With the race season right around the corner it's time for the yearly trim down to start. With that being said there are some new developments I'd like to share for this year's racing, which now includes four wheels! I will be testing my skills competing in Autocross (AutoX) and I was invited to be the Codriver (Navigator) for a Rally team - both here on the east coast. All things are not completely ironed out yet, but things are looking good and I'm excited!

Stay tuned!

Jeremy Cook is feeling thankful with Duke Swenson and 2 others at Andrew Swenson Design.

Just swung by ASD to show him the finished product after Schuberth Germany assembled two of the coolest custom painted helmets I know you will ever see; they're... downright gorgeous and complete opposites! Stay tuned for some awesome photos coming. Can't thank Andrew and his team enough for both of these works of art! These need to be in a museum somewhere!
Thanks to Jan Becker, Schuberth North, SCHUBERTH Helmets, and of course Andrew Swenson for making these dreams a reality.
#Schuberth #SR2 #Custom #Art

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PittRace full race report:
First off I have to thank Stephanie and David for all their hard work, the true meaning of privateer crew with one mechanic and one ...person to handle all of the scheduling, logistics, creds, and everything else. And Jason who fixed the generator and then had to save me when I made a late night accident drilling my RCS-19.
Next I have to thank Eric, and Lenny from K-Tech Suspension, Steve Weir and Sarah from BMW Motorrad USA, Vinny and Jason from LIQUI MOLY USA Inc., Hanna and Bob from Bob's BMW Motorcycles, And Ted from BMW Motorcycle Owners of America, Randy and Jan from SCHUBERTH Helmets and Axel from Held Biker Fashion.

Before the race weekend I had just finished the semester for Masters program, and just left Boeing after nearly 10 years, so I already had a bunch of time taken away from normal prep, but the MotoAmerica weekend was posed to be a good one, but gremlins and Murphy-Law always finds their way into everything. This weekend started with a change to the track, then a rear brake failure during a tire change accident, then a front brake failure due to a massive tank slapper (tank slappers that I got a lot due to a very loose steering stem) causing me to hit the lever breaking the bolt, and finally I was experiencing crazy arm pump that I've never felt before - big thanks to Dr. Rossi and Jim for all the therapy. In the end I dropped my time a lot but missed qualifying by 0.2 of a second. A tough pill to swallow but I promise I left everything out there. I even got some great help from Max who showed me the fast line and I can't thank you enough. During this time Eric, Lenny, Steve W. Did everything to help, making adjusts when they could. As a privateer support from sponsors and the parts you spend money on mean the world at the track; K-tech and BMW Motorrad did just that.

Once that was finalized the team and I regrouped and joined the WERA Triple Crown National Superbike race just in time for qualifying. I knew the bike was not going to win the the horsepower game running AMA spec fuel and a stock motor against superbikes and MR12, but I figured we give it a go. I didnt have time or money for new tires before qualifying so we ran the same Dunlop medium front I used for three previous sessions and the same Dunlop medium plus I used for three previous sessions. We did well enough to get P4 if we would have had a softer tire or a Qual tire we could have done better but I was fine with P4. That night we combed through the bike to find out why the rear brake was not working and why the front end was constantly causing massive tank slappers over turn 2. Thanks to Lenny and the Steve W. we checked the steering stem and WHOA it was so loose I had inches of free play at the forks. I asked Steve Scheibe to borrow a tool and he actually came over and fixed the problem himself - Thank you again! I think he said something like he's never seen one that bad before. For the rear brake we found that we induced air into the ABS pump during a rear tire change that needed to be bled; once that was done everything worked perfectly. I again gave my data to Steve W. from BMW and he spent the morning adjusting my fuel and traction control mapping.

The next morning for practice it was cold 50 (+/- 5) degrees and the track had spots with dew. I went out with the same older tires on and the Dunlop Motorcycle Road Racing Tires USA just kept working so we finished that practice in P3. But the other news was that the changes to the front end made the bike feel so solid, I was so pumped for the race! I gave my data to Steve W. and again he adjusted my fuel map.

