Music video is getting closer! Trying to get this video out by tomorrow! (Might have to be Friday, but I'm doing my best!). I can't wait to put it out :)
First time live!
I'm that fire

I should probably use facebook more often. Second batch of Deep Feeling Magic Being shirts are on their way
You can order at
(Will be shipped out next week when they arrive)

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Bing Bong

I'll be live streaming on the Secret Midnight Press instagram account tonight with Ashley at 7pm EST! Come hang out and enjoy some tea and poetry.

I finally got a PO box!
Jesse Cale
P.O. Box 14831
Columbus, OH 43214

It's officially CyberMonday for the Secret Midnight Press. You can preorder my new book today (which I'm so excited about) Use discount code INKWELL for 15% off!

Secret Midnight Press

happy place

The launch of @secretmidnightpress has rushed into a mode of not only creativity, but of DOING! I will definitely be navigating that energy back into original music through 2017. The stage has always been my happy place, and I owe it to myself to devote more energy to my time spent there. The 13 shows in October with Dodie, Tessa, Rusty, Dante, and Jon started a fire in me that won't be put out anytime soon. I can't wait to share with you all the songs in my head and heart.

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So about last night...
Actually, lets go back twelve years to 2004 when I used to space out mumbling about my heart to one of my closest friends @ashleyapplepie. We grew up together always looking at things differently, feeling things deeply, and running from a different darkness that haunts most deep feelers. We wanted art in every aspect of life and life in every aspect of art. We got older, but we never changed; so last night we started, a place for... feelers by feelers, something that will slowly grow into a place with the intention of bringing out what's hidden inside all of our wild hearts. We started pre-orders for our first poetry books on the site! Smoke Signals by Ashley, Mentha Spicata El Corazon! by Me.

I have no words besides
Spearmint the Heart!

There's a typewriter on the site that gives you handwritten poems. Go find your favorite and share them! Tag @secretmidnightpress

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Late night feelers
Deep feeling magic beings
Tonight at midnight
My next creative endeavor begins

So tour has ended and life must resume, but not without deep incredible friendships and a mind full of memories you couldn't win in a lottery.

Being vulnerable with people may leave you susceptible to hurt, but it also opens the door to healing and self discovery. The risk is worth it to grow 💙 to mend❤️️ to learn💛

I miss these people already. They're all individually so talented, inspiring, and deep feeling. They've changed my life and I'll never forget it.


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My Smoothie Jam playlist is also my workout playlist
and drive playlist
and turn up playlist
and now it's your playlist

A playlist featuring DJ Snake, Valentino Khan, Jack Ü, and others

It takes a dash of imagination and a pinch of playfulness to be yourself when you're a deep feeling magic being (inside and out).

This picture is like a hug to the heart. It's like glowing when you've always wanted to glow. Thank you for seeing me. I see you.

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