It was a great day, helping a deployed soldier. See the need, solve the need.
I loved spending a morning with these guys. I was very honored to witness their giving spirit!

Sulphur Springs Professional Firefighters Association Local 3237 added 24 new photos.

Sulphur Springs firefighters appreciate opportunities to give back to the community. We recently learned about a local family that had received a letter from th...e city to clean up their property. The resident's husband is active military and away on deployment. Members from our association, with their family members, gathered at the family’s home today. With personal and borrowed equipment, we gladly helped clean up the family’s property.

We were joined by City Councilman Dan Froneberger and his son, Place 1 council candidate Erica Armstrong and her two sons and a friend, Place 2 council candidate Jimmy Lucas, and Place 3 council candidate Norman Sanders. Equipment was donated by Shane McCormick, owner of McCormick Construction & Roofing, Jared Pickett, owner of Catocon, Inc., and Jimmy Dale and Jamie Fite. Also, Don Bell, owner of Bell Brush Busters, donated his time and a skid loader/brush grinder to clear vegetation.

Thanks to all who helped with this project.

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We put our last yard sign out yesterday. If we didn’t get to you please understand the signs are a costly investment. If we get anymore soon we’ll get you one ASAP.
For now your support, your issues, your street and your votes are much more important to us.
Thanks to you all

Jimmy Lucas...

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Public Notice
If you own a business here in Sulphur Springs and have another candidates sign up. I nor ANYONE associated with my campaign will ask or rudely demand you remove it.
If they should, please contact me and I will come put it back up myself.

Jimmy Lucas...

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Good morning and congratulations to all of the winners/runoff candidates from last night. I personally wanted/expected more turnout.

Moving forward with my own race. I am constantly dodging manhole covers on our street. These covers have not been properly raised to meet the pavement during an overlay.

There is a solution, one I feel should be looked into and at least tried as a test on one of our overlays.


What do you think? Below is a little info on the system

Thank you

Manholes can often be a forgotten component of your paving job. When a manhole is not raised to grade after an overlay, the surrounding pavement is more likely to be damaged.

There are materials available to help you effectively work around manholes. Without paying proper attention to these components of your paving job, a manhole could be lost or you’ll end up having to come back after resurfacing to elevate the structure.

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Got a very nice endorsement today.
I have the utmost respect for our firemen. Not only for what they do everyday but why they do it. They do it because they love this town. I will not let them down win or lose I will fight for and keep them in my prayers. Thanks to them for stepping out there, and having faith in me.

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This is very good news for our city.

Uber Announces That Uber Is Now Available in Hopkins County. Click the link for details!…/uber-announces-that-uber-…/

Uber Announces That Uber Is Now Available in Hopkins County by Front Porch News February 23, 2018 7:28 am 0 From an Uber email announcement: It’s official—Uber has expanded in Texas to include the following counties: Van Zandt, Hopkins, and many more! Starting now, Texans in these areas ca.....

This is a PSA only and serves to keep you informed on Election days and times.

The City ballot has been set as of yesterday morning

You will NOT be voting for city eletions during the general primaries. ...
The dates below will offer you the opportunity to vote in the City Council elections.

***PLEASE***** Make sure your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and yourself are gainfully regisistered to vote
30 days prior to the listed days below. You can verify texas voter registration or register to vote by clicking the link below

ALL the dates and times below will be held at the Sulphur Springs City Hall Building located at the corner of Connally St. & Davis St.

Early voting



PLEASE schedule a time to place your vote, every vote counts and YES local elections matter.
Thank you.

Jimmy Lucas Candidate place 2 City Council

903-348-0577 call or text any questions you may have.

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To vote in Texas, you must be registered. Simply pick up a voter registration application, fill it out, and mail it at least 30 days before the election date. Get your application here.

Good afternoon,

Early voting for state and some local elections has begun. Please VOTE! These elections are very important and directly impact our community, as well as our educators.

Please don't confuse these elections with our city council elections. Those will begin with early voting April 23, 2018 through May 1, 2018. The last day to receive a mail ballot is April 24, 2018 with Election Day being May 5, 2018.


My question for you today is...

Would you support a city charter change as it relates to how the city council and mayor are elected?

Currently, our council is elected at-large, which means every citizen that is registered to vote can cast their vote for one person in each seat that is up for election. The mayor is then appointed annually by the sitting city council. As it is now, the position of mayor is traditionally handed off to the next seat in line, going from seat 1 to 2 then 3, and so on and so on.

This system works, but it does seem to allow for certain cliques to be created.

My proposal would be to implement a split district and at-large system, with four districts elected by citizens living within that district, two at-large seats and finally, a mayor who is elected at-large by the citizens of Sulphur Springs.

This system historically draws more voters because people feel more connected to someone from their area of town. It also allows means the mayor runs for and is held accountable for that specific position, rather than being appointed.

I am personally in favor of the split system, but if elected, the bottom line is I work for YOU, the owners of Sulphur Springs. I invite you to research the options. A great resource is the National League of Cities website: I think you’ll find the split At-Large/District system to be a much more beneficial way to run a city.

If you do not agree, PLEASE, by all means leave a comment as to why, or feel free to call or text me at 903-348-0577. I’d love to discuss it with you in more detail.

Thank you,

Jimmy Lucas

Candidate for City Council Seat 2

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The election system of a given city is determined by the nature of the council members' constituency and by the presence or absence of party labels on the ballot (see Partisan vs. Non-partisan Elections). With regard to the first feature, there are two types of constituencies for city council member...

