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Debbie Van Drisse- Tassoul
· August 15, 2017
I love the atmosphere at Jo to Go on Huron, and it's close to my house. But I travel into town to Star Bucks, because they have almond milk, and you will not carry it. Since I've had cancer, soy and... dairy is off limits. Almond milk is actually better for you and has a longer shelf life. It would also attract vegans. It would be a simple fix to include it. I visited your establishment at least 3 times and asked about almond milk, but to no avail. So Star Bucks it is. See More
Kelsey Sohrweide
· July 10, 2016
The absolute best place to get coffee or specialty drinks! The baristas are so nice and very helpful. The drinks are far better, in my opinion, than anything at Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. Also, whene...ver I give a tip, whoever is working is so thankful. It makes me want to tip more. Good strategy, ladies. ;) But seriously, if you want something a little more unique that will assuredly be delicious, try Jo to Go. Plus, my son likes their bagel and cream cheese option, and I like that they have something that isn't deep fried or covered in sugar. Thank you, Jo to Go! Keep it up! I'll be back tomorrow. :D See More
Kait Fritz
· September 3, 2017
The employees are always so bubbly and smiley and they are very helpful! Defiantly my favorite coffee place around �
Ashley Otto
· November 19, 2016
I am from Chicago and this is the best coffee I've ever had! The white chocolate mocha and the irish baliey cream are fantastic! Going to be craving this back home
Rachel Hemauer Berrens Mix
· February 7, 2016
The coffee is excellent and I used to go to the one in Appleton on Richmond St. I wanted to treat my daughter to one of my favorite places and she wanted a special order. The old lady behind the was SO terribly rude about it, refused to do it, said they don't do that - even though I've had that exact thing in the recent past. I was so appalled at the "baritsa's" attitude and tone that we went up the street to Starbucks where they make their customers feel welcome, appreciated and will do what it takes to make you what you want. Sorry JoToGo but you've just lost a LONG time customer. See More
Annie Plont
· January 17, 2016
this is the best place to go for the best coffee ever!!! they are so nice and friendly!!! :)
Justin Royal
· January 13, 2017
Great coffee and service! Baristas know how to properly brew coffee, Starbucks can't even compare!!!
Robert Johnson
November 5, 2012
Instead of the small containers of cream, have half and half in a dispenser for customers.
Beth Ebert
· October 16, 2013
Great place, friendly staff!
Alexis Sauter
· October 16, 2013
Delicious coffee, and friendly faces!
Jena Lyn
August 14, 2014
Free It Works! Global product samples event! Come on in and try some great products!!

Well, the salt truck just came through, and the rain has stopped, so I am strapping on my Yak Trax and getting ready to head out! I hope to have the store open by 8:45! Hope to see you there!

We have decided that opening at 7 is not a good idea with the current batch of freezing rain moving through. Appleton schools are closed, so you know the conditions are bad, as they rarely close. We will be opening later this morning, as soon as this freezing rain moves through and the roads are in better condition. We will post the time we plan to open when we decide what it will be. Again, thank you all for your patience! We really hate to inconvenience you.

Jo to Go... Serving fabulous coffee to Green Bay, Escanaba and the Fox Valley since 1998!

Due to the poor road conditions, we will be opening at 7am today. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause any of our customers.

Jo To Go in Appleton will be closing at 4pm today. We are concerned about potential deteriorating road conditions, and want to ensure that our employees make it home safe before any icing occurs. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause our customers. We hope to open on time on Tuesday, but that will also depend on road conditions. We will post further updates once decisions are made based on the weather.🌨️

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Betsy Voecks Heffner

I got the sweetest gift from one of my little regulars today! She is also a fan of unicorns. You made my day little lady!💕🦄

Who loves dogs? We do! We just had to share this picture of one of our new loves! This is Iris, an 8 week old Frenchie who made her first trip to visit the coffee girls yesterday. She is utterly perfect, and made my heart smile! Many thanks to her mom for making a special trip to visit, as she knew it would make our day!💕

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New treat for the holiday season! Minty chocolate goodness

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