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Naku, siguro nabighani yung dalawang babaeng police officers kung totoo yung tsismis. Yung isa daw 5 months na, yung isa eh 4 months. Tindi no!

OMG! panoorin nyo ang video nakakatakot naman ito, paano ba nangyari ang mga ganito? may mga ganito palang nilalang sa ating mundo Isda na may katawan ng tao nakuha ng isang mangingisda

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grabi nakaka awa yong aso hindi man lang makalabas sa kulungan 😂😂😂😂😍😍😍

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What are we doing to the world? What's happening to us?


Balitang kalusogan muna tyu mga ka DDS. Andito ang 10 fake foods galing China na dapat natin iwasa kainin dahil pwd ito mag cause ng Cancer. Panoorin at alamin ...kung ano2 ang mga ito at ano ang palatandaan na fake foods ito. Paki Sh@re na din sa mga pamilya at kaibigan nnyu pra mah aware silang lahat d2.

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News news muna's mga ka dds. Here are 10 fake foods from China that we should eat to eat because it may be caused by cancer. Watch and find out if they ano2 and what the signs that fake food it is. Please Sh@re also with families and friends nnyu for mah they are all together. #Panoorin,

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WOW! Good News! Nakaka proud! Philippines Regain the Highest Respect of the World this time because of our Government! Basahin niyo po ito mga ka DDS.
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Salamat sa ating presidente malapit na nilang makuha ang karagdagan pension na hinihiling nang ating mga kababayang pilipino!

The proposed P2,000 pension hike is a step closer to enactment.

The Committee on Government Enterprises and Privatization of the House of Representatives has approved the proposal for a P2,000 increase on Social Security System (SSS) pension.

Nailabas na ang Sketch ng Suspect na nagpasabog sa Davao City at ngayon ay pinag hahanap na ito ng batas, Silipin niyo po ito!

That one friend whom we don't like at first but turns out to be one of the most important persons in our lives

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We all have that friend whom we don't like her at first. Her presence irks our neves. You basically hate her for no apparent reason. But ironically, she's now one of your most treasured persons in your life. Who is always there for you through thick and thin. ❤️

No one is to old for a new start!

Talagang kahanga-hanga si Tatay Rod dahil sa edad niyang 63 years old ay nakapagtapos parin siya sa pag-aaral at hindi hadlang ang edad para magkaroon ng magandang edukasyon, Panoorin niyo po ito!

Tatay Rod is a 63 year old man who proves that age is nothing but an excuse from not achieving your dreams. He recently proved this as he finishes elementary through the Alternative Learning System (ALS), a DepEd program on August 8 despite being locked up. Before being imprisoned, Tatay Rod has o...

Stay strong little one

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To the girl who's been through a lot lately.

Life comes with painful slaps of reality. The reality of having imperfections, not only some, but lots of it.

It's ...been a tough fight from knowing the truest part of yourself, to finding the best place you could fit, and meeting people who accepts your flaws.

You've done a great job. You've earned yourself the best reward you could ever have.
It's knowing that despite all the stressful days, all the unending issues of societies, you're still breathing.

You still have yourself all together, proud and still living life. You still have your heart and soul for that dream.

It might be a lot tougher now with a wounded heart, but as what they say "time heals all wounds".
So let time heal every wound you have and let it scar.

May your scar be a compass to your journey.
May the past be a door to your future.
May your story be a book of courage and love.
May your loving heart be a rope of hope.

Words by: Decybelle Garcia

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Be the girl who didn't stop smiling

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She's hurt, mentally and emotionally. But everyday, she walks with a smile, cause that's just who she is: the girl who never stopped smiling.

Why you shouldn't fall for nice guys

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Don't fall for the nice guy because when he breaks your heart, it will hurt and it will hurt really bad. You won't see it coming because of course, he's the nic...e guy and nice guys don't go around breaking hearts like bad boys do. This is what makes the pain seemingly unbearable, and you wish you fell for the bad boy instead because at least with him, you know what you're getting yourself into.

When you meet the nice guy, you will feel as if you don't deserve him and so you try to be better. You'll thank God for having met this boy who inspires you to be good and to do good. You'll feel sorry for the other girls who have had their hearts torn into pieces because with the nice guy, you somehow have this sense of assurance that your heart will remain intact. You'll try to justify every unanswered call and all the unreplied messages because you believe in him too much. You'll see the red flags but you'll see right through them because things are supposed to go extra well when you've gotten yourself a nice guy. You'll refuse to save yourself from the sinking ship because you are hoping that the nice guy will be the one to save you. You'll wait and wait until you find yourself drowning because he never came.

The heartbreak will make you question everything you believe in. But more importantly, it will make you question yourself. You'll tire yourself from going in circles trying to figure out what you did wrong because it couldn't be him. It simply can't be.

This wasn't supposed to happen. You'll endlessly recount all the movies and young adult fiction because there was not a single warning about falling for the nice guy. They only spoke of the bad boy and how you should avoid them at all cost. That was the rule. Or at least, you thought so. It turns out they were wrong - you were wrong.

So don't fall for the nice guy like I did because he'll end up ruining you. And girl trust me, it won't be pretty. I guess everybody got so busy reminding me not to hurt him that nobody was left to remind him not to break me. And so he did.

Words by: Steffi Kay Diaz Pantino

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There's nothing wrong with lovers posting cheesy stuff in social media. They're just happy and they wanted the world to know how happy they are to have each What is not right is posting about your petty fights. While it's true that it's your account, it's a number one rule to never air your dirty laundry online. Most people don't basically care no matter how rocky your relationship is. You are just giving people reasons to talk about you. Don't give people free entertainment. It's also a test of maturity. Mature lovers do it in a private and classy way.

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