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My morning brain didn't account for the fact that I was up until midnight last night (a rare thing for me!). Woke me up at 5 AM anyway. Not enough coffee in the universe...

Anyone else prefer to stubbornly ride out a headache over just taking Tylenol?
Wait...caffeine is good for headaches. So, coffee it is!
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Are we reading indoors today...or out? I don't even think I could choose.

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Shannon and Dean are excited to announce that they're in a new anthology, just in time for Valentine's Day.
Tonight, give yourself permission to skip to the sexy parts - and read them aloud to your partner.

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Happy Valentine's Day, you guys!
What are your plans?
I'm buying myself flowers, because...why not?

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Gotta love this kid's love/hate relationship with books. It's a constant struggle to find the right reading material to keep him interested. But this is a battle I am always up for. Game on!

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Jennifer DeCuir

We went from “Do we have to go to the library?” To “You go. I’m not getting out yet.” I love it when a good book sucks him in.

Stepping WAY out of my comfort zone to speak to an admissions counselor at UW to figure out how to FINALLY finish my degree in elementary education.
What was the last thing you did that took a lot of guts?

I'm reading a book about WWII. And I just finished watching a really good movie, set in the same era.
My brain is trying to weave them together, and now it's really confusing to read the book, picturing the heroine from the movie, who doesn't act ANYTHING like the heroine in the book.
#shortcircuit #confusingmyself #amreading

I'm missing the Northwest Flower and Garden Show this weekend. But just thinking about it has me excited for spring. What are you looking forward to most?
I need a new project...

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I sold a paperback copy of Drawn to Jonah!
Yes...that's a very rare thing. 🤣😜

Where do you look for book recommendations? Do colorful pictures make a difference?
Goodreads? Twitter? Facebook groups? Snapchat? Instagram?
Pinterest? Where did you find your last awesome read?

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Nothing like a long night listening to the thunks and knocks against the roof to realize I probably should have trimmed up the branches in the backyard before the winter season hit.
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"Life is a game for everyone, and love is the prize."
Wake Me Up by Avicii

Do you ever listen to a song and a line just reaches out and grabs you? What are some of your favorite lines? I'll throw another one in the comments.

Okay, guys... who needs a little extra nudge today?
*raises hand*

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Would you think I sounded weird if I told you I've been playing Ed Sheeran's Perfect on repeat... because if I close my eyes, his words feel like a warm hug? Hugs are awesome.

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Oliver has the right idea. Hide under the covers and snuggle the day away.

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