Take a moment to look at this sign..
$177,223 spent to replace a sidewalk so it will match the one the grant is paying for. This is an example of my vote on council will be to prioritize these funds. A few examples below

The street the project is on needs repair badly.
As do MANY others in the city. Ask anyone they can name a few....
These funds could also be put towards
Reinstating the Fire Chief
Pacific Park lighting
Rebuilding baseball field at Lake Sulphur Springs or at least cleaning the area up making it usable as recreation again.
Senior Citizens building
Raising manhole cover when we overlay a street. How many of these do you dodge on a recent overlaid street?
Sewer and water?

There are numbers of needed not wanted items $178,223 could complete or go towards.

Please vote for true change May 5th

Jimmy Lucas seat 2 candidate

Call or text your questions to


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City Council meeting

CityUnited States
73,823 people checked in here

Would you support a no tethered dog ordinance? With animal control ability to cite violators?

Dallas just passed one with a few collar restrictions as well

Yard signs are being printed.
Thanks Kris Cobb at 1 stop sign shop.
Your hardwork is very appreciated

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KSST interview. Thanks for watching, if you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.


Jimmy Lucas filed for Place 2 on the Sulphur Springs City Council on the afternoon of the first day to file. A native resident of Sulphur Springs for 54 years,... Lucas said choosing this city as his home has been key to his success in life, and it’s time for him to give back. If elected, Lucas plans to address the growing challenges facing the community including road repairs, taxation and business development outside of downtown. Additionally, fire/rescue, police services, parks and recreation and senior citizen services are a top priority for Lucas.

See More Jimmy Lucas filed for Place 2 on the Sulphur Springs City Council on the afternoon of the first day to file. A native resident of Sulphur Springs for 54 years, Lucas said choosing this city as his home has been key to his success in life, and it’s time for him to giv

Good morning,

Today, I would like to officially announce my candidacy for Sulphur Springs City Council Place 2.


Also, I’m happy to announce our campaign staff. I believe all of these team members share our goals and visions.

Campaign Manager: Laci Murray - Laci is very skilled in research and planning. She’s been a close friend of our family’s for a number of years and loves making her home in Sulphur Springs.

Treasurer: Karen Powers - Karen brings a number of skills to the team, having been involved in elections and those processes in the past. She is very organized and will also be acting as Public Relations and Marketing Manager for the campaign.

Voter Registration / “Get Out the Vote” Manager: Bam Jackson - Bam has been one of my most trusted and loyal friends for many years. His passion for his city, community, and for the success of our younger generations is unmatched.

Please welcome them and give them your support as they work on our common goals. Listed below are just a few:

1. Taking care of our past and future citizen’s needs. Are these citizens’ needs being met and what’s the city plans for them in the future?

2. Forming committees to help City Council form strong objective decisions on major votes. Are our citizens getting what they fully want from their government? We want to be transparent with citizens and have them fully aware of upcoming votes.

3. Police, Fire, Ambulance and emergency services. Obviously we support these services but are we really getting down to the bottom of the issues these departments are facing and listening to their needs? I want to have quarterly listening sessions with these services.

4. Taxation and the overall use of tax dollars.

5. Beautification of our forgotten public areas: Pacific Park and Lake Sulphur Springs come to mind.

6. Renter Grievances committee: Do they work for the greater good in like size cities? Keep in mind 50% of our population rents.

These are just a few of our focus items. We look forward to speaking directly to you and appreciate your support. Remember to vote May 5, 2018.


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What are your thoughts?
Just curious...

Think about it, you finish drinking a can of soda or a bottle of water and you toss it in the trash. What happens next? The can or bottle goes into a landfill where may take from 50-450 years to decompose. Glass bottles may take millions of years to decompose. That's a lot of time and a lot of trash

Good morning,

I took a very enlightening tour of OUR Senior Citizens Center recently. As I watched our elderly citizens wandering in and out, I instantly saw a need I never knew existed.


This building is filled with love and passion by the staff, which operates solely with one paid employee. The only expense here is one salary and utilities. Believe me when I say, “we are getting a bargain!”

Even though, at one time this building was adequate, over the years, with little to no serious upkeep or renovations, time has taken its toll.

If you haven’t visited lately, I will do my best to describe what I saw. Let me be very clear, this in NO WAY is a reflection of the staff that works there. This is only my evaluation of the building and the conditions they have to work in and with.

There is no place to separate activities, and on many occasions, different activities run at the same time, in the same room. It would be much like trying to watch a TV program while a basketball team played in your living room.

The dishwasher is tiny and has mold growing behind it. This is a safety concern to visitors and staff.

The dry storage is large but has been outgrown. This prevents mass storage of food in the event of an emergency such as floods, a tornado or ice/snow.

The parking lot is small and unsuitable for a large event or fundraising.

As far as general size, honestly, many of our rural community centers are larger and more accommodating.

Before I conclude, I want to reiterate how VERY lucky we are to have the staff there and the donations to operate it.

A few things that surprised me, and I think you'll find interesting are:

- The building was built in 1981. It's a very basic construction building.

- Meal-A-Day cook their meals and deliver them from there, feeding about 150 people per day, who would otherwise not get a hot meal.

- An estimated 4,000 people come and go through the Senior Citizens Center each month (some come to more than one activity).

The staff has been able to estimate this number, but honestly, I do not see how. I salute them, and want to emphasize how lucky we are to have folks who care for the far too often forgotten.

It's no secret Jennifer and I have a passion for the elderly. In the case of our Senior Citizens Center, I guess I was much like many of you, and didn't realize there is such a huge need for a new building and more funding.

As a side note, there has been property donated to build a new building on.
Additionally the director is taking building donations and is actively seeking any help. If you’d like to donate please call the Sr Building.

I’ve included photos of both or building and one of Greenville.

Thank you for reading through and I look forward to hearing your thoughts

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