The race started good with a much better start than I normally get, a few others also got good starts so we had a couple battles right from the gate. I knew I had to watch Billy Ethridge, Tim Bemisderfer, and Brad Burns as their times were very fast in previous sessions and those boys were already out the gate moving with purpose! I got up to second behind Brad but wanted to make a clean pass and Brad was doing a good job of running defensive lines. My mistake was not forcing the issue which Billy took quick notice of and capitalize as soon as he could and started to pull away. I knew I needed to get by but then Tim had plans of his own and came by me. I seriously thought that was the end because I've never even been competitive with Tim before. But I stuck to him as much as I could and I knew from qualifying where I could be stronger and where he would pull away. From my view when we were going up the hill after the corkscrew downhill section his back tire moved and little then moved A LOT snapping sideways and to me it looked like the front tire even came off the ground but he saved it, I heard the bike shoot through the revs right after and had to do some quick evasive maneuvers. Coming down into turn 7 I thought Tim would be on my butt after the save and I had a huge gap to catch back up to Brad. So I put my head down and put together some of my best laps, doing nearly 2 seconds faster than my MotoAmerica lap times. I caught back up to Brad and shadowed him for two laps to see where he left the door open and I also was experiencing arm pump to the point where I couldn't transition the bike well enough in the chicane so this gave me a break to regroup. My mistake here was being target fixated and not watching Billy cause he was up front pulling away. After getting blood back in my right arm I saw Brad look back at me and he snapped back into hurry-up mode so we battled back and forth a few laps. I made a sick pass into turn 1 that looked cool I was told but not as cool as the fast kink pass I made, but Brad is an experience racer so going side by side at 100+Mph seemed okay. Haha Regardless, I stuck with him and then made my final move up hill after the chicane, but Billy had opened a ridiculous gap and I saw my team signalling that I had opened a gap to Brad so I decided catching Billy would be next to impossible and settled for safe second place.

The feeling of battling with Billy, Brad, and Tim was indescribable I was so nervous to be in that group because these guys are seriously fast! To podium in second place was amazing and I actually was getting choked up on the podium and had so much to say but I couldn't, my mind went blank and I forgot to thank anyone. I still haven't forgiven myself because even though I failed at qualifying for MotoAmerica I felt like I still represented those who support me and I forgot to thank you all. I'm very sorry, and it won't happen again. Chicken Hawk Racing Tire Warmers Vortex Racing Fan Page BMW Motorrad Schuberth North SpeedMob Arrow Exhaust, Andrew Swenson Design Sidi Moto USA Roger Lyle's Motorcycle Xcitement Track Days and Racing School

#S1000RR #BMW #LiquiMoly #Schuberth #HELD #BMWMOA #KTECH #Vortex #ChickenhawkRacing

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Jeremy Cook

That face you make when the BMW Race Engineer tells you, Yeah I've looked at your data, in that turn you're at 63° of lean angle. You're max out don't go any lower! #pushthelimits #theraggededge BMW Motorrad USA BMW Motorrad Bob's BMW Motorcycles #S1000RR

What do you guys think? Some new custom cycling gear for me and some friends starting our own team. Ciclistas Sucio #Sidi #Suomy

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I tell you what, from factory level racer support by a top notch BMW Motorrad USA Race Engineer Steve Weir, bike specific and race knowledge from BMW S1000RR Ambassador/Test Rider Nate Kern, a huge Contingency Program for CCS, ASRA, WERA and many more, to general product support and HP race parts from local dealerships and the dealer level ambassadors what else could you want??? Please tell me...

Almost time for COTA!!!!! So pump to race there!

Gym time now, but got a busy day today gents! Got to go get fitted for some new #Sidi cycling shoes and then another place to get fitted for some Sidi #Crossfire boots, then a much needed massage. THEN!!!!! Lil Wrench aka Travis and I get to watch my friend Ryan McGowan beat someone up tonight at the Shogun Fights in Baltimore thanks to Cody Goodin for hooking me up with the tickets.

Sports ClubPasadena, MD
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Hanna Creekmore to DC SPORTBIKE RIDERS

Reminder this weekend at Bob's BMW Motorcycles, California Superbike School USA as well as Roger Lyle's Motorcycle Xcitement Track Days and Racing School, and ...Pro MotoAmerica Racer Jeremy Cook #81 will be hosting seminars. All attendees will be entered to WIN a training day with California Superbike School and Track Day with MotorcycleXcitement! Event is free and open to all makes and models. Hope you can join us.

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Sponsor Photo of the day: Roger Lyle and his super chill, safety focused, family oriented, and fun driven trackdays. Check them out you won't be disappointed.

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Flashback to Daytona International Speedway a few years ago. Such an awesome place, can't wait to go back soon!

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