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Okay teachers...I'm working on a must-have supply list - just for you. What's one school supply you MUST have?🖍️🖌️🖍️🖍️🖍️🖍️📌🖌️🖇️📏✂️

Well guys, we've finally scheduled our family summer vacation. it's going to a Great American Road Trip. How do you plan these trips? Today I'm sharing my strategy and asking for your help. Do you have any tips for northern California?

How do you go about planning your family vacation or a road trip? I'm sharing how I do it along with some resources you can use.
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Here's what it's like from my very crowded perch.

This kitchen is beautiful - really swoon worthy. However, I am looking at this plate rack. This would be an easy DIY to do on a narrow wall AND a great way to show off a few pieces. I love this!

I have been asked for kitchen decorating ideas, so I thought I would throw some ideas out there for your kitchen. I’ve mentioned bread boards before, but it bears repeating. They look great in the kitchen! I found mine mostly at Round Top, but they are becoming mainstream, so they are probably prett...

I don't know about you, but this little article is putting a smile on my face.

Have you heard of the term perennials to describe women in mid-life? I read this blog post today and it was so uplifting. It's totally worth the few minutes it will take to read.
The Perennials. We are ever-blooming, relevant people of all ages who live in the present time,

The Perennials. We are ever-blooming, relevant people of all ages who live in the present time,

Ah yes....sounds like summer in Texas. I think we've gotten to the "just stay inside in the AC" portion of our summer. Today will be 105 with the heat index.

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Oh, I remember when this was my life.... I had a love hate relationship with Legos. They kept the kids busy, but dang they HURT to step on!

Posted by MummyPages

Can anyone else relate?

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Hedger Humor

Isn't it funny how you can feel such love for someone, then switch to being outrageously annoyed by them, all in the span of like two seconds? This cartoon is based on a tweet by Six Pack Mom, whose writing always cracks me up...

Such a great read.

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Cresting the hill

Does this description apply to you? Apparently it's the new term for Midlifers - I love it and wrote about it on the blog.…/midlife-and-being-peren… #midlife #perennials

Easy & Brilliant, right? Dip dyed cupcake liners. This is so easy to coordinate with your party decor.

A party doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to be amazing. Fun and cheap party decorations are all things that you can make yourself! Give it a try!

Good morning! I have a new post up on the blog today. Wednesday Wondering is back with a few odd ball thoughts. I've also linked up with Ginger Snap Crafts this week. If you need a little craft or project inspiration, go check it out. Have a great day friends.

Hello! Welcome to {wow me} wednesday! I’m so glad you are here. :) Last week I featured 10+ Grilling Recipes ! You can check them...

Do you know anyone with a summer birthday? This is an awesome gift idea. Take the party to them with this ice cream gift basket. Even your even need an excuse to surprise someone special?

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with a fun and easy Ice Cream Gift Basket friends and neighbors will love.

Anyone want to try this & let me know how it goes?

Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body
May 20

DIY lighting doesn't have to be scary! Get all the details here to make a bead chandelier:…/

Well, here's something you don't see every day. There are no words...

Posted by NTD Life
NTD Life

These men came to the rescue of a pregnant cow in need of aid. It was struggling to give birth because the calf was in breech...

Credit: JukinVideo

Oh my goodness. I love finding people that make me laugh. Literally LOL. Check this out.

Posted by Melissa Radke
Melissa Radke

Gurl! I. Got. You.
(You're welcome, everybody.)