me it is 10 years since the beginning of the world financial crisis. 10 years ago it may well have been me writing that headline (and sitting sleep deprived & stressed in the gallery) Did you know that The Girl Who Just Wanted To Have Fun is based against the backdrop of this time? Although, have we learnt anything?…/95808118-662e-11e7-9a66-93fb352ba1fe

High credit ratings have hidden a structural instability, writes Frank Partnoy
They say you should write about what you know. Thankfully I haven’t experienced a lot of what Liz did in my first book The Girl Who Just Wanted to Have Fun but in my next novel I explore the …

Alas poor Liz, for those who were hoping for a happy ending the next book has become a bit dark already. I don't mean to ruin her life, honest!

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I love unusual narrators, the more unreliant the better! Who are your favourites?
18 Books With The Most Unusual Narrators

Visit the post for more.

The overwhelming feedback from my reviewers is that they really want to know what happens next to Liz. I have 2 new books at first draft stage BUT I am going to put them aside to focus on the next chapter. It may be a novella but you shouldn't have too long to wait. 😁

Drum roll please.... The Girl Who Just Wanted To Have Fun now available on Audible!…

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I rarely commute these days but never do it without a book in my bag!…/

Books so good you'll be begging for a signal failure.

What do you think? I have to say I am a binge reader, I would probably have given up after a year! The Case For Taking Forever To Finish Books…/the-case-to-take-forever-to-finish-readin…/

I could probably do with some of these right now. Great at the writing but but terrible at finishing!!!
5 Apps That Will Help You Finish Writing Your Book…/5-apps-that-will-help-you-finish-writ…

Don't let procrastination win. Use these tools to get organized, stay focused, and finish strong.

Anyone planning to read this weekend?

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Happy Friday everyone! Am off to a festival this weekend and am going to be leaving the laptop behind... however I will use the trip as research. Who knows when inspiration will strike!

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July 5, 2017